Maria's First

by Juan Alberto (Santiago, Chile)

Maria is a blonde woman who works on seagoing ships, even if her profession was not a waitress, she signed-on with that position because the money was good, she grown up on a family farm near a small town about 65 miles from Warsaw, she lives far from the sea and has no idea about the large ships, but a close friend got her an application form to apply for a job overseas.

Her first duty was on a container ship going from European ports to south African ports, first few weeks passed rather quickly because she found the job was exciting, she has never meet so many people from so many countries, as the first month went by, she start to slow down her mixed emotions about her new job and all the days seem to be the same, after all it was a routine day after day.

Her job got her busy and there was no much time for herself during the day, but the night alone into her cabin she thought about the rest of the crew members. Most of them were Italians, others were from Croatia and there were some from Madagascar, among them there were other two waitresses from Madagascar, everybody was polite and friendly and by this time she feels as one more of the crew and stop missing her home town.

At 22 as a Christian girl she was still virgin, but between her legs there was a hungry pussy that require attention so almost every night while sailing she listen the sound of the ship motor, and start to think about the male crew members, the captain, a man of mid age tanned skin and athletic body, he could be her father with his about 45 years old, he was a handsome man, but he was on board with his wife so nothing to dream of, but she got already someone on sight, she use to think about Gerald, he is young Malagasy, his dark skin makes her smile and at night she felt trembling with powerful orgasms.

The ship arrived at Capetown and there Gerald ask her to go ashore together and have some good time, she didn't want to seem so easy so she refuse to go with him pretending she has some job to be done, but she said at the next port it could be possible, the following two nights her fingers keep busy with her pussy that was overflooded with juices that make a big spot on her bed, just thinking of Gerald.

Arriving at Durban, Gerald didn´t lose time and ask her to go out, this time she said said "yes". As soon as the ship was alongside and all the formalities were done, they wait for the evening when their duties finished, so they went for a taxi to take them downtown, there were many places where they went to dance and have some drinks.

Gerald was very polite a funny and they had a great time together, but they have to go back because their job starts early on that same morning, arriving on board and near her cabin Gerald took her hand and thanked her for the great time together, he just keeps her hand for a while and stare directly into her light blue eyes, she couldn't maintain her eyes on Gerald's, but her crotch got the point.

They left South Africa and head toward Australia, the spring keep the sea smooth and the sailing was pleasant, during that time everybody is on different duties that keep the ship sailing on safe so there was no much time to go around, but a couple of times every day she saw Gerald going around while working, they smile each other and go on doing their own business, like each weekend all crew members meet aft to share a roast beef on the grill and there she meets Gerald and have a little talk, when they finish eating he ask her to go to his cabin to listen some music, she quickly agrees and both left.

Once there he starts his stereo and some melodies flooded the air, he sat on the couch next to her and touching her blonde hair told her how beautiful she was a that he was interested on having a relationship with her, next he approaches her face looking into her eyes, sweetly he touches her shoulder and brought closer her head approaching his lips to her lips.

It was an old-fashioned kiss, their lips were feeling and living a wonderful time ... amazing, they were over the seas near to nowhere waters, lost in a wave that was rapidly increasing ... passion was getting high ... his hand moved and his arms hugged her and brought her closer ... now he could feel her 38D breast beneath her blouse.

Maria was a beautiful woman, that he couldn't notice while she wears her working dresses, now he'll be surprised with the cute woman that he was undressing, her skin was pink white and smooth ... his hands were all over her body ... Maria was lost in lust ... almost unconscious ... all her senses were far away ... she was enjoying the moment and her horniness was the only thing she care for, her dreams were becoming true and all she wants was to touch the beautiful cock of Gerald.

She could feel it over his pant, there was a huge bulge there, she feel Gerald picking her up in his arms and carrying her to bed ... all the time kissing her lips, her neck, her eyes, her hair ... Maria didn't notice how her clothes were taken from her, but now she was on her back naked and her lover still kissing her all over, she sat on the bed and saw Gerald undressing, he was turned so she was looking at his back ...

She notices his firm and manly buttocks ... his skin was a dark black ... he smiling turned to her ... suddenly Maria was looking at his crotch where a thick dick was hanging ... she thought "I'll never be able to fit that enormous thing into my little pussy" ... Gerald understood quickly what was feeling Maria as he saw a panic look on her face ... he said to her not to worry and told her just to lay on her back ...

Then he sat on the bed between her legs and brought his dick closer to her pussy lips and start to run the head of his monster up and down her pussy lips ... from time to time he aim the head to the pussy hole ... Maria was scared but the sensation of the enormous bulb pushing on her pussy entrance makes her moans with pleasure ... easy easy she was feeling more and more aroused ...

Now Gerald was pressing the head directly on her pussy hole ... and Maria start shaking with her first orgasm ... with the trembling and wetness about 3 inches have going in ... some blood also was coming out ... Maria makes little sounds of pain and lust ... her body keep shaking ... she feel her pussy stretched to the limit, but at the same time the feeling was amazing ...

Now Maria looked at her crotch, her legs open, also Gerald's legs were open and between them the thickest black cock she ever seem ... only few inches were inside her ... most of the cock was still outside her twat ... she saw Gerald pushing his cock steadily inside her ... he didn't make any force ... but tenderly he push inch by inch inside her ... Maria keep cumming ... there was a minimal pain avoided for wave after wave of pleasure ...

None of them were aware of the time they'd been making love ... Maria was losing her virginity in a way she will never forget, now unbelievable she feels the move of the ship over the sea waves and somehow, they increase her pleasure, her lust ... looking down her crotch she saw she'd taken half of the dick inside her lovely pussy and the pain was no longer a topic to take into account, her orgasms have been countless ...

Gerald took her hands and pulled her closer to him ... she was now impaled on that shaft ... she sat on the pole and start a movement up and down, she has engulfed the whole thing and feel Gerald taking her hips and humping with force, now she could feel the tip of his cock touching her cervix and some warm squirting inside her womb, now Gerald was cumming ... the manly sounds of her lover took her over the verge of another huge orgasm ... they were cumming together ...

She fell asleep on her man's chest and with her pussy full of cock, the couple was exhausted ... Australia was ten days away, there are going to be many more days of love, for sure these were Maria's dreams.

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