How I Learned About Sex

By Tom (Illinois)

It was many years ago long before sex education in schools…

My parents never told me anything so what started happening to me at the young age was very troubling. I was waking up in the middle of the night with a rock hard cock and very wet sticky underwear.

I thought I had some kind of disease. I was so embarrassed to ask my parents about what was going on.

So one day I asked one of the older boys at college for help in explaining what was happening to me. After I told him about what was happening he just laughed and said to meet him after class.

After class we went to a small patch of woods behind my home. He did not say anything but started rubbing my cock until it wanted to break free from my pants. He got totally naked and his cock was beautifully erect and it’s tip was shiny wet with precum.

He quickly undressed me. There I was totally naked two throbbing dancing cocks waiting for the cumming pleasure. He gently grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Precum was dripping like water from my peels slit. He started pumping the shaft up and down slowly.

I still remember the uncontrollable feeling coursing through my body, I felt like I was going to faint. He continued playing with my cock until I shot a never ending ball draining load of boy cum.

I have never experienced that same feeling from the first time. He looked at me and said now you do me.After experiencing the best pleasure of my young life I was happy to oblige my giver.

I grasped his swollen cock by the shaft and started caressing his balls the tip of his blood filled cock was wet with precum . He looked Down at me and told me to lick it off and put his cock in my mouth.I was eager to please because his cock looked beautiful to me.

He started slowly fucking the parted lips of my mouth. I could feel him getting harder and tensing up. He finally shot his sweet load of boy juice in my hungry mouth. It tasted delicious but was more than I could take at one time.

His boy cum was leaking out around the corners of my mouth.This was not the end but only the beginning of my lesson. He told me to bend over and to hold my ass cheeks apart exposing my boy hole. I can remember him spitting on my hole and his cock. He started pushing his hard cock against my opening.

Damn that hurts, He said to just relax and let it happen it would be alright.. At first it hurt but once he was inside me it felt really good. I could feel him pumping away on my backside and finally a warm wet feeling when he shot his cum inside me.

When he was done fucking me he jacked me off one more time. I wanted to taste my cum so this time I ate my own load. Yummy I developed a love for the taste of cum.

The sad thing is we could only play in our private outdoor place during warm weather. We got together like this for several years and even had a couple of other playmates join us. This learning experience was memorable.

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