Mature Sex On Giving Her A Lift

by Czodias (Australia)

I met her on a relatively deserted country road. She was walking to her home when I saw her swaying ass cheeks from some distance as I slowed down my car following her for some time.

I was already too horny - this I get when driving alone with random thought about sex. I stopped and asked if she needs a lift as I am going her way.

She was a bit chubby in her mid-40s with ample boobs. She thanked me profusely and as we reached her home, she offered me to have a cup of coffee with her.

She led me to her leaving room swinging her big ass side to side. I was turned on! She again thanked me for the lift by kissing me on the lips.

I reciprocated by my kiss - that lingered a few minutes more pressing her boobs against my chest. Soon we were kissing and feeling each other, she breathing heavily, as we moved to a large sofa.

I took her clothes off slowly. Her tits were huge her nipples were larger than average! Her pussy was unshaved and already wet.

I played with her nipples and they were hard and stuck out a good inch. She was moaning as I fingered her wet pussy.

Her reaction was blunt!! She was open in her reaction saying - she felt so good, and needed a good hard orgasm! I just rammed my hard throbbing cock into her juicy pussy in one go. She almost cried uttering that she was going to cum! Damn that felt good on me!!

She shook all over and came hard. I just grinned and got down and licked her wet pussy. She came again as soon as I sucked on her clit. Her big ass was trembling and her abdomen spasm as I got her to cum several times.

“Oh shit that feels good! I haven’t felt this good in years! You’re a good cunt lapper! Now fuck me I need some hot cum in me!”

I grinned and slowly pushed my hard cock in her big wet pussy again. I gently twisted her big nipples as I pumped her as slowly as I could.

I hadn’t had any fucking in a few weeks and it felt great. I was pumping faster and faster unable to control myself. I came at the same time she did and continued to pump until my cock was soft.

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Nov 24, 2019
Sweet NEW
by: Anonymous

Have always loved larger ladies,yum.

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