Moms Cum

by Mama's Boy

Mom quickly found out about my curiosity for her pretty things. Her drawer began to expand extensively. Soon colorful silky nylon panties replaced cotton ones. Her closet a large walk in, was converted from old fashioned clothes to an extensive collection of expensive of lingerie short dresses and dozens of pairs of very high heel shoes.

It made the boy curious because they were in his exact size as were the high heels. The pantyhose are panties too seemed to fit perfectly now. The mother also had a new completely new collection of updated lingerie. All silk and satin. Her appearance now reflected her new and sexy look.

The transformation of the new mom was a change unexpected but not unwelcome to her son. Now the boy noticed his mom's sexy new look and was caught staring at his sexy mom in her silky lingerie and her towering high heels. His mom noticed her son's staring but only grinned.

She intentionally showed more long legs clad in shimmering pantyhose and accentuated by the six inch high heels. Only the two of them occupied the large home situated in the country far from the public view. The windows were always open because it was miles to the enclosed gate on the road.

With complete privacy, the mother was free to strut around the wooden floors with her high heels clicking and clacking. The boy was being home schooled not requiring his attendance. The mother was increasingly isolated and often with little to occupy her time except her computer. Her son too had few friends or visitors. A skinny kid of 18 he had blonde hair like his mom.

He was only 5'7" and his mother was almost 6 Ft. In high heels the mother was almost 6 Ft 6 inches. Her breasts a year ago were enhanced to a respectable 38 CC cup size. Although her age was over 40 she also had plastic surgery to enhance her incredibly youthful beauty. Her doctor also prescribed conjugated estrogens and Adderal to her to intensively add to her libido and energy.

She added a large amount of her d-amphetamine as well as Cialis to her son's orange juice to provide him with the needed energy and of course a continuous erection. Her computer was earmarked with stories from Lerotica and other sites specifically with erotic themes about incestuous relationships between mother's and son's.

Her computer wasn't password protected intentionally so her son could view her bookmarks and her personal favorites. She also bought many catalogs from Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood. Cosmopolitan magazine was her favorite magazine. Her son's computer was usually hidden from his mom's prying eyes. Although it was password protected, the mother was able to figure out his passcode. It was his birthday.

When her son was out one day for a few hours she quickly opened his computer finding his bookmarks were quite similar in content. "Mother's Loving Son" and "Mommy's Boy" were just two titles he earmarked. Also, she noticed her liked to watch "Boy's Who Dressed Like Gurls".

The lurid stories she read created her silky panties to moisten and her vagina soon was needing attention. She immediately took to her bed and the satin sheets she enjoyed against her silky nylons. Laying down, she reached for her trusty companion, a silicon vibrator. She was reminded of the salacious stories she just read on her son's computer about luscious incestuous sex between consenting relatives. Was her son possibly interested in the forbidden yet panty wetting topic.

Was he stealing her pretty panties and pantyhose to sniff and imagine he was having incestuous sex with her. All she knew at that moment was she was herself sniffing a pink satin pair of panties full of fresh sweet sperm her son had recently deposited in the expensive lingerie. She inhaled deeply savoring the sweet aroma of her son's ejaculating into her conveniently left panties, the panties she left where he was certain to find.

The vibrator on low was starting to excite her. Her panties now drenched, her breathing rapid. She fantasized that her beautiful son was there. His mouth on her hard nipples. His jutting penis against her leg. She hadn't been with anyone in so very long. She was so very needing someone, anyone to love. Her son's car pulled into the driveway. She panicked and dressed in her pantyhose bra and high heels forgetting to put on her silk robe. Applying lip gloss and touching up her makeup she made it to the living room couch and crossed her legs opening a Cosmopolitan magazine.

He came in and immediately asked his mother why she was dressed only in nylons panties and heels. She blushed and simply stated she forgot and anyway it was comfortable and asked her son "Why, don't you like my nylons?"And aren't these high heels pretty?" "Yes, they are very pretty mom." "Why don't you sit next to your mom son."

He reluctantly but curiously complied with his mom's request. "Here, feel my nylons, aren't they silky"? He trembled as his fingers gently caressed his mom's silky legs. "Nice huh" "Y-yes mother" he was nervous and didn't understand why his mom would want him to touch her legs.

"Son, you like to wear your mom's nylons don't you"? Taken aback, he first denied it then admitted to the fetish he long had. "It's quite alright son- she told him while stroking his thigh. All boy's experiment with their mom's silky things and they certainly masturbate too.

"Mom, tell me, why do only women get to wear pretty silky nice things and guys only get to wear plain uncomfortable clothes"? "Well, son some men and boys do". "Why, would you like to start wearing mom's pretty silky panties and my pantyhose"? She reached under the sofa and produced a pair of satin panties high heels and a very expensive pair of pantyhose. "Like 'em?"

His pants bulged as he nodded and quietly said he indeed liked the pretty shoes panties and especially the nylons. "Here, take off your pants and I'll help you slip them on". He hesitated because already wearing a pair of nylons and panties under his pants. His mom only said:"These nylons are nice but I know you'll like these pantyhose much more".

She slipped off the inferior pantyhose and smoothed the expensive nylons all the way up the erect boy's legs."We had best put the panties over the pantyhose to help with your little bulge in the nylons". The hot pink satin panties and matching bra (with falsies) were a perfect fit. "Now the high heels"! The shoes were absolutely adorable. They were platform patent leather peep toe pumps with a height of just over 6 inches. Being platform pumps the actual height of the shoes were just 3 inches. The material of the smooth nylons allowed the luxurious heels to easily slide on. It was like the Prince and the Princess.

"Stand up sweetheart.carefull dear....the mother assisted her son's standing upwards. He quickly took to it like a fish to water. Confidently strutting in front of the mirror he admired the luxurious shimmering pantyhose and admitted they were much nicer than the other pair he was wearing.

"Let mother smooth out your nylons" In reality it was a opportunity to run her hands over the boy's legs thighs and eventually his erect penis covered by the lacey satin panties. Licking her lips she had a sly grin as his penis obviously got ever more erect. Precum was evident on the panties now. The mother had the advantage. Her seduction almost complete, her son's breathing grew ragged and increased in intensity.

"Oh my goodness, try to relax a little. I know you're excited, but let me help she offered. "Sit over here so mommy can apply your makeup" He agreed but only after he asked his mother why. "If you are going to look really pretty, afterwards you will understand". In 15 minutes her son's transition was nearly complete. Adding a wig, she asked her son to now see how pretty and sexy he looked. His reaction was one of surprise and astonishment.

"Mom, I do look very pretty". The mother agreed and reminded him that she was right about the new look he now admired in the mirror. His hands felt his legs and since he had taken the time to carefully shave his legs, there was no unsightly hair to impede his look of smooth silky long legs clad in spandex and nylon. The high heels made his legs appear even longer.

The lights reflected of the shiny pantyhose and the pretty patent leather high heels also glistened. He was slack jawed at his new look. His mother was pleased too. She praised him saying how pretty and how well he walked in the high heels. His panties still affirming his obvious enjoyment his panties were quite wet. His mother knew of his excitement and took the opportunity to adjust his panties and again took the opportunity to again caress and stretch the shiny pantyhose completely up and over his waist.

"Very pretty and so smooth and silky" Her fingers traced over his erect member. He jerked back. "Mom, whatcha' doin'?" "Oh nothing honey-how does that feel"? She was rubbing his erection through his satin panties and also his pantyhose. At the same time she was carefully fingering the crotch of her own panties. Her son's reaction to the pleasurable manipulations wasn't going unnoticed.

"Want mommy to stop"? "Umm no mom- feels nice" the mother continued to address his son's needs and desires. She stood up against him pressing her body against his. The sounds of nylon and satin further excited the boy. Grinding her pelvis into his she felt his manhood against her silky panties and pantyhose. She whispered in his ear. "Son, do you love mommy"? "Oh yes mommy, I love you so"! "Show mommy". Their lips met and so did their tongues.

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Dec 07, 2019
My stepmoms wet clit
by: Anonymous

Since I were young, Ive always wanted my stepmoms pussy. I came close ro telling her how I wanted to shove my tongue in her. I still fantacize about her. She recwntly had her boobs enlarged. Oh how i want to pump her

Nov 03, 2019
Mom knew her son was now hers
by: Mama's boy

I posted your story here, see link below

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