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Cum stories that will make you rock hard and horny.  Here are quick teasers, “Such a hot pussy! So fucking wet!” He groaned as he pounded into me… “Yes, I missed you, I missed your big fucking cock, I missed the taste of your cum…”  Without protest, he came to her, knelt down and took her engorged clit in his mouth… She kept pushing that cock in her mouth till she had more than half of it in her mouth…

Just A Bra To The Bar (Cum Stories)
My wife ventured out to the Bar one night wearing only a black push up bra. I was not aware that she had left the house this way because the plan was to...Continue reading

The Girl Next Door Wanted To Watch Me Cum (Cum Stories)
I just found out that my neighbors teenage daughter has been watching me jack off. My wife is gone for 2 weeks, and Tina came over last night with a movie...Continue reading

Wet Dream (Cum Stories)
It’s all starting to cum together. My extra large nipples are totally erect and I am gingerly playing with them and it feels so damn good. I am laying...Continue reading

Awaken By Dick (Cum Stories)
I was talking about getting a dick and cum in my ass on the phone with a long time friend the other day and last night I was awaken by a pleasurable feeling...Continue reading

Glory Hole (Cum Stories)
My wife wanted to go to the porn shop in town. She kept talking about the glory holes. So we went into a booth shut the door and within minutes a 6" limp...Continue reading

Cumming On The Midnight Train (Cum Stories)
My name is Tamia and I'm a nurse at a private hospital. I'm a woman who loves sex and masturbation is my favorite hobby. Needless to say, I would do just...Continue reading

Sex And My Husband's Cum (Cum Stories)
I love my husband's 8" circumcised cock. I worship it, I adore it, I am totally addicted to it! I love the way it looks, the way it feels and the way...Continue reading

My Mom's Affair With My Teacher (Cum Stories)
This is a true story that I was initially pissed off about it but later I found myself being turned on by the events. So it all began around 9 months...Continue reading

Playtime At My Favorite Adult Sex Shop (Cum Stories)
I have a favorite adult sex shop that I go to all the time. I usually drive there naked masturbating and playing with my nipples all the way. When I arrive...Continue reading

For Rick...You Asked For Another Story...(Cum Stories)
Remembering fondly my teenage sexual escapades. Here’s another one that I believe should get you stroking your cock. Maybe some of you have had similar...Continue reading 

Outdoor Fuck Suck And Cum Festival (Cum Stories)
It was a nice sunny Saturday morning about three weeks ago. A really nice day for a nude road trip. I was alone and super horny. I shaved off all of my...Part 1Part 2  

Wow What A Yummy Cummy Day (Cum Stories)
I love masturbating and I have been doing it for a very long time. I am not bragging but I definitely know how to give myself pleasure. About 10 years...Continue reading

Developing A Taste For Cum (Cum Stories)
I can remember many sexually stimulating things from my past most of which were intensely pleasurable. One of my toughest things to do was to get myself...Continue reading

Mommy Said, Cum With Mommy (Cum Stories)
My mom was divorced years ago and was lonely for her teen age virility. Frequently my mom walked around the wooden floor in her high heels...Continue reading  

Went To An Adult Theater To Get Naked (Cum Stories)
I went to an adult theater one day to watch some porn get naked & cum. Maybe there would be some guests there that would like to watch me or help me...Continue reading

My Perfect Beautiful Sexy Sister (Cum Stories)
My sister what can I say....well my sister is married to her husband and I happy .......I’m also married to my wife and is sort of happy ...but I don’t...Continue reading 

One Night Stand Turns Into A Tradition (Cum Stories)
I wouldn’t normally share tinder hookups, but this one hookup changed my life. A few months ago, I matched with this guy on tinder. He was a super attractive...Continue reading

Confident Driver (Cum Stories)
It all started by accident really, this thing that Connie and I have been doing in secret. None of this was planned and neither one of us has ever done...Chapter 1Chapter 2

Gentle Soft And Hot (Cum Stories)
I’m writing this as a dominate male to a girl named autumn, autumn and I had been talking for a while and we felt as if we had a connection beyond what...Continue reading

My Wife's Affair (Cum Stories)   
My wife Gwen and I had been married a little over 10 years. We had done a lot of travelling over the years and met lots of people. We were in Ontario...Continue reading

Extreme Orgasm With My Sweaty Boyfriend (Cum Stories)   
Let me introduce you David, a special boy who was 2.5 year my boyfriend. It was long time ago, I was 25 at that time and David was 20. He was a cute blond...Continue reading

Fucking My Grandma's New Tits (Cum Stories)   
Since this website prefers stories to be about 18 and older, I will say this happened when I was “18.” My grandmother was blessed with extremely large...Continue reading

Two Cocks One Pussy (Cum Stories)   
Myself and a friend used to play soccer for a local team we used to go out and have a great time at the pub chatting up females, I had just broken off...Continue reading 

Hypnosis (Cum Stories)   
I never dreamed it possible! I met Charles after his show. He was a hypnotist. Over a few drinks later that night he revealed to me that there is much...Continue reading

Everything Together #1 (Cum Stories)   
Adam and Kyle were brothers - twin brothers that did everything together be it sports, movies, masturbating to porn or fucking any unsuspecting dumb slut...Continue reading

Helping Daughter-In-Law (Cum Stories)  
Married three times affords me the pleasure of many Step-Sons And Daughter-In-Laws. I am close to all of them including the last wife children and their...Continue reading 

Helping Daughter-In-Law Part 2 (Cum Stories)   
Few weeks went by and I figured what happened was a onetime thing and was never to be repeated. Boy was I wrong, picking up the phone one morning Bobby...Continue reading

I Love My Friend's Dick (Cum Stories)    
I love my friend's dick. One night when we got home drunk I told my friend I was "attracted" to him. He asked what I meant. I told him I was "excited...Continue reading

Cumming For Mommy (Cum Stories)
I moved out 3 months ago, I accepted a very good paying job offer from another city about 2 hours drive from my home. I rented one bedroom from a lovely...Continue reading

Sharing My Wife (Cum-Stories)    
We had been married a short time but our dating had been wild to say the least. Monica loves sex and we met at a river party when I was a senior in High...Continue reading  

Mommy Teaches Son How To Eat Pussy (Cum Stories)
“What’s wrong, honey?” Mom entered the living room. I was sitting alone on the white comfy couch and she noticed I wasn’t myself and looked a little...Continue reading   

Daddy’s Little Cock Whore (Cum Stories)
Ever since my tiny 18 years old daughter had a taste for his daddy’s cock, she has never being the same. Only 1 year ago she was a shy girl, she was awkward...Continue reading

Mommy Help Me Impregnate Aunt Liz (Cum-Stories)
My mother and I had a special relationship, we were very closed, we shared more than mother and son usually do and we were very intimate with each other...
Continue reading

Boys Busy Boozing    
My name is Bob, way back in the 1970s I used to enjoy a few beers at the local hotel, I had separated from my wife and was looking for sexual gratification...
Continue reading  

Nursing My Son (Cum Stories)
My name is Mary, I am 42 yrs old, married with one son and one daughter, we live in a big apartment, my husband john works in a well known company in the...Continue reading  

My Son Best Friend (Cum-Stories)
Before telling my story let me introduce myself to my dear readers, my name is Rosemary, I am 42 yrs old, I live with my only son in a nice apartment...Continue reading

Sucking Dick And Anal Sex But We Are Not Gay (Cum Stories)  
A friend of mine came over often to my house to visit. I had a collection of porn videos and we would have a few beers and watch them together. They were...
Continue reading

Cousin Play Time
I was at my grandma’s house with all of my cousins and I shared a bed with my sister and my cousin Talia. I didn’t sleep very much due to continuous thumping...
Continue reading  

Wife Fucking Dog  
I have had a caravan that I turned into my office, away from the home in the backyard of the house. I took all the furniture out and set it up with the...
Continue reading  

Mom’s Secret Stud (Cum Stories)
As his finger moved round and round the little protrusion began to get hard, her cunt secreted more and more hot wet fluid and his mother was now slowly grinding herself onto her son’s fingers. Keeping up the pressure with his fingers he pulled her cheeks apart...

Marty’s Mom (Cum Stories)
“Would you like to put your dick inside me? Would you like mommy to fuck you?” “Really?” She nodded. “Yes, mommy, I would like you to fuck me.” She got up and put one leg on either side of her son. She slowly squatted down, aiming her cunt for his dick…

Little Jamie Wants Daddy’s Cock (Cum Stories)
Daddy said, “Leave the stockings on you unfaithful cock sucker, now it’s my turn to fuck your slutty cunt.” She straddled his face and told him to eat her cum filled fucked cunt. As she humped his face and coated it with cum she giggled and asked…

Sexy Role Playing – The Doctor Is In! (Cum Stories)
“Ohhhhh you feel so good inside me!” I moaned as he began to fuck me. I thrust my hips to meet his, fucking him back.  “Such a hot pussy! So fucking wet!” He groaned as he pounded into me.  “You like this pussy! Don’t you baby? You like fucking this pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard dick baby! Give it to me!” I panted…

Babe Licking & Sucking Cum Filled Pussy (Cum Video)
He filled her with his hot cum as she rides on his cock. As hot cum dripped from her amazing pink gaping pussy another babe underneath her licked and sucked the hot cream from her pussy hole between dangling pink pussy meat…

Mean Mom (Cum Stories)
“Oh godddd yesssss!” she grimaced, her body shaking, as she raped his mouth. “I’m going to cum! Eat me, Boy. Eat that hairy cunt till I cum off all over your face! A-h-h-h-h!” she grunted, juice pouring from her steaming cooze. “That’s it! Right there! Suck that clit…

Brother Had No Pants On (Cum Stories)
He knew what he had to do, and taking hold of his huge tool, held it to her sopping cunt. For the very first time in his life, he felt hot wet cunt walls close around his manhood as it slid inside of her. “OH BRAD, FUCK ME HARDER!” Anita panted, her body consumed with lust…

Cum Slut (Cum Stories)
“Yes, I admit it, I love you fucking my ass with your fingers, I’ll do anything for you not to stop!!” She screams out, “I want you to cum in my mouth, I wanna drink your cum you bastard!” With this, she presses down harder on his perineum, knowing this would set him off…

Two Very Horny Mature Smother In CUM (Cum Video)
She’s bending over doggy style and he’s working her from behind with steady hard thrust making her moan with eyes closed ravishing his cock invading her mature pussy. The other mature is lying on her back moaning from another cock ravishing her pussy and she’s squeezing both his tits encouraging him to cum all over her…

My Niece Amy (Cum Stories)
As I moved my hand to her pussy she was soaking wet. Her juices were even running down her legs. I resisted the temptation to put my head between her legs and lick her sweet nectar up. I had other things on my mind for now. I reached over and took both of her knees…

Knocking Up The Family (Cum Stories)
“Oh, Holly--!” I cried, even as my penis exploded inside her. Leaping and pulsing in the grip of her pussy, my penis sent gush after gush of my semen pouring into her belly. If anything, I was cumming harder than before, plastering her womb with my sperm…,

Hot Wet Little Girl (Cum Stories)
I imagined my little girl spread legged and offering herself to me. My face in her pussy licking, tonguing, delving inside her womb. Sliding my fingers deep inside her wetness making her cum and tasting it. I wanted to make her a hot little whore like myself…

Slut Doesn’t Want Sex Tape Put On Youtube (Cum Video)
He’s literally on top fucking her face with his entire length bury inside her mouth making her choke and cough, she realizes him taking video and requested him not to put on Youtube or Facebook and as you know this guy just don’t listen and he gets to cum all over her face…

He Needed It Really Bad (Cum Stories)
“I’m fucking you now mommy, I’m fucking you. My cock is inside you and I’m gonna fuck you real hard and cum inside your cunt mommy.” And with that he lunged for one of her huge tits and began to suckle on her with a fury whilst thrusting and plunging his fat incestuous cock…

The Boy Who Owned Women (Cum Stories)
“What’s wrong, baby?” he cooed. “Too much for you?” Marie’s sister screamed, as loud as anyone had ever screamed “GIVE ME MORE OF THAT FUCKING COCK, PLEASE NOW
FUCK, NOW!!!” He simply smiled and grasped Maddy by her waist…

Being His Dirty Whore Again (Cum Stories)
"Tell me you missed me, tell me you missed my cock." Ross wanted me to confess my feelings.  "Yes, I missed you, I missed your big fucking cock, I missed the taste of your cum." I finally gave up, and confessed my feelings.  "I missed your pussy, Ashley," Ross said, and I felt his lips on my pussy.  Ross started licking my pussy, which had become so wet…

This Is The Face Of Someone Who Cum Over And Over And Over...
This is what happens when you make her cum over and over and over. The slut is asking for it because she wants it and she needs it to satisfy her insatiable hunger. The way she screams not sure whether she’s in extreme pain or pleasure, maybe both…

Hot For Teacher (Cum Stories)
“Your first extra credit assignment requires you to suck on my clit. You will stop when I say stop.”  Without protest, he came to her, knelt down and took her engorged clit in his mouth.  She started fucking his mouth with her pussy, and came within a few minutes.  With her cum on his lips and chin, she reached down and kissed him…

Real Mom Sucking Cock Gets Facial (Cum Video)
She licks the tip of his cock sensually before sliding her warm wet mouth to balls deep burying his entire length inside her soft mouth. She’s in no hurry as she takes her time savoring every inch of his length greedily taking him balls deep again and again until…

Horny Mature Loves Cum All Over HUGE CLIT (Cum Video)
Lying on her back legs wide open he slides in and out of her with some difficulty, he pulls out to stroke near her pussy and she never ceases to encourage him makes him stroke harder until he spurts all over her pussy and clit drenching her hot flesh and she’s completely intoxicated with cum as another cock spurts all over her pussy and HUGE CLIT…

What A Time (Cum Stories)
I pulled my legs up and put my heels on the edge of the love seat. Reached down with one hand and slightly spread my pussy lips to show the guys just how wet I was. My clit must have been swollen to 3 times the normal size. I could feel the heat from it.  My right index finger began to make little circles around my clit and I noticed as look of curiosity on my…

Wet Teen Orgasm (Cum Video)
She slips a small dildo inside her young tight pink pussy moaning as she slide the dildo slowly in and out her fragile hole. She enjoys the invasion of the dildo filling her tight hole and soon she picks up the pace punishing her hot fragile hole until creamy fluid seep out desperately…

He CREAMPIE Her Then Licks Her Dry (Cum Video)
He pounds her violently making her scream exploding huge load inside her very hot hole, her pussy is dripping fresh hot cum and not wasting anytime he bury his mouth inside her pussy licking, lapping, and sucking her dry of his cum mix with her pussy juice…

Horny Housewives Totally Satisfied (Cum Stories)
"Suck it like this," Stacey said, as she grabbed the cock and took it in her mouth.  She kept pushing that cock in her mouth till she had more than half of it in her mouth.  "Fuck yah, I love these black cocks," Stacey said pulling out the cock from her mouth.  "Did you see me? Now you suck it like that," Stacey guided me, and I again took that cock in my mouth…

Teen Dripping Wet Standing Up (Cum Video)
She slips one finger inside her very hot pussy making wet sloppy sound dripping wet as she withdrew. She rubs cum all over her pussy and spurted small amount of fluid, again she slips one finger inside shaking her pussy flesh and rubbing her clit furiously with generous amount of thick cum dripping down her inner thigh…

The First Date (Cum Stories)
My cock was so hard at this point that it was peeking out over the top of my waist band of my briefs. She leaned over to flick her tongue along the head and once again I felt electricity rush through my body. She slid my briefs down to meet my pants at my knees, leaving my cock free to her inspection. After staring at my cock for a couple of minutes, she said a little worriedly, "I really don't know if I will be able to get you inside of me." I asked her why…

Getting Blowjob & Cum At IKEA Store (Cum Video)
Inside the IKEA shower room display she went down on her knees to slip his flaccid meat inside her hungry mouth. She slides back and forth his length taking him deep briefly making her choke, his cock is now standing hard at full attention as she bobs her head up and down his massive length that is just about to explode…

Tux Fitting (Cum Stories)
I again knelt down and instead of taking the normal measurement I held the end of the tape at his heel and slowly ran its length up his leg. I worked the tape up his inner thigh and slid my fingers between his leg and shorts all the way to his groin. He let a slight moan as my finger tips touched his balls inside his boxers. I allowed my fingers to explore his balls long enough to tell…

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