A Sex Dream

by SexBitch (America)

I'm 18 and I'm looking for someone to have sex with, but anyways I went to a pub to drink and have my cherry popped. Yes I had kept my v-card for 7 years and I was DESPERATE for some sex after watching and reading porn.

So I walked in and I knew that my v-card was going to be taken. There were a bunch of hot dudes with blonde hair, blue eyes and dicks out and ready, however, they were not to my appeal... Most of their dicks were 7-8" and I wanted 12-13".

I walked in with my sexy outfit on and most boys just gaped at me while I walked past them. I had a few drinks, and the men were telling me their sex stories, but I was more interested in looking for a guy with a big dick.

Then I saw him. The Giant. It was a black dude with a baseball bat sized dick. My pussy was drenched just by looking at it. The guy was gaping at me as I walked up to him. I didn't have to say a word, he picked me up with one muscular arm and took me to a room dedicated to sex.

Mind you I was a black bitch myself and this nigga was already as hard as bedrock. He pulled up my dress softly stroked his tongue at my pussy. My whole body jerked in pleasure as he pulled my panties down.

"You looked like you haven't been popped ever?" he whispered. I nodded vigorously as he bent down and stuffed his tongue in my pussy. And oh my lord there was my first orgasm. Cum spurted all over his face as he slurped it all up. I was in heaven.

"Fuck me!" I moaned.

"Alright then." he whispered as he put me into a quick doggy style and rammed his 14" dick all the way in. I had ten orgasms in a row right there and then. My cherry was popped and it felt amazing. I was going to be a slut now, as I told him to cum in me.

"You pussy be tight there babe" he groaned as he hammered me.

In total he told me I had about fifty orgasms while he pumped and cummed. I could feel his rock hard dick in the walls of my vagina as he rammed it. Oh the pleasure was amazing. With his magnificent dick still in me he put me on his lap and started sucking my hard ass tits.

I wanted to be in that position forever. I could feel his sperm shoot straight into my womb and my milk squirt into his mouth. His dick then expanded and I swear he was hitting my womb, g spot and eggs. I passed out right when he threw me into the air and onto his dick.

According to him he took me home with his dick still in me and fucked me as I was passed out. According to him he spent a good 30 minutes trying to get his dick out of my longing pussy, when I came around. He smiled at me and shoved his dick up my asshole. I didn't feel as good as the pussy but it felt good.

He smiled and said "I've molded my dick into you, you won't ever feel good without me."

I nodded and moaned "I knew that the moment your dick touched my pussy."

I swear the neighbours could have heard me moaning at his house as be pounded my pussy and swiftly changed to my ass each time.

Finally he let the world's biggest load into my pussy and sighed. "Did you want to taste some?" he asked.

I leaped off his dick and stuffed it into my mouth. I had never given a man a blowjob before, but his dick was in my stomach and as soon as I shoved all of it down be blew is shot as if he was a rifle. It was the best thing I had ever tasted.

I stayed at his house ever since and we are now together thanks to my amazing mouth and his amazing dick, according to him. He says he doesn't mind if I go looking for someone else to have sex with, but if you think you can easily beat a 14" cock come at me...

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