Lockdown With Zero: Pt 2

by Maria (Brazil)

In the evening I confined myself in my bedroom and started to check online and found lots of information about dog sex among others. I soon learned that many Brazilian women are into it and they have an online club. I soon joined them.

Then one night in the following week, as I began to rub around my hot pussy with a vibrating Jap egg in, took my clit between my fingers and slowly massaged it, and looking up at the mirror to watch my plump pussy lips as I took another vibrator and began to work on my clit. But I needed something else in me. That was when I went to the door and opened it as I called Zero into my bedroom. I wanted that big doggie cock in my hungry pussy! NOW!!

I patted the bed and he jumped onto it as I stroked his cock as it was coming out of his sheath with drips of precum. I gave it a couple of soft squeezes that led to expose about a half of his cock out. I quickly got onto my hands and knees for him to mount me. He knew exactly what I wanted and he was too happy to give me that lovely doggie cock as he mounted me. I was ready for him this time as I had put a pair of thick socks on his front paws so that he would not scratch me again.

I eased my pussy open by spreading my ass cheeks by my hand in order to help him inserting his throbbing cock into my cunt. Then laying my head on pillow, I took other hand and began to rub my pussy, taking my clit between my middle fingers as I felt that hot cock entering into me. Now his huge cock was fucking me so good that I relaxed as one of my hands kept on holding one of his hind legs close to my ass cheeks.

That was all he needed to plunge his huge knot deep into my wet pussy as he sort of growled. He started to fuck me at quick pace and I could feel his knot slipped passed the entrance of my cunt. This time he was sort of rough with me, slamming his massive cock to me as his knot worked even deeper in my well stretched pussy. I was feeling the heat from that cock as he plunged it so hard and so fast to me, fucking me longer and harder today than he did last time.

I was trying to push back to his cock as he fucked me, but with him ramming me full of that cock I had little time to move as he fucked my horny pussy so hard. I was loving the feeling of his huge cock expanding in me as I began to cum, shooting my pees in spurts as my body trembling with ramming hard his cock so deep into me, making me cum over and over as he rammed that almost a tennis-ball size knot to my throbbing, fat pussy again and again.

I could feel that his cock started to swell inside my throbbing pussy as he began to fill me with his hot thick rod. His huge knot was so far in me locked inside my hungry pussy as I tried hard to clench the entrance muscles of my cunt hard around base of his cock. I had never dreamed of anything so big in my life as his knot as it had my fat cunt spread around it as he continued to hammer my horny cunt.

Suddenly he stopped for a couple of minutes and started ejecting his hot cum in great speed – hitting hard, almost burning the neck of my womb. WOW! What a mind-shattering feeling!! His hot cum was feeling so good in me as he pumped gushes of his hot load deep into me. I must say that the spurts of cum are much hotter but lighter than humans and more copious.

He finished cumming and his huge knot still inside my aching pussy. But I held him tight holding one of his hind legs till his cock started to go softer. Then I saw his huge knot as it popped out from me, seeing just how big it was. Its size just amazed me and kept on wondering as to how was it lodged into my cunt, and the size his red doggie cock was at least 10 inches long! I was surprised that I had taken such a monster in my pussy.

But I had loved every inch of it. He had fucked me so long and so hard that left my whole body ravished and spent. I had just been fucked harder and better than earlier times, even if it made my fat thick pussy sore, I loved it!

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Jul 05, 2020
My first NEW
by: Anonymous

I am now in early 40s and love my dog. My first took place at the age of 30 when my husband left me for another woman. My dog was my sole companion and I used to allow him to lick my pussy to orgasm. I too masturbated him and amazed to see the flow of his hot cum coming. Then I decided, I would do it... I felt my knees tremble as I decided if I would call him or not.

My heart was pounding! I had my back turned to him and when he sprang near me I was pushed forward - face down and ass up. And his cold moist nose touching my asshole, I shivered in excitement.

I closed my eyes and I slapped my ass cheek and whispered, "mount, boy!"... and then lifted my ass into the air and spread my legs to give him full access to my wet and throbbing pussy.

I heard him whimper and then felt his weight on my back and then his paws grab my waist. My eyes opened wide in a flash and I gripped one of his legs on my upper thighs to draw him closer.

I adjusted my ass cheeks under his thrusting hips until I felt his furry sheath brush against my pussy slit. Now his cock was half way into my wet pussy.

He pushed his cock more and started pounding me at a mind-blowing speed and within a few minutes jabbed hard deep into my pussy. His knot was lodged into me...Soon he picked up his speed of fucking me.

My pussy started to spasm around his stiff cock and then I exploded hard with body wrecking orgasms. Soon he too let out a long whine and released his jets of load - I could feel my pussy filling with his warm cum to the point that it was oozing down my thighs.

His knot seemed to swell. We stayed there for about 5 minutes before he pulled out of me leaving my cunt what seemed to me as gaping open!!

That was the beginning of my new life and I never looked back!

Jul 04, 2020
For lover baby
by: Anonymous

Dog cum is much lighter and hooter than human's. It is also large in quantity when dumped in. Try!!

Jul 03, 2020
Lover baby
by: Anonymous

Wish I hear more from you. Sexy story. Get question too. Is zero cum same like human cum or different.

Jun 30, 2020
zero 2
by: tiger_t

Love getting that knot in my ass and being hung on it for 20 or 30 minutes.

Jun 28, 2020
by: Anonymous

I can simply say OMG as I read through the story - thinking about my dog now in a different way!!

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