Big Hot Bitch in Heat

by Bestoverall11

Hi my name is Jeff I'm THIRTY TWO YEARS OLD. I am married to Tess a beautiful woman. I had never thought of doing anything like what I'm going to tell you. I have been married for six years and always had Tess around for sex.

It started two weeks after Tess was gone for a work thing. She said she would be gone for a month. Well I stepped outside to get some fresh air when I saw a big female dog in front of the house.

I knew she was female because there was two smaller dogs trying to mount her but were to short. She walked around and went in my back yard with the two others following. I walk around and noticed her pussy was swelled up and poking out a good three inches.

It was wet and bounced when she walked. I don't know why but my dick was getting hard as a rock. Well I do know why I haven't had sex in two weeks and I was horny as hell.

My heart pounded in my throat as I hurried the two small dogs out the gate and closed it behind them. I had a hide a fence and knew no one could see me. I pet her a little then led her thru the back door and inside.

As soon as I had her in I knelt down beside her. I was so excited doing something so wrong and dirty and taboo. I moved behind her and put my fingers on her swollen pussy.

She raised her tail over her back wanting me to pleas her. I slipped a middle finger all the way in her and my dick felt like it would burst thru my pants.

It was so hot and clamped my finger as it throbbed. I couldn't get up fast enough as I kicked off my shoes and pull off my pants. I didn't know if it was possible or not but I knew I wanted to fuck her.

I knelt behind her and pulled her to me till the tip of my dick was touching her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pushed the head of my cock popped in as it stretched her pussy open.

It felt so fucking good my legs shook as I stared at my cock head in her fat cunt. I pulled back just a little and pushed again harder getting half my cock in her.

I wanted in her all the way more than I ever wanted anything. I pulled back and pushed again that time it went all the way deep in her scalding hot pussy.

I was in like another world as I began fucking her with everything I had. I only lasted a few seconds her pussy was so good it was going to make me cum quick.

I held back as long as I could until I felt a lightning bolt shoot down my spine. My nuts drew up tight and felt like they exploded. I felt a burning hot load of cum blast thru my cock and in her pussy.

AAAAHHHH YESSSSSSSSS FUCK YESSSS. I slowed down a little as I watched my cock come out so slippery and wet. Most times I can only cum once but it made me so horny I must have worked up more cum.

I couldn't get enough of her hot tight pussy and slammed deep in her again. It wasn't long when I felt my nuts start blasting cum in her again. This time it was like I couldn't move as I pushed and held it in her as deep as I could.

My legs felt like jelly and I thought I would black out as I pumped her hot pussy full of my cum. OOOOOHHHH FUCK YES THATS SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOD OOOHHH YES.

I let her hips loose and she turned and licked me clean. I knew I would never let her go and knew Tess always wanted a dog. But she don't know why I want her or at least not yet.

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Sep 07, 2020
by: Bill Austin

Glad to hear there is another one of us. Dogsex is great!

Sep 07, 2020
Would love to NEW

Great story loved it i would love to read ROSSCOCK BRISBANE.

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