Awaken By Dick

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

I was talking about getting a dick and cum in my ass on the phone with a long time friend the other day and last night I was awaken by a pleasurable feeling in my ass.

Then I realized that I was all tied up to the bed face down with a pillow under my dick. As I started to wake up I was told that I would be getting some cum in my mouth and Ass.

Then I had a cock that was oiled up and then slid into my hole. It was great I was guessing about 6" long and I clamped my ass muscles hard on it and after 4-5 minutes it filled up my hole.

Then another cock entered my butt it was harder and he said that he was going to be number 2 of 5 dicks and he came fast to. They had put a blind on my face so I cannot see who they are.

Then #3 entered and he was big he was pushing hard just to get his head in to my ass. But either he was short or only pushed in half of it in. He was pumping fast and when came I thought he was in my mouth as it was hot all the way in. And he pumped 12-14 hard shoots.

When he pulled out I was entered by the 4th cock and I t was long and it just pumped very short strokes for like 40 minutes and my own dick was cumming all over the pillow when he came. Then cock 5 went in. He was telling me about them watching my internet habits and porn that I searched for. He then pulled out of my ass and jacked off in my mouth.

As did the other 4 dicks, and a dildo was forced into my ass and when it was ALL the way in the back of my ass my head cover came off and my wife told me to get use to having cock in my ass.

The dicks we're all jacking off in front of my face and when the first dick shoot in my face and mouth the next one did the same thing. All of them filled my face.

Then my wife fucked them as I layed there watching her take dicks. Then they all left as they did untie one of my hands so I got up and went to the shower I was sitting on the couch naked and clean when she walked in and sat down.

She told me that she was going to be putting add in a porn sight to get some more cocks for my ass and she loves them fucking me. I told her I loved all the cum in my ass and mouth.

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Nov 30, 2019
My fantasy
by: Tony

I am a 67 yr old bi guy and it has been one of my fantasies for as long as I have been players ng with guys . Unfortunately the closest I got was to a threesome but just the feeling of that warm cum deep inside me and the amazing taste as they filled my mouth with it is something I will always remember.I have sucked and swallowed a fair of cum but would love to experience what you did. Sorry must go ...I have a Hardin to attend to.

Thanks for sharing . What a major turn on for an old guy.

Oct 16, 2019
That was Awesome
by: Rick

I just shot my load reading that One of my Fantasies is to get fucked by men they all fuck me filling me with cum until it's bubbling out of my butt hole then l put in a butt plug to keep all their Cream in me as l suck each of them off swallowing all the cum l can get . Having all that cum in my ass and stomach is such a turn on . Oh l got to go get me a big hard throbbing cock to sit on n ride till I'm filled with cum l just can't get enough cum in and on me yummy 💋

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