Dirty Incest Stories That Will Make You Cum Hard

Dirty incest stories that will make you cum hard. Here are quick teasers, Then I realized what I was feeling. My son was getting a hard on… My beautiful, naked sister is kneeling between my legs, holding my cock in her hand… Dad was on his back, mom was on top of him with her pussy over dad’s mouth...

My Uncle And I (Incest Stories)   
On a warm summer afternoon no clouds in the sky as the birds chirp aloud my uncle Glen was working in the garage putting his tools together to work on...Continue reading

Major Cunt Minor Prick (Incest Stories)   
I am a male aged 26 yrs, on one occasion I had the opportunity to fuck an older woman who was mother of one of my friends.Her name was Susanne...Continue reading

Sweetly With Mom (Incest Stories)   
“So,” his mother asked him, “how do you like my new house?” “It’s great,” Derrick said, impressed by the house his mother had just moved into a few...Continue reading

Filling A Gap (Incest Stories)   
My Mum owned and ran a Dance Studio and had a great clientele, even I joined it and learned modern and old time dancing and became moderately good...Continue reading

Daddy's Slut (Incest Stories)   
My dad fucked me when I was 18. Ever since then we fucked now and then whenever my mom wasn't home. Sometimes daddy would get so horny that he would sneak...Continue reading

Oh, Mom (Incest Stories)   
Jerry had stopped by his moms’ house that evening, and they were sitting on the sofa watching TV. In the cop show they were watching a woman had just been...Continue reading

Loving Days (Incest Stories)   
Kenny was boning his mom. He still could hardly believe that he and his mother were doing this – having sex. Yet there he was lying naked on top of...Continue reading

Woman Turned Bitch (Incest Stories)   
I also had the opportunity to fuck my aunt. She is 36yrs old and has no child from her husband. One night I was alone in my house. My aunty came at...Continue reading

Great Sex (Incest Stories)   
This reminds me of my aunt, she in her mid-40s, single and I 28 yo horny young man. She was well built with a pair of modest firm boobs and broad ass cheeks...Continue reading

More First Aid (Incest Stories)   
Getting more deeply intimate with my Mum brought to the surface some of her most secret desires, some I couldn't believe Mum harbored and unrequited...Continue reading

Sweet Mom And Son (Incest Stories)   
It was early morning and the sun was streaming in through the bedroom window, and Jim and his mom were lying naked on the bed together, with him on top...Continue reading

First Aid (Incest Stories)   
My Dad was away on deployment and would be for a long time, my Mum, me and my brother and sister had to get along without him. They were at school, leaving...Continue reading

Doing It With Daddy (Incest Stories)   
Her father was in the music business, and he had studio right there in his house. Kara had grown up watching her father working with all of the equipment...Continue reading

Naked Mom (Incest Stories)   
“Oh!’ Barb said with surprise. Brad looked just as surprised. He had stopped by to see his mom that morning, and had let himself in the backdoor, and...Continue reading

Daddy's Girl (Incest Stories)   
Lori my sister had always been "daddy's girl". A stunning teenager of just 18 she would pout until she got what she wanted. Her "blow job mouth" was ever...Continue reading

The New House (Incest Stories)   
Jim and his mother were looking at what was now officially their new house. He was still living at home while he attended a local college...Continue reading

She Let Me Play With Her Pussy (Incest Stories)   
She caught me rubbing my dick the first time at my evening nap time. She watched me until I dry cummed then she stood me up and stripped me and told me...Continue reading

Lonely Sister (Incest Stories)   
This is a story of how my incest relationship started with my sister. I was 19 at the time and horny all the time as most young guys are. My sister was...Continue reading

Listening To My Mom Getting Fucked (Incest Stories)   
When I was eighteen my mom met Jason. I met him maybe a few times in person. After that, I only heard his name as my mom would make me stay somewhere else...Continue reading

Spending Time With My Niece (Incest Stories)   
Well it all started when my niece Faith came to live with us at my mom’s house. My mom gave her a room and I had my room in the basement where I would...Continue reading

First And Best (Incest Stories)   
I stood there leaning forward, with my hands on the arm of the sofa, as my uncle stood behind me, smoothly sliding his lubricated erection in and out of...Continue reading

Mom Love My Fat Long Meat (Incest Stories)   
Hi everybody I'm Rakesh 18 yrs old live in a big family my mom Meera 34 yrs old widow short slim nice round ass big pair of boobs her face and body look...Continue reading

Making Mom My Woman (Incest Stories)   
I am David, 24yrs old 6'2" height. My mom Rita is 42yrs. Since she was a widow she was deprived of sex for five years. She has big boobs of 40DD size...Continue reading

Love Has No Limits   
Hi readers this is Vijay. One day when my mother was preparing breakfast I went and hugged her from behind. Then we kissed passionately tasting each other's...Continue reading

Tiny With Mom, But Of So Good! (Incest Stories)   
After my parents divorced, it was just mom and me. We had a good mother and son relationship and we had always gotten along. One day my mom was out...Continue reading

Happy Sister At Long Last (Incest Stories)   
Devon looked at his sister and could see that she appeared to be perfectly happy, which he had not been expecting. She had phoned him the day before...Continue reading

Happy Family (Incest Stories)   
“Oh! We’d better hurry … you father’s going to be home,” Barbara breathed as she felt her son’s stiff erection sliding in out of her wet vagina...Continue reading

Rainy Afternoon (Incest Stories)   
It was Saturday afternoon and it was raining and there was not much to do but to be indoors.. My mom and I were both comfortably barefoot and sitting...Continue reading

So Nice With Mom (Incest Stories)   
“Would you bone your mother?” Randy asked. The question was unexpected. It just came out of the blue and Bryan didn’t know what to say...Continue reading

Mom And I On Father's Bed (Incest Stories)   
Way before mom and I fucked for the first time all I thought about was fucking her all evening long on my father's bed while he was at work...Continue reading

Daddy Drugged Me (Incest Stories)   
I just turned 18 I have a nice body 38c breasts big round nipples black hair green eyes thin 110 pounds plump ass. I'm at our pool wearing a two piece...Continue reading

A Helping Hand (Incest Stories)   
It started the night mum came home completely pissed, my sister tried to help her get upstairs to her bedroom and get her into bed. At the foot of the...Continue reading

Mums Legs (Incest Stories)   
I grew up with two sisters and my mum. My sisters were used to catching me cock in hand, usually with a pair of their knickers but I can only remember...Continue reading

Aunt Flow Comes To Visit (Incest Stories)   
I couldn't wait to get home and spread mom's legs so I could lick her sweet pussy. Mom had taught me how to eat her pussy now I can't get enough...Continue reading

Hanna's Lus  
Hi this is my first time writing and I will give it a try. My stories are completely fictional. My name is Hannah and I love cock. From the day I saw...Continue reading

My Older Sister Show's Me Her New Tits (Incest Stories)   
So my Sister she had Breast Cancer and had to have her Breast removed, she decided to go with a big firm perfect set of TITS.... She eventually had...Continue reading

Drugged Aunt (Incest Stories)   
I remember always helping my Auntie and many times she was complaining of her sore back. I did some research and found some Muscle Relaxing Pills that...Pt 1Pt 2

Impregnating Aunty And Finally Making Her My Wife (Incest Stories)   
I am a male aged 28yrs. I once had to visit my aunty. She was a plump woman aged 35 years who was divorced by her husband 3 years back. She was very beautiful...Continue reading

Farm House Visit Sex (Incest Stories)   
Tammy and I were visiting her Aunt Jo and Uncle Tom in Southern Missouri a month ago. The Uncle had gotten down in his back and was way behind in the...Pt 1Pt 2

Auntie Anne (Incest Stories)   
Bag packed, I kissed my mum on the cheek and set off on my adventure. The bus ride took what felt like days when I finally arrived in London it had turned...Continue reading

So Does This Make Me A Woman (Incest Stories)   
So many men share the story of their wives doing them in and forcing them to take hormones or tricking them into taking hormones. For me it was actually...Pt 1Pt 2

Twins Are Alike (Incest Stories)   
I'd just got home from college and about to go up to my room when my mum called out to me and told me to come into the living room, She was sitting on...Part 1Part 2

Caught By My Sister (Incest Stories)   
Most guys with sisters have at some point while growing up fantasized about them. Asked outright they will deny it, swear on a stack of bibles it didn't...Continue reading

After My Motor Cycle Accident (Incest Stories)   
After I had my motor cycle accident, my recovery has been complicated on several levels! When the doctors said they would release me, it was depending...Pt 1Pt 2

Daddy Fucks Me So Hard (Incest Stories)   
This confession is a true one. My name is Natasha, though Daddy calls me Nat. I'm now 23 years old, and I've been having sex with Daddy since I was 18...Continue reading

My Sister Comes Home For A Visit (Incest Stories)   
Mom and I are still going strong as husband and wife the sex just keeps getting better and better mom is the hottest woman always horny...Continue reading

On The Table (Incest Stories)   
I had studied Aromatherapy and obtained a Qualification Certificate to practice and so I set up my studio and had some flyers printed and shoved through...Part 1Part 2

Shared By My Sister (Incest Stories)   
Growing up my sister did more at raising me than anyone. My dad was out of the picture at an early age and my mom was out with her boy or girlfriend of...Continue reading

Family Business (Incest Stories)   
I had been out in town with my mates, doing a bit of Cunt Hunting, as usual we had no luck so I broke away from them and went home. I decided I needed...Part 1Part 2

My Cousin And Me (Incest Stories)   
I have a cousin who i only had ever seen a couple times growing up. I always thought he was cute even though he was my cousin. I could tell he thought...Continue reading

First Incest (Incest Stories)   
I was 19 years old and my sister was 18, I masturbate frequently, I have 7 inch cock. One day I saw my sister talking to a guy who stays near our house...Continue reading

The Awkward Question (Incest Stories)   
I was sitting watching the football on the TV when my daughter came home from a day with her friends, we said hello and she sat by me. I asked her to get...Part 1Part 2

The Great Bengalee Celeb-Family (Incest Stories)   
Ranjitbabu woke up this morning snuggled up next to his married daughter Koel, with his penis still tucked up inside her. Koel likes to sleep with her father inside her...Ch-1Ch-2Ch-3Ch-4Ch-5Ch-6Ch-7Ch-8Ch-9Ch-10Ch-11

Can't Get Enough Of My Step Daughter (Incest Stories)   
I married a beautiful younger lady four years ago with eighteen year old daughter. And everything went well the first couple of years until my wife started...Continue reading

Learning To Swim (Incest Stories)   
My mum was a non swimmer and did not like the idea of taking swimming lessons with a stranger and it was while on a family holiday in Corfu that she asked...Part 1Part 2

Stepdaughters Likes It Too (Incest Stories)   
Stepdaughters Likes It Too. Who knew my second marriage would lead me to a sexual discovery? I certainly didn’t; but now I know stepdaughters love it...Part 1Part 2

Blind Dating (Incest Stories)   
The best thing about blind dating is that you never know who or what is going to show up. I had my own flat after branching out from home and leaving my...Part 1Part 2Part 3

Private Lunches (Incest Stories)   
Hi Everyone, Cricket Here! I really enjoyed sharing my story about how my naughty grandpa started eating my little pussy at night when I turn 18...Continue reading

Healthy Or Unhealthy (Incest Stories)   
Summer was blindingly hot, draining people of energy, pressing and oppressing them day after day, and the nights were as suffocating the same so sleeping...Part 1Part 2

Momma's Boy (Incest Stories)   
I had just turned 18. My Mom was in her late 40s, great figure, big tits, a little saggy, but still firm looking. Nipples meant for sucking. We were close...Continue reading

Television Get Boring (Incest Stories)   
We were watching TV together, just the two of us, her and me sitting on the sofa and enjoying each others company. The movies was not the most entertaining...Continue reading

My Cousin (Incest Stories)   
In my village home I used to share room with my cousin sisters and granny. There were two single beds at opposite sides and good gap in between...Continue reading

Taking 4 Of My Nephews Virginity (Incest Stories)   
I Love wearing Pretty NYLON Nightgowns and matching Pretty NYLON PANTIES when I sleep at night. 4 of my nephews asked to spend the night so I let them...Continue reading

Me And My Sister And Her Girlfriend (Incest Stories)   
Hey every one let me introduce my self as Abraham and i'm 19 years old and never had a real girlfriend and never had sex before and my sister is Anna and...Continue reading

Making Babies With Daddy   
I lost my cherry to a guy next door, Billy Hardman was just an immature little fuck wad who didn't know how to really love a woman, and he always wore...Continue reading

My Daddy (Incest Stories)   
I had just graduated college and decided to stay with my parents for a bit, i walked through the front door. "i'm home! mooom, daaad?" "in here...Continue reading

Keeping The Deposit (Incest Stories)   
It had been a long night, they had finally given away any thoughts of decency and morality and surrendered to basic animal behavior their mutual craving...Continue reading

Son Misbehaving (Incest Stories)   
As I turned 18, I was finding more about the female body and my own. One day I came in from baseball practice, ready for a cool shower and hungry...Continue reading

Waiting Expectantly (Incest Stories)   
Every time he came home on leave she went into sexual overdrive. It was late, very late, she had bathed, powdered ad perfumed herself subtely and dressed...Continue reading

Special Time With Anna (Incest Stories)   
I just moved in my new place after a nasty divorce. She was a real bitch, but, she did bear me a beautiful daughter, she turned 18 two months ago...Day oneDay twoDay three

Daddy I Am Fertile (Incest Breeding Poem)
Daddy I Am Fertile Daddy I am now 18 And I want a baby please Can you please now fuck me While I am on my knees Don't pull out this time...Continue reading

Mom Gives Me My Favorite Treat (Incest Stories)   
Last night mom came home late and woke me up and said baby mommies got your favorite treat she climbed in bed straddled my chest moving her pussy up to...Continue reading

Cartoon Time With Anna (Incest Stories)   
As my 18 year old Anna sat on my lap, we settled down to watching Sat. morn. cartoons. Me, in my robe, Anna in her two piece nightie. She leaned back into...Continue reading

My Perfect Sister (Incest Stories)   
Yo I’m indian and had a arranged marriage I’m happy with my wife. My sister who is one year older than me (we both in our 40s also had a arranged marriage...Continue reading

In Love With Mother For 42 Years....A Tragic Love Story (Incest Stories)   
Some things I'm going to leave out because of stipulations in the Forum. My mother tried to seduce me one night I'm sure but it all started a couple years...Continue reading

In Love With Both Mother And Sister...Mother Hates It (Incest Stories)   
Me and my sister were brought up in a tumour and troubled house hold, lots of violence. I know it sounds weird but we were like an adult couple at a very...Continue reading

In Love With My Cousin (Incest Stories)    
My cousin and I were always close since we were kids, I’m 2 years older than her. When we had family events we just hung out together and not with...Continue reading

Nosey Mother (Incest Stories)   
When I was young like most boys in their early teens I discovered the art of wanking myself off, I used to love getting my five inch cock hard at that...Continue reading

Nightly Fun With Grandpa (Incest Stories)    
As far back in my childhood as I can remember, I had always been looking for an opportunity to rub my pussy and make it tingle. I remember vividly...Continue reading

My Sister (Incest Stories)   
My sister is married to her husband and when my sister came to stay with me on her own... My sister looked pretty I mean perfect tits and body and...Continue reading

Impregnating My Mom And Sister (Incest Stories)   
Right after my eighteenth birthday my then twenty year old sister Courtney separated from her husband and moved back in with my mom and dad and me...Continue reading

Taking Mommy (Incest Stories)   
It was 1987 i remember id been drinking all that day. Now that i think about it. I was home just to change then go. Well everyone else had left for...Continue reading

RA Smith's Panties Fetish Lil Ginger Sister Claire School Uniforms Shoes Dresses Bra's Leggings (Incest Stories)   
Well I started to lust after smelly incest panties after I found my Lil sexy ginger sister Claire's used panties my sister never cleaned her room so all...Continue reading

A Sweet Summer Interlude (Incest Stories)   
Me and my mother Loretta have always been close, then came the morning in july at her friend lisa's house, when i woke up next to her in bed...Continue reading

It All Started With Truth Or Dare (Incest Stories)   
We were only kids when this all started, but I mean aren’t we all really. Two kids always taking baths together, getting dressed together and even sleeping...Part 1Part 2

The Ghost Of My Dad (Incest Stories)   
My father was a farmer and his sudden death triggered many things in my life. I was his only son so the responsibility to look after the farm and the house...Continue reading

Accidental Cum (Incest Stories)   
I was 19 I used to wank my cock just about every day, sometimes my mother would wear a short skirt I would try and look at mum when she bent over...Continue reading

You Can't Get Sis Pregnant (Incest Stories)   
My friend was telling me at school that he had sex with his sister I asked if I could as well and he said NO because you cant get your sister pregnant...Continue reading

I Stuck My Dick In My Cousins Big Black Ass (Incest Stories)
I always dreamed of shoving my 10 inch penis in my cousins big jiggly round dark skin booty. She always wore tights and jeans that made me go crazy...Continue reading

Saint Cum Slut Mom (Incest Stories)
As I left my teens I left my studies too and started working. Those were very hard times as My dad left me and mom without a warning and financially weak...Continue reading

Horny Nephew (Incest Stories)   
I am now 25 but story started when I was becoming an adult (18). I had three siblings, who were all younger to me. Next to me was a sister younger to me...Continue reading

Laundry Day With My Daughter (Incest Stories)   
This is a true story it happened on a Friday morning my 24 year old daughter was living with me after a bad breakup with a jerk BF, on Friday morning she...Continue reading

Hugging Mom (Incest Stories)   
This story is about me and my mom but it is more about a romance then about sex. I was her only son so I received her extra attention always. Our relation...Continue reading

A Fortunate Mistake (Incest Stories)   
My sister Diane has always been beautiful. In fact there are many words that describe her somewhat, but none are enough to describe whatever it is about...Continue reading

The Best Rape (Incest Stories)   
I was 18 years old back then and I don’t know why but always had sex on my mind. I was thinking of being fucked in the pussy and the ass, my finger going...Continue reading

I Told Mom "No" (Incest Stories)
Mother relentlessly used every trick in the book to try and seduce me. She insisted on giving me bubble baths. Soaping my peter up good and hard. I scolded...Continue reading

The Drugs Made Me Do It (Incest Stories)
I never would have submitted to this looking back. The drugs made me do it I told myself later as mom sucked my cock, getting it hard again like so many...Continue reading

Mom Is Huge (Incest Stories)   
I was sexual at birth, my first memories are sexual. I looked at my first female teachers and wondered what it looked like between her legs. I constantly...Continue reading

Sister's Visit (Incest Stories)   
I was in my senior year in college and had talked my 18 year old sister to come visit me. She came down on a Friday. I had told my frat brothers my hot...Continue reading

My New Favorite Turn On (Incest Stories)   
All people on earth know exactly how great it feels to just do what you want to make it better, when you get horny. Most won't admit it but we all love...Continue reading

A Day With My Mom (Incest Stories)   
I was 19 years old and was just getting ready to move out of my parents house. I lived alone with my mom for a lot of my life due to my dad having to work...Continue reading

Learning Sex From Daddy (Incest Stories)   
I was 18, I believed I was home alone. My mother was at work and my father has ran to get dinner for that night. As I was getting out ready to go wank...Continue reading

Mom's Pussy, Her Pantyhose 'N' Pumps, My Penis (Incest Stories)   
Mom was a scheming women always wanting more. More cock, more tongue, longer vibrators. She was a bit of a oversexed bitch who never took no for an answer...Continue reading

Fucking My Grandma's New Tits (Incest Stories)   
Since this website prefers stories to be about 18 and older, I will say this happened when I was “18.” My grandmother was blessed with extremely large...Continue reading

My Baby Sister And I The First Time: Part 1 (Incest Stories)   
It was the summer of "98 there was a bunch of us drinking a couple half gallons of 100 proof vodka and a couple half gallons of crown Royal. We were sitting...Continue reading

Incest Magazine (Incest Stories)   
Sam and I grew very close friends. During high school we began talking about our lust for each other’s mother. My mom is very attractive, thin with an...Continue reading

Helping My Son Urinate (Incest Stories)   
Marcus was a senior in high school. He was an excellent soccer player and his team was playing in a large tournament. The tournament was about six hours...Continue reading

Moms The Best (Incest Stories)   
Not much on writing but will do my best. At a very ripe age I got my first erection. Didn't know what was happening I ran to mom. She explained what...Continue reading

Father And Daughter (Incest Stories)   
It was my 18th birthday. I ran down the stairs in the morning with nothing but a flimsy top and pants on. My father was sitting down eating breakfast...Continue reading

Intent On Incest (Incest Stories)   
Our family are camping and you and I have to share a tent. Mom and dad send us to bed as they stay up and talk next to the fire. As we lay there we can...Continue reading 

Mother (Incest Stories)   
When I was only 18 i peeped thru a closet peep hole at my mom bathing, she was in the kitchen bathing by the fire. MY GOSH what a beautiful pussy...Continue reading 

My Blood Brother And I (Incest Stories)   
It was when I was about... 18 I think. I was coming home from school and started heading to my room to do homework. I saw my brother's door open so I wanted...Continue reading

Faithful Husband (Incest Stories)   
When he talked to her about his wish to have sex with her mother she said, "I will let you fuck my mother in front of my father, he will love it...Part 1Part 2

My First Time (Incest)   
I didn't start jerking off until I was 11 years old when me and a friend was standing next to each other pissing in the woods and he told me he knew how...Continue reading 

I Can't Sleep Brother (Incest Stories)   
Can’t Sleep I could not sleep. It was 2 AM, and i was wide awake. Nate, my brother, was asleep next to me. At least, I think he was asleep. I could...Continue reading 

Bet With My Sister (Incest Stories)   
We lived in a one room kitchen small house. I was in college. My sister had just finished college. I happened to frequent parks and beaches and watch couples...Continue reading  

Momma Is Always Horny (Incest Stories)   
When I was young my mom would make me go to her bed and she always made me get naked and get into bed. She would wait until she thought I was asleep...Continue reading

Disobeying Mom (Incest Stories)
Mom consistently admonished me for dressing up in her attire and makeup as a child. I guess I started as a teen although I remember jerking off before...Continue reading 

Cousin Fun (Incest Stories)   
A long story short, I was single at the time and had been for a few years by choice. I male was about 39 & my cousin female was about 18. She is a bit...Continue reading     

My Daughters First Drink Of Cum (Incest Stories)   
Kris and I were home alone while Connie shopped. I had been thinking how great to have a daughter who sucked cock willingly, and then it happened, I already...Continue reading   

Ass Fucked And Eating Gay Sister (Incest Stories)   
My sister dated some guys in her teens and early twenties. Then she discovered she preferred women. She lived with a partner for about six years, she has...Continue reading

Eat My Pussy I'll Fuck Your Ass (Incest Stories)   
I went to my sister's house knowing her roommate (Lesbian lover) was working nights. After a while I told her the reason I was there was because she always...Continue reading    

Incest With Love (Incest-Stories)   
At 19 I watched a lot of porn, what a wonderful way to learn about sex. I was watching porn as usual after school and had my hard cock in my hand as thought...Continue reading

Learning Sex From Older Sister (Incest Stories)   
My sister is 5 years older than me I'm 49 now she's 54 and even though we're not close as we once had been we still talk from time to time and visit with...Continue reading  

My Obsession With My Mother's Body! (Incest-Stories)   
Since I was around 12 or 13, I can remember being attracted to the female body. But, none like my own Mother..... (she had 36dd tits, and a thick waist...Continue reading

Mommy's Older And Not Wiser (Incest Stories)   
Mommy as she likes to be called, is slightly senile and has dementia too. I'm 50 now and Mommy is reliving her childhood as am I. Mommy likes her "Daddy"...Continue reading     

I Remember Mama....And Daddy   
Mom was very loving ever since I can remember. she cuddled with me always. As a child I always loved Mama's treats. She offered them often. I coveted her...Continue reading         

I Want To Fuck You. Might Not Mean What You Think (Incest Stories)   
I want to fuck you! I was visiting at her house and drinking with my sister when she looked at me and made this statement. I said did I hear you right...Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day  
My fiancé was suppose to be going to a cruise with his mom for mother’s day weekend so I decided I’d go and see my mom. I took a plane to Philadelphia...Continue reading  

My Horny Mom (Incest Stories)  
It was a Thursday night I had to have my shower I took a towel in and started as I finished rinsing off I started jerking my 8 inch dick and pretended...Continue reading

Almost Incest    
My name is Joe I am in my early 60's I am currently married for the third time and have had six children two girl and four boys. The wife name is Mary...Continue reading  

Discovered In The Act (Incest Stories)  
Ever since getting my first taste of Cock Sucking with Bob my Father-In-Law on the receiving end my outlook on Life improved. It seems that both of us...Continue reading  

Incest At Last (Incest-Stories)  
My wife Mary and myself Joe had to leave our home due to a hurricane that was going to strike so we went to Texas and stayed at her uncle place. We left...Continue reading  

Loving Your Brother And Sister-In-Law (Incest Stories)  
After getting such a great blow job from my wife’s uncle Huey I finally got to talk to his brother and sister-in-law without my wife being around. While...Continue reading   

Making Out With Mom (Incest-Stories)
I opened my eyes, feigning surprise. “Mom! Oh, jeez, I'm sorry!” I took off my headphones, but kept one hand on my prick. “That’s OK, Sweetie.” She looked down at my erect cock, and licked her lips. “What you’re doing is natural and healthy for a man your age. I brought you something that will make it more... enjoyable.” She held up…

Mother And I (Incest Stories)
“I think you’re wet Mom”, I said as I felt her moisture against my nose. “Yes I am. This is what I was telling you the other day. Women get wet when they are horny.” “Are you horny Mom?” I asked in anticipation. “Yes, I am…

Janice’s Violation (Incest Stories)
Janice was unable to stop Jeremy’s penis from slowly stretching and filling her. It was big, too big for her, but she accepted the pain. The hurting got easier as his cockhead pushed past each ring of muscle. Tears of embarrassment and humiliation began to…

My Lonely Mom (Incest)
“You are about to become a mother-fucker,” my conscience warned. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” The warning made me pause for a moment, then I answered, “Damn right I do,” and speared my mother’s pussy in one smooth thrust…

Hot Momma (Incest Stories)
I pressed her down again and started a wet, slippery assault on her sopping cunt. I sucked each of her cunt lips into my mouth and nibbled on them one at a time. Her hips continue to bounce back and forth under me and I started to drive my tongue deep into her pussy as far as I could go…

Joys Of Incest (Incest Stories)
“Oh, God, this feels good,” the girl heard her mother whimper as the woman arched her back to meet her brother’s thick, hot, penetrating shaft. “You’re the best, sis,” her uncle replied in his deep, mellow voice, his ass pumping constantly up and down like a machine…

Date With Mom (Incest-Stories)
My cunt was full, fuller than it had ever been before and it felt wonderful. I moved with him as Matt began to fuck me with a slow, steady rhythm. I was being fucked by my own son! My own son’s cock was pumping in and out of my cunt, my little boy’s prick was stretching me…

Horny Like Mom (Incest Stories)
Spreading her long tanned legs wide, Dave positioned his prick at the entrance of his sister’s gaping cunt-hole and pushed inside. Surprisingly, his huge, bloated cock-shaft slid in easily, and within seconds Dave was plunging rapidly in and out of Pam’s hot, juicy young quim…(Link Removed)

Loving Mom And Sis (Incest Stories)
“Uhhhhhh, yeahhh! Fuck those fingers right up there, baby,” Mom growled. “Fuck momma’s hot cunt!” Her cunt was hot alright, and wet... very fucking wet! The stuff was dripping out all over my hand. Every few moments, she’d stop and arch herself straight up, then down again…

Dildo Mom (Incest Stories)
“Danny! I never knew you had such a big prick, baby!” gasped Mom, reaching for my throbbing manhood. “It’s gorgeous!” “Tell me how much you want it, Mom.” I grinned lewdly. “Beg for it!” “Ohhhhh, God! Pleeeease fuck me, Danny! Cram mommy’s pussy full of that big…(Link Removed)

Eager Horny Cousin (Incest)
“That...that’s nice!” Susie cooed, blasting juices all over his meaty prick head. “Oh that’s going to make me come really good! Move it around some more, yes that’s--aaahhh! What—what’re you doing? Oh Mark, don’t!” As if of its own accord, Mark’s cock eased deeper…

Home With Mom (Incest Stories)
My cock got even harder and stood up, and out, even more. They were watching my cock as they played with my Moms body, and laughed again as my cock twitched. They stepped away from Mom, one stepped behind her, and shoved her towards me. We were both tied…

Dear Loving Mother (Incest)

Family Stud (Incest Stories)
“Come on, Steve. Oh, yes. Oh, come on honey. That’s good. Lick me. Oh, lick Mommy. Oh, lick my clitty. Yes, that’s it, Son. Oh do it. Do me. Do your Mom!” And I did, I went to town on that sexy cunt and soon she was shouting as she came, “OH, YES. I’M CUMMING…

All My Sisters (Incest)
Her cunt was still wet and I moved my cock through the wide spread lips to moisten it. I pressed inside and found her opening. She squeezed her eyes shut. I pushed in and met her hymen. She took a deep breath and pushed at me. I pushed back and broke through. She squeaked…

Loving Son (Incest Stories)
I moved forward, got on the bed between her legs, and put my cock against her cunt. With a thrust of my hips, I was inside my own Mother, I was fucking her! I knew fucking was supposed to feel fantastic, but I had never imagined anything so great. We hadn’t worried about rubbers...

Daddy’s Little Girl (Incest)
“You made me wet, Daddy,” I smiled, looking back at him over my shoulder. “My pussy is hot and wet for you! Are you gonna fuck me now, Daddy?” “Ooohhh, sweetheart, yesssss!” he hissed, ripping off my bikini bottoms with a wild flourish. I was in the perfect position…

Family Fantasies (Incest Stories)
“Unnngghhh! God, that feels good!” groaned Aunt Linda as I moved my ass around, grinding my cock into her hot, slippery cunt. “Your mother doesn’t know what she’s missing out on!” “Maybe you can persuade her,” I suggested. “Unnnnhh! Jesus! Maybe…

Edna And The Son (Incest)
“Awwwwwww, Mom, yeah,” Archie groaned. His mother’s cunt was fantastically tight, as tight as Tori’s little teenaged cunt. But then it hadn’t been used much. It was also steamy hot and slippery with cream, the ideal place to sheath his stiffened cock…

Me And Sis (Incest Stories)
I quickly moved up, and using my hand, placed my cock at her hole. I slipped just the head into her. Her hole was so wet, that I went in easily. I leaned down and kissed her. My mouth was wet from her cunt, but she seemed to like that, as she opened her mouth and kissed me wetly…

Sister’s Surprise (Incest)
My mind screamed at me. It was screaming some nonsense about how wrong this was, to be kissing my own sister with a passion I haven’t even shared with an intimate lover. I refused to listen. My mind, heart, and soul, belonged to Jessica now, and my body was hers to do with as she pleased. I was pushed backwards…

My Virgin Sister (Incest Stories)
Now, I’m really in heaven! My beautiful, naked sister is kneeling between my legs, holding my cock in her hand. All I have to do is give her instructions and she’ll do whatever I ask. I really want her to just wrap her mouth around it and suck me off but I decide to take it slowly, letting her get used to it. “Just play with it,” I instruct her…

Family Vacation (Incest)
Dad was on his back, mom was on top of him with her pussy over dad’s mouth and she had his dick in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down slowly as she sucked him. Dad had his mouth glued to her pussy really working it. Mom was moaning deep in her throat as she worked dad’s dick. I was pressed up against…

Sitting On My Son’s Lap (Incest Stories)
Then I realized what I was feeling. My son was getting a hard on. I really didn’t think about giving him a hard on by sitting on his lap. I could feel it still growing. “My God,” I thought to myself. “How big is it going to get?” I wondered what he was thinking. Does he think I can’t feel it between the crack of my ass? I looked down…

Eileen (Incest Stories)
“I’m going to eat your pussy just like the guy in the movies,” I said as calmly as I could.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Eileen said but she lifted her ass as I pulled her pants down. I left her underwear in place for the time being. Eileen was right. It did look like she had pissed her pants. I reached down and placed my hand over her wet pussy…

“Ohhh...Mommy,” I Groaned (Incest Stories)
“I don’t know how I ever got out of there...or Patty did...when I was born...you’re so tight,” he said as he felt his mom’s birth channel clench even tighter on his engorged cock. “You’re so big baby,” she teased and then licked wetly in his ear. “Ohhh mommy,” he groaned as his whole body ached in need…

Daughter And Dad (Incest)
His finger had excited her clit until it was as hard as his cock. Keeping pressure on her clit as his finger moved down her gash, Jim lubricated her outer lips with the copious amounts of juice her cunt had excreted. Sliding up and down her slit, he made sure that every part of her cunt was as wet as the tip of his cock that leaked his pre-cum…(Link Removed)

My Sister Eva Started It All (Incest Stories)
“Oh fuckkkkk that’s so good! Oh PLEASE don’t leave yet! Please fuck me with your wonderful cock, PLEASE!” All the while she begged me her pussy was pumping on and off of me, slowly working more of me in until she sat there with about seven inches stuffed inside of her. “Please, let me fuck you and after I climax I’ll…

Catching Emily (Incest)
She reached into her purse which I hadn’t noticed before, and pulled out a large purple bullet shaped vibrator. She turned it on with one hand while spreading her shaved pussy lips with the other. I could see her clit which was already aroused in anticipation of what was coming. As soon as the vibrator touches Emily’s clit she threw her head back…(Link Removed)

Daddy Shoots Deep (Incest Stories)
“Ahhhgghh YES Daddy! Go deep! Fuck your little daughter with that fat cucumber daddy dick!” Daddy thrust his cock deep, filling my little pussy hole up all the way, taking all of my virginity this time. “Your pussy is so hot and tight, Babygirl.” Daddy grunted as he thrust his cock. “I love fucking my daughter’s hole. I love you...

Mother’s Milk (Incest)
As Jason looked closer, he could see the nipple was taught, almost straining, with a small drop of white milk dangling from the end. Jason wanted to touch it, he wanted to suck it, but he couldn’t move. After what seemed like a lifetime, his mother brought her eyes up to meet his. As she looked deep into his eyes, she reached up and guided…

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