Mom Love My Fat Long Meat

by Marc (Canada)

Hi everybody I'm Rakesh 18 yrs old live in a big family my mom Meera 34 yrs old widow short slim nice round ass big pair of boobs her face and body look like a bollywood Amisha Patel. She look 10 yrs younger if I go with her shopping people will think she is my girlfriend, my dad passed away a year ago and she never been with a man.

Our family there is Grandpa, grandma and my aunt who is still single, they are my dad parent and sister we were all still sad specially mom she is always in her bedroom. One night I could hear her crying I was feeling sad so I went to her room get on bed with her I always walk with my boxer which didn't bother anybody.

Well aunty and mom saw me naked few times aunty will always have a comment such as yummy or hmmmm you are and sweet adorable big guy, she also tease me when nobody’s around she will do things so I can see her boobs of pussy. After dad died mom didn't care if I’m taking a shower I never lock the door she will come in sat on the toilet to piss while I shower.

One day I was masturbating she came in sat to pee I didn’t stop, when she was done pissing she kept sitting watching me then finger her pussy until she cum while watching me cum, once done she would leave so I decided I’m going to fuck her.

Every time I feel horny I will go hug her rub my cock against her ass or pussy, she can feel it I whisper in her ears, mom lets go out tomorrow night only me and you now I have my hand under her dress squeezing her ass cheek then she will push me and walk away saying she will think about it.

Next day she ask grandparent if she can go out with me they say yes mom was happy so I took her shopping , at the store I show her a mini skirt with a match blouse she look at it say no what will grandparent say I told her she can change in the car, she say you want other guys to see my body I reply mom they will just look but to touch only I have the right then she ask maybe if we go to a private place where there is nobody she will wear it only for me. I told her my friend has a farm house I can get the key nobody there she say ok.

In the evening she came down with her saree we say our good bye then left, while driving I put my hand on her thigh she look at me with a big smile. I lifted her saree up slowly till I can see her panty she was looking outside the window I park my car in a quiet place, I turn to her put her panty by the side fuck her beautiful pussy, she was so wet I inserted a finger she turn to me put her hand behind my head pull me to kiss her lips putting her tongue inside me, I did the same.

My finger was going in and out easily from her extreme wetness she stop kissing she unzip my pant take my dick out looking at it she say hmmmm yummy its very big and long, I ask where she want it she point at her pussy stroke it, she bend and take it in her mouth, fucking her mouth was so good I wonder how it would feel to fuck her neglected pussy.

Well I got my answer when she stop sucking, she got out of the car she went at the back seat lift up her saree, legs spread waiting for me I jump out of the car went to her side position with my dick, I push with a little resistance, it went in, fuck it feels so good I fuck her in and out hard, her pussy was so wet making sloppy sound and she was moaning loudly.

I was so turn on I fuck her like that for 15 mins then I sat, she get on top ride me for at least 10 more mins till we cum. She has a newly married glow on her face with big smile, we were on the road again, about 30 mins before reaching our destination, I ask her if I can fuck her ass, she says she never done it before its dirty and painful, I made a sad face then she kiss me and said ok I’m only yours do whatever pleases you.

As soon as we reached home, without wasting time we undress I took her on bed bend her over lick her pussy and asshole then I insert my cock in her pussy while I finger her ass. She was enjoying my cock once she was ready I remove my cock, position it on her asshole spit on it then I push slowly after few try I was in, I stop so she can adjust to my size once she start to move her hip slowly I did the same.

Fuck it was paradise I was in a dirty smelly very tight hole mom stop crying start to scream and moan loudly, it was so good that I didn't want to cum but mom was cumming again and again while begging for more I kept fucking her till she exploded in a big orgasm, I filled her ass with my huge load.

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