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  1. Joann And Jason Naked Love

    Jun 29, 20 10:54 AM

    Joann was savoring how good it felt to be nakedly sitting on top of her son as he laid on the bed, slowly riding her vagina up and down on his erect penis.

  2. Lockdown With Zero: Pt 2

    Jun 28, 20 12:46 PM

    In the evening I confined myself in my bedroom and started to check online and found lots of information about dog sex among others. I soon learned that

  3. Lockdown With Zero: Pt 1

    Jun 28, 20 12:40 PM

    I live alone in a rural suburb in Rio since my divorce several years ago. I work in my small farm that pays me well. I also have a big Lab named Zero,

  4. Caught By My Wife While Sucking Cock And Dressed As A Slut

    Jun 28, 20 12:38 PM

    I had been a life-long crossdresser and had finally given in to the desire to be with other men. I had never been attracted unless I was dressing as a

  5. The Teacher Being Taught

    Jun 27, 20 11:59 AM

    Ms Eva Robinson sat quiet on the park bench, the warm April sunshine and just a slight breeze made it such a pleasant day. It was Wednesday afternoon when

  6. Maid For Good

    Jun 27, 20 11:56 AM

    My girlfriend Joan has always known of my crossdressing and somewhat lets me dress on occassions. Her girlfriend Darlene also knows I dress but has never

  7. Sordid Affair: Part 1

    Jun 26, 20 10:43 AM

    My wife was away for the week so I was free to indulge in my secret life. I brought the old suitcase down from the loft and laid out my female clothes.

  8. Dog And His Girlfriends: Part 6

    Jun 26, 20 10:40 AM

    Well mom said ok we can stay at Susie but be home early. She had plans for a girls day. I giggled with excitement at having the rest of the night to

  9. The Mom Moment

    Jun 26, 20 10:38 AM

    “Geez, mom!” Danny said, surprised to see his mom standing there naked. His mom was slender and cute, with short red hair. She had an amused and teasing

  10. Mother And Son Loving Moments

    Jun 25, 20 10:41 AM

    “Ooo … yeah!’ Susan said with a wanton look on her face, as her son fucked his hard dick in her wet vagina. “Give it to me! Just keep giving it to me!”

  11. A Surprising Night: Pt 2

    Jun 24, 20 11:03 AM

    I went to wipe her thick sticky spunk from my face but she stopped me! ''Leave it!'' She firmly pushed my hands down. ''Makes you look like a real whore!

  12. Taping My Little Sister Pam

    Jun 23, 20 10:52 AM

    It started out just like any other day I thought everyone was gone and I went upstairs to jack off. When I got to the top of the stairs I saw my little

  13. Two Squirting Guys

    Jun 23, 20 10:50 AM

    It was so wild fucking together like that as guys, and neither was even gay. But they had become friends at work, and somehow that sort of thing had just

  14. A Surprising Night

    Jun 22, 20 10:35 AM

    When I was younger, I was a truck driver in the UK and as such had to spend quite a few nights away from the wife and the comforts of home, usually sleeping

  15. Carl And Jason

    Jun 20, 20 12:58 PM

    “Let’s fuck,” Jason said. Carl smiled at his friend, looking into his deep brown eyes, and Jason smiled back. It seemed so extraordinary, the two of

  16. The Black Friend

    Jun 20, 20 12:57 PM

    “Geez, Darrel!” Ron said, seeing his friend naked for the first time. The two of them had been feeling horny and decided to take their clothes off and

  17. Guy Romance

    Jun 20, 20 12:55 PM

    “Do I detect just a little bit of a mutual crush between the two of you?” Barb asked in a teasing and amused way. Brian was sitting at the breakfast table

  18. Family Sex

    Jun 12, 20 01:28 PM

    I am 42-year-old divorce women thin with slightly hanging average tits with three kids (2 boys and a girl) aged between 22 and 18. It all started about

  19. Mom: Part 1

    Jun 10, 20 11:30 AM

    If you expect my dick to be sliding into my mom’s juicy tight little pussy in the next sentence, you are in the wrong place. What took place took a long

  20. Just Saying Hi

    Jun 10, 20 11:28 AM

    “I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my son,” Barb said. They were both naked, sitting on the floor in the living room facing each other. Her legs

  21. Mom's Birthday

    Jun 08, 20 12:59 PM

    “This is the nicest birthday, “ Margie told her son. “Well, I hope you like what I got you,” Roger said. “I wasn't sure what else to get you.” Maggie

  22. Jerk Off And Mouth Cum

    Jun 08, 20 12:57 PM

    I love to be naked and I love playing with myself. I had been divorced five years or a little better, but the ex and I remained good friends. This happened

  23. What Moms Think

    Jun 08, 20 12:55 PM

    Janice stood outside of the door of her son’s room, listening. It was not that she meant to be so curious, but Jimmy had his best friend spending the

  24. My Neice

    Jun 07, 20 11:28 AM

    This is a true story but I will not go into every detail in case she ever reads it. My brother had divorced his wife and I hadn't seen my niece for probably

  25. Those Special Moments

    Jun 05, 20 10:52 AM

    Cynthia enjoyed the sinful delight of feeling her son’s stiff penis in her vagina, as she lay on the bed with him on top of her, his hips moving chemically

  26. Taking Her Place

    Jun 05, 20 10:49 AM

    It all started when my best friend Bruce caught me crossdressing. He was married to Tina and we all knew each other. I knew Bruce had a touch of bisexuality

  27. Lorena's Story: Part 2

    Jun 05, 20 10:47 AM

    Andre spun me around, reached down and grabbed my tits as he fucked his long, hard cock into me from behind. I was in heaven; my younger brother was ploughing

  28. Lorena's Story: Part 1

    Jun 04, 20 10:50 AM

    Before the Pandemic, I was a relatively normal kid. A bit of a slut, I admit that but normal in the broad sense of the word. I hung out with my friends,

  29. Liz And Avril: Pt 2

    Jun 03, 20 11:13 AM

    She went to her room to fetch her daughter. I thought it was all preplanned by her. I took another Vg while she was out. In about half an hour, Liz returned

  30. Liz And Avril: Pt 1

    Jun 03, 20 11:11 AM

    I am a 72 yo man and I got a call from an old friend of mine. He said that one of my college friends was living nearby my place, a two-hour drive. I contacted

  31. VIXEN: Monkey Business

    Jun 03, 20 11:09 AM

    It was Wednesday night and mummy’s PUSS Commandos were demonstrating their fighting prowess. Mummy’s powerful girls had captured elite special force’s

  32. New Rider In The Saddle

    May 30, 20 01:01 PM

    The two friends lay limp and relaxed in the crumpled bed, they were hot and slick with perspiration and barely recovering from their frantic breathless

  33. Piss Cum Spit Wet Wet Wet

    May 30, 20 12:58 PM

    I love pee play . It’s such a turn on laying in bed playing with my cock softly running my fingers over my smooth hairless balls and taint. Slipping

  34. Hot For Teacher

    May 30, 20 12:57 PM

    School was a special education. mommy taught us well. covid-19 was a blessing in disguise. home schooling became necessary as the corona virus pandemic

  35. Family Bonding: Part 2

    May 25, 20 12:36 PM

    Me and Kimmy both mover into mother's out stretched arms me on mom's left and Kimmy on mom's right mom pulled us close to her. We both took a tit into

  36. Fucking Through Covid

    May 25, 20 12:35 PM

    Lock down means his wife is home all of the time, well except when she takes the dogs for a walk. My elderly neighbor hasn't missed a single day, even

  37. I Gave Lift To Zena On My Way Home: Part 2

    May 24, 20 01:44 PM

    I started to loosen up and began joking around with Zena as soon as she arrived in the afternoon. It was quite warm, I took off my shirt and invited her

  38. The Power Of Cross Dressing

    May 23, 20 12:30 PM

    I started being interested in women's clothes at a very young age, like most cross dressers, I started out slowly with just pantyhose, over time this progressed.

  39. I Gave Lift To Zena On My Way Home

    May 22, 20 11:44 AM

    I picked up this girl asking for a lift to Edmonton. I was returning from Calgary. It was getting dark ushering evening. I thought she might be in distress.

  40. Family Bonding: Part 1

    May 22, 20 11:40 AM

    This Shut down over the coronavirurs was driving me and my Sister nuts. My sister is always horny just like me. Mom was asleep me and my sister Kimmy

  41. The One: Part 2

    May 19, 20 01:33 PM

    On Monday, I made my way into the house a few minutes before nine, Rhonda and Linda were already talking. We sat there talking and I mentioned to Linda

  42. Jenna

    May 19, 20 01:31 PM

    Jenna just turned 18 when I first fucked her. I was living with my girlfriend for about a year and it took every ounce of energy to keep my cock in

  43. The One: Part 1

    May 18, 20 11:33 AM

    Rhonda was all hot and sweaty after gym class. She walked over to her locker, undressed, grabbed a towel, shampoo and soap then stepped into the shower

  44. The Alleyway

    May 16, 20 04:03 PM

    In an abandoned alleyway, was a rusty old pickup truck in the washed out color of red. It was nearly the same red as London’s public transport buses. The

  45. An Adoptive Grandparent: Part 2

    May 16, 20 04:00 PM

    I was in a hazy daze going upstairs in front of Ben, I could hear his hums of approval as I deliberately thrust my bum back at him, I knew in my heart

  46. An Adoptive Grandparent

    May 15, 20 10:30 AM

    One Saturday morning, warm and sunny outside, my stepdad buttonholed me and asked if I wanted to earn some money doing job for my mum's father in law,

  47. Guy Coffee

    May 14, 20 11:46 AM

    “You’re welcome to join me,” Devon grinned and said. Randy had stopped by Devon’s apartment that morning. It was summer and the weather was warm and nice.

  48. Beating The Cold: Part 2

    May 13, 20 12:53 PM

    Next morning Julie my sister cornered me in the kitchen as I was tending the stove, Well!? did she do it to you....was it nice....I bet it was... What

  49. Club Hopping To Fuck With Strangers

    May 12, 20 12:02 PM

    I enjoy having sex with total strangers and I do this by club hopping g to meet new people. This was my latest club hopping to fuck escapade. My name

  50. Vanessa And The Workmen

    May 11, 20 11:35 AM

    The three workmen were slaving away in the back garden, in the hot sun. Vanessa watched them from the upstairs bedroom window, getting more excited by

  51. Beating The Cold

    May 11, 20 11:33 AM

    There is nothing more miserable than a cold house when the central heating boiler goes Pffft! unless you add a dad on deployment leaving behind a frustrated

  52. Wife's Friend

    May 10, 20 11:41 AM

    It was starting to get dark so I decided to go and get the horses done. I cleaned the stables out and made sure that they had hay and water for the night.

  53. Derailed By Mother In Law

    May 05, 20 12:52 PM

    I am on the short side for a 40 year old man. 5'5 and barely 135#. I was always made fun of and people told my wife I looked more like her son. My wife

Truth About Me
Today I just learned that one of my friends has passed away which makes my day a little bit sad, but I have learned valuable lesson not to get too attached…

School Love Of My Life
The fact is getting pussy is not that easy, so it takes lots of efforts, patience, charms, and being a well known fucker in your village, and that’s where…

My Sex Affair With My Friend’s Mother
I come from a small village, in a small country during 1965-66 which was prosperous due to the two companies mainly agricultural one producing by products…

Fucking My Cousin
I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother And My Teacher Part 2
We all forgot who we are having sex with; that lady was my mother. Even she could not care less that I was her son. There are no limits what she would…

Two Friends Fucking My Mother In Front Of Me
Two friends, me and my teacher having sex parties happened few more times, each time better than the previous. In my little perverted mind the idea was…

Two Guys A Boy And Teacher
With two men masturbating each other and having sex with whatever comes along I stayed in contact but rarely would I attend their sessions but not participating…

Sex, Sex And More Sex
From early childhood to adulthood one of the most important occupations you can be good at and more than just good is to be a ‘GOOD FUCKER’. You have to…

Taking Two Cocks In Exchange For Watching One Of Them Fuck His Wife
Growing up in small village was lot of fun, where technology would come last, kids would play outside kicking made up ball all day long on dusty ground…

Fucking My Wife And Her Sister: Group Sex With Wife Her Sister And Her Husband (Part 3) 
In 1967 I was called to serve a compulsory army service. The time to serve was 18 months, far too long for a young man in his prime, plus married. I knew…

Watching Mother Double Stacked
VOYEUR: WATCHING MOTHER BEING FUCKED I was a young boy living with my mother in a very small and narrow room that could fit only two single beds on…

Fuck Me Daddy
I was very young and knew more about sex than most other girls my age I was gossip with my friends and tell them how I play with myself using a hair brush…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law (Part 2)
If you have read the first part you would probably wonder after all that I witnessed myself, could marry Ana. Our first sex was awkward. I could not get…

When Mom Is Gone (Step-Father And Step-Daughter)
It was a hot summer night, the only sound in the air was cicadas and repetitive sound of squelching as I penetrated myself with my fingers. Tonight was…

Our Little Encounter 
I’m Tangey and this is my story... I was taking a hot shower and I started thinking of the boy I have a crush on, it was my brothers friend and his name…

Incest From Childhood To Adulthood
I was the youngest child of 5 children, and only child of one man that according to church record or Church birth certificate it states that my father…

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law
I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story. It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every…

Daddy's Little Girl
I am going to be writing this story as if I were the girl. Get ready for the most amazing sex story ever. I was only 12 years old and that is when my…

She Knows Not What She's Doing
I admit it. I am a pervert. My wife of forty-five years is slowly slipping into dementia. I will do anything for her. Not uncommonly, she mixes up reality…

Teaching My Sister The In's And Out's
At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost…

Horny Sister
I had always loved my older sister.Well yeah aren't you suppose to love your sister. But I didn't love her as a sister/brother relationship. I loved her…

The Biggest And The Best
Jane has been working too hard lately and she knew it. She had no other choice, being that she is a manager of a successful company. It was late one night…

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