A True And Very Sexy Night

by Randy Robert (Australia)

I guess we all have sexual experiences that we can never forget this is a very sexy story about an unexpected situation.

My wife and I were quite interested in making our sex lives a little brighter but at this stage we never went as far as wife swapping or a threesome, we did watch these kind of things on porn videos but we mainly talked dirty while we were having sex.

I used to get her turned on by asking her if she would like a nice big strange fat cock shooting hot spunk into her pussy, this used to get her fucking like it was going to be the last fuck she was ever going to get, she used to get me going by asking if I would like to stick my cock up a nice young pussy, it’s amazing how much we used to enjoy our fantasy.

One night about 7:00pm there was a knock on the door standing there was one of her girlfriends, we invited her in for some supper she then told us that her husband wanted another guy to fuck her while he watched, to say that we were surprised would be an understatement, she explained that her husband was having trouble with sex and thought that watching another guy sliding his cock in and out of her pussy would help.

She left about 10:00 pm and we went to bed, we talked about what her friend had said and she told me that the thought of my cock shooting cum into her friend got her really horny, we had sex and she kept asking if I would like to fuck her friend, I said if it helped her husband with his sexual problems that I would like to do it, needless to say we both had huge orgasms that night.

Next day she phoned her friend and after a while asked her if she would like me to visit, with that her friend was happy because she could get someone she knew to fuck rather than a stranger, we got a call about 8pm that night and asked me to go over, I left my wife who told me do not wipe your cock when you spunk in her pussy instead come home and stick your cock up me.

Off I went and after a few drinks we headed off to the bedroom, her husband stripped off sat in a corner and started masturbating, we got on the bed she with her legs wide open I started sucking on her clit, while this was going on her husband started stroking my cock, he asked her to suck my cock which she did and he rubbed my balls at the same time,

Shit I thought this was great stuff, I layed back on the bed and slid my cock into her wet pussy, she was facing my feet and when she layed back her husband licked her pussy and my scrotum, there was no doubt that this guy was bisexual but I was enjoying everything that he was doing, I felt his big cock slide into her pussy next to mine so we both fucked her pussy hole,

All of a sudden I felt his spunk running in between my legs and her pussy went very sloppy, no problem as the thought of getting another guys cum all over my cock and balls blew my mind, she was sliding her pussy up and down my cock when I started my big cock pulsating as my spunk mixed with his, while I was getting dressed I watched him slide his cock back into her which was coated in foamy cum, as I left he was licking her pussy clean.

As promised I went home which was only a few doors away opened the door then went to our bedroom where my wife was waiting with her legs open, I told her every little detail but before I could finish she felt my cock that was still damp and sticky from cum and pussy juice she pulled me on top of her and forced my cock into her pussy.

She got so fucking randy knowing that my cock was still wet from another guys spunk, she grabbed the cheeks of my arse and made sure every bit of my cock was up her, as she did that she let out a scream of delight as her pussy throbbed into a massive orgasm, once again I had filled her pussy with hot creamy spunk.

The next time I went around there she came with me, yes the girls rubbed their pussies together, they licked each other’s pussy while us lads rubbed cocks and sucked each other, we always finished off by spunking into each other’s wife then went home to slide my cock into my wife’s pussy filled with my friends hot cum, this finished up as a lifelong relationship where we went away for holidays together we also used to nick into each other’s house for a quicky while the other spouse was at work.

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