First Masturbation

By John (Colorado)

A neighbor's mom asks my parents to let her son stay at our house one night when she had to leave to see her sick mother. Both of us were twelve years old. I had been getting a hard-on for over a year and knew I liked the way it felt. I would push it down until it hurt and then let go and it would spring up a slap on my belly. I liked it.

That night we were sharing a bed. I asked him if he ever got hard down there. He said sure and he would "beat off". I ask him what he meant. He asks me "you have never made yourself cum".

I told him I did not know what he meant. He told me to take out my dick and start stoking it up and down and he would show me how to make myself cum. I did and it felt better than making it hurt by bending it down.

We were laying on our backs next to each other. I reached down and touched his dick. He jumped back and pushed my hand away and asked what I was doing and I said I just wanted to see if he had his dick out too.

He said he liked when I touched it and told me to go ahead and rub his dick the way I had started to stoke my own. It was really hard and it was bigger than my own and I enjoyed the way it felt. 

He reached down and around my hand and said let me show you what to do. He told me to hold it tight and moved my hand up and down the shaft faster and faster. Then he told me to rub the tip with my finger and he kept stroking his dick with his own hand as I played with the tip.

The tip started getting wet and slick and then he moaned and liquid shot out of his dick all over my hand and all over him I thought I had made him pee. He said no that he had cum.

He told me to lay back and reached over and started pulling and stoking on my dick. It felt great. He started squeezing my balls with his other hand and told me to rub the tip like I had his.

It felt really good and I was moaning he told me to be quiet or my parents would hear. Then all of a sudden I got a feeling that I had never had before and my dick started jerking around and juice came shooting out all over.

I could barely breathe it felt GREAT. Bob said you just came. I said I think I peed a little and he said no that was cum. I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever discovered. I don't think I slept at all that night I "beat off" all night. I've been addicted to masturbation ever since.

When I was young I masturbated many times a day. When in a relationship I often masturbated after having a sexual encounter. I masturbate still about every other day and I am in my sixties now. I have had many sexual encounters since and posted many of my stories on this site.

Other than giving oral sex I think I enjoy masturbating more than anything. I know how to please myself and can make it last as long as I want. I have a collection of toys I use.

I enjoy masturbating for other people to watch and even posted a video on line once for others to enjoy. I hope they liked watching me cum. This was my very first time Cumming but I hope I never stop.

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