Incest From Childhood To Adulthood

by Poslednji

I was the youngest child of 5 children, and only child of one man that according to church record or Church birth certificate it states that my father accepted me as his child. Meaning that my mother conceived me by another man.

We were extremely poor. My mother worked hard to take care of 5 children, while my "father" becomes ill and died in 1951 while I was very young. Oldest stepsister was from mom's first husband but marriage lasted as long as her pregnancy. Mother married again and was legally wedded to second husband. With him she did have 3 children, two daughters and youngest son. Then that man mom married also passed away very young. So there comes man that I called father and I come to the world.

My other half sisters would not be mentioned as they have no role to play in this story. The story is centered about my youngest stepsister Sonia was 2 years older than me. Her brother was 2 years younger than her and youngest of them with one father.

As long as I remember we lived in different villages, places as my mother would find work. 5 of children were sleeping by two in a single bed and even at times we would all sleep except the two older sisters in same bed.

I do have a long memory and I could recall events that took place as 18 years old.

Not long after my father passed away, as a child I remember having problem with foreskin on my little penis which I could not pull over the head and at times it become swollen and painful. I remember rolling in pains. Mom being at work and older kids at school or whenever I was left with Sonia youngest stepsister.

She tried to help relieve my pain by taking my little penis out and gently attempting to apply some oils and slowly pulling the foreskin over the penis head. Finally she succeeded. Under the skin was a white cheesy like substance and she said she is going to wipe it with her tongue and mouth. I could not understand that and why but I let her, remember she was eager and letting some sounds as she liked the swollen little penis.

From than on Sonia would make sure by checking my little pecker when no one was home and repeating the process by putting it in her mouth and rubbing the head of the penis with her tongue. Each time she would do that it become longer in duration and intensity. I would just lay without words letting her do that as I started feeling good and must say enjoying it.

Not long after my little penis started becoming hard, and each time she would perform on me it was a little bigger and harder.

I started desiring her coming and playing with my penis. That lasted for a year when I could feel a full erection. My penis was not so small any more. I could feel while Sonia has the erected penis in her mouth a strange blood rush and pulsating fillings my penis. As it was more harder she would be more and more enjoying it.

I started seeing thing changing in her body too. Noticed little nipples sticking up her breasts. Once in excitement she took one breast out of her blouse and showed it to me. She even started massaging her breast on my hardened penis. It felt heavenly.

One day she asked me would I like to see something? Of course I said. She lifted up her skirt and she showed me her little pussy. I was very surprised and she asked me would I like to touch it. At first I was little hesitant, embarrassed but I did and I noticed for the first time that there is a connection between my penis and touching her pussy.

One day we were visited by our first cousin a girl same age as Sonia. We are home alone. After a while they both started playing with me. I noticed that both of them do not have pants on which excited me. They noticed this and intentionally would sit or bend so I could see their pussies. The pubic hair on Sonia's pussy was black and more prominent while Mary's (cousin) hair was more red.

Sonia stood up and walked to the bed and took one blanket and laid it on the floor. She lifted up her skirt and for the first time I could see her pussy and anus in all its glory. Mary was more shy she hesitated a bit longer. Sonia laid on her back and folded her legs and asked to come on top of her. I did not know what I supposed to do. She asked me to pull my trouser all the way down.

My penis was erected in full glory. She told me to stick it in her dark hole in between her legs. Slowly she said. I was excited as I took a good look at Mary's face and it was red and her legs were shaking. I entered Sonia's pussy and it felt so good. “What now?” I asked. Sonia said now pull it out slowly but not all the way.

So one two tree. I started fucking. Mary was watching without blinking her eyelashes. She suddenly laid down next to Sonia and lifted up her skirt. My God two pussies in my face at age of 20. Sonia said go to her now. So I did. Mary's pussy was tighter smaller barely visible. She took my penis with one hand she guided me into her vagina.

Because I could not yet reach ejaculation I could go fucking both of them until they were both sweating. Mary took her skirt off and blouse and I could see the most beautiful little breasts with large puffy nipples. Sonia on the other hand by the looks of things was more experienced, asked me after turning her bottom up to put my penis in her ass and fuck her. I hesitated as it seemed gross but after few seconds I slide my penis into her ass. Oh it felt so good. Pumping her for a while Mary said I want it too. She bends and lifted her ass up in the air and her pussy from that angle looked heavenly. I fucked her too in the ass.

Sonia said enough for now mother might come home any minute. We packed up and started playing some game on the floor both girls were still without pants and intentionally flashing their pussies.

To be continued...

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Mar 11, 2019
fucked by family member
by: Anonymous

same thing happened to me. only it was my brother. my brother was four year older than me. he was mentally retarded. every time my brother and I always go for walks together. many times we take our walks in the woods. we go off of the trail and sit down. with my brother being retarded he would have me pull my pants down. I did each time we took our walks in the woods. I always did what he wanted and pulled my pants down. I allowed him to touch my pussy, he played with my pussy as if it was a toy. many of times while playing with my pussy he entered a finger inside my pussy lips. It felt so good and I allowed him to rub my clit with his finger. he then unzipped and pulled his cock out of his pants and said he wanted his cock rubbed and placed my hand on his cock. I rubbed hi cock for a while. then he wanted me to allow him to lift my shirt up and I did. then he wanted to pull up my bra and I allowed him. now that my shirt and bra was pulled up he didn't ask but I allowed him to play with my breast. then he went back to my pussy and I allowed him to finger me. it felt so good. and I didn't care if it was my brother we were having fun with him playing with and fingering my pussy and time when we tok our walk in the woods I removed my pants and I spread my legs apart so he could fuck me good.

Mar 06, 2019
by: Myron

I Love this it's So Beautiful. Older sister's were my, ooops I was their toy thing. Three of my older sister's still let me wash All their clothes, not her husband or kids. She still Loves trading me her Dirty Nylon, Lace, Satin, Micro-fiber Panties. I Always have Brand New Panties to trade her. 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Aug 02, 2018
Mom's WET panties
by: Anonymous

soon after the training starts, Mom will intentionally leave her wet silky panties for her son delight. I ask you what boy would't love to sniff his Mama's wet panties and wrap them around his erect cock and jerk off? Mom will soon show the boy exactly how to enjoy sex with instructions from Mommy....Soon the lad will be lapping his mother's pussy gleefully and before you know it his little cock will be massaging Mom's wet cunt!

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