BJ Buddies

by Anonymous

Warren stood with his jeans open watching his erection wetly moving in and out of Kyle’s mouth.

“Geez, Kyle …” Warren laughed, “you’re such a fag!”

Kyle pulled his mouth back and gave his friend a playful smirk. “So are you, Warren! You’ve suck my dick before!”

They both laughed.

They had come up to the woodsy area near where they both lived and, with no one around, they had decided to indulge in some male fun together. Between two guys it was always so easy to do this sort of thing, to appreciate and enjoy each other’s sexuality.

Certainly neither had any problem in having an erection together, and they delighted in what it felt like as friends to hold and masturbate and suck on each other’s.

Kyle was sit6ting there at Warren’s bare feet which were slipped into an insignificant pair of flip-flops, having discarded his own and had his pants open and was freely masturbating his erection.

He loved having his friend’s stiff penis in his mouth, feeling the smooth swollen head as his mouth stretched around the stout shaft. It was just appealingly masculine to suck on another guy’s dick like this. Something which Warren knew only too well, having suck on Kyle’s often enough.

“Ahhh …” Warren sighed over the wet stimulation being applied o his organ. He continued to look down and watch as Kyle freely applied his mouth, and found it so exciting to have another guy sucking on his dick.

Kyle’s mouth made some slurping sounds, and his hand stroked his own stiff curving length, bringing his sexual appendage closer and closer to climaxing. In the next moment Warren ejaculated. He gasped as this happened and tensed and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the semen pulsing from rigid penis, the volume of his thick creamy liquid pulsing through the single small hole again and again.

Kyle took it all in his mouth and as he did, this excited him to the point of ejaculating. The sperm-filled liquid shot out of his dick with an incredible intensity. Some of his fluid spilled carelessly across Warren’s bare toes and his own. As his release concluded Kyle swallowed several times and pulled back to do so once more.

He looked up at his friend and smiled. Warren smiled back and took a hold of his dick and smeared the spermy head across Kyle’s lips and Kyle licked it.

“That felt so good!’ Warren exclaimed.

“You’re telling me,” said Kyle, feeling prideful of his achievement. There was nothing like sucking a friend’s dick.

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Jan 28, 2020
Kyle's bitch NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Kyle; enjoyed your story. Can I please be your sissy bitch.?

Jan 21, 2020
Adding pantyhose to CUM
by: Anonymous


Jan 20, 2020
by: Anonymous

I still rmemebering how good it felt to suck on a friend's dick and to have suck mine. It wa slike the perfect thing for friends to do and enjoytogether!

Jan 18, 2020
Dear Kyle
by: Anonymous

isn't it ALWAYS SUCH a NICE LITTLE distraction to enjoy some delicious creamy sissy sause?

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