I Was His Bitch

by Dick (London)

I am a woman aged 28 yrs. I was taken to a farm where dog breeding was done. I had come here to be breezed by a male dog. When we reached there, I was stripped naked without any clothes and was asked to kneel down on the floor.

After some time a big Alsation dog was brought to breed me. The dog started to sniff my oozing cunt. I took hold of his thick cock and pulled away the sheath so that the whole red cock came out.

The tip of his penis was covered with piss, I kissed the penis tip. The dog started humping and his cock started swelling. A woman placed the tip of his dog penis at the entrance of my cunt and smeared my love juices on the dog's thick shaft.

My dog lover started humping and trying to enter his bitch's cunt. Yes I was his BITCH. My lover's cock started entering my vagina. When his cock was fully inside, my vaginal walls clamped on the dog's shaft.

Then with a little effort the swelling at the base of his penis entered my vagina and we both were tied sexually. My cunt muscles gripped the swelling (SIZE OF A SMALL ORANGE).

The dog then turned around and faced in opposite direction. Our buttocks touched together and we were tied sexually and I was his BITCH. My cunt was overstretched and painful but was giving great pleasure.

After half an hour my lover started ejaculating copious amounts of virile dog sperm into my vagina. My vaginal walls clamped on the dog's shaft and started to milk the semen from his balls.

We both separated after 45 minutes. I went home with my cunt full of dog sperm. In one week my pregnancy test was positive.

Dog Orgy

Back when I was 18 I had a summer job looking after the hounds that were used for fox hunting. All of them were male dogs and my job was to go into the big barn where they were kept to clean up after them.

I had always loved to play with my bum hole and liked to stretch it from time to time. As I was cleaning I had a crazy thought of imagining what it would be like to have a dog fuck my and to get knotted.

Okay I had a drink or two and was feeling super horny so I made sure the owner who ran the hunt was not around and then slipped out of my jogging bottoms.

Immediately the dogs showed some interest and the lead dog came over to sniff my bum hole. He started licking it and that made crazy for his cock. I persuaded him to mount me but he did not know what to do so I reached back and pulled his foreskin back.

Straight away he started to fuck me and I let him, it was great. When he stopped I realised he was knotted and I could not get him out. I got really scared but took one deep breath and pulled him out. I screamed in pain as he split my hole and stretched it like it had never before.

Big puddle of cum came out and all I can remember was his cock was hanging dripping cum. I wanted to taste it so I put it in my mouth and started to suck his cum. It tasted sweet. I smoked a cigarette and then got this real urge to do it again.

All the other dogs were in frenzy so I bent over once again and another mounted me and fucked me. I was an absolute crazed whore and shouted FUCK ME over and over again. I had never been so horny. By the time I had finished 2 hours later all 10 dogs had fucked and knotted me.

My bum hole was massive it could have taken 2 fists. I was sore for weeks and leaked cum for days but to this day I have never been so fucked. Loved it and never regretted service 10 dogs like the whore I am.

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