My Dirty Sexy SIL: Pt 2

by Annon (TX, US)

This week my bro will be out on business for a week. My SIL phoned me if I could come to stay with her over the weekend. Our conversation turned erotic. I agreed with condition that she will wear a black lace thong for preceding two days so that I can smell it good. Secondly, I will shave her pussy clean. I reached her home on Saturday afternoon.

She was in silk shirt unbuttoned - I can trace the contour of her bra-less boobs and erect nips. Down there her black thong was showing off erotically. I took her in my arms and rushed to the bedroom - dumped on her back as she opened her thighs for me. I buried my face between her thighs, felt the wet warmth and smelled deep all the charm of her crotch.

I caught the elastic band of the thong by my teeth while smashing her tits hard by my hands. I literally tore the thong down to her knees as she helped her getting out of it. My throbbing hard cock was exploding in desire - desire to drive my tool deep into her wet warm hole Yes, I did it in one go and started piston fuck her. OMG! She was really a fuck slut.

Within ten minutes of ramming her pussy we both came almost simultaneously. We both were breathing hard and sweat flowing. As I was going limp, I took her thong in my hand sniff it for sometime, made a roll and push it into her cunt like a tampon. I wanted to have cum-juice-soaked thong for later use after I shaved her pussy clean.

I took her to the bathroom and asked her to relax and lean back against the wall spreading her thighs raised and opened. First I trimmed her pussy hair with my clipper from lower abdomen to her fat-roundish mound. I warned her not to move or giggle.

I carefully began tugging her pussy hairs, gently pulling it straight so that I could clip them as closely as possible. I felt the wetness seeping from her pussy as the clipper buzz against the hair.

I did the work slowly and carefully each time heightening the sensation with the gentle tug and then the snip of her hair. Couple of times, I lightly ran the metal of the blades along the slit. She couldn't help but moan at the feeling of the cool metal against her now engorged pussy lips. That was good for me to run the clipper well. Job done quite well…

Even though I pushed her rolled thong into her cunt soon after we had sex this afternoon some cum-soaked juices were leaking down her pussy mouth. I pushed the thong a little further in with me finger so that her inner lips were exposed thrusting wide her outer pussy lips out.

I took a hand towel and immersed it in hot water mixed with antiseptic liquid, and then wiped clean her pussy area from anus to clit. I could feel her abdomen began to quiver involuntarily as I continued to wipe her pussy area.

After sometime, my hand felt her shorn pussy area puffy and pouting between her thighs. I whispered to her to get ready for the next part. I shake the foaming can for couple of times and then the hissing noise of white shaving cream being squirted into my palm and applied to all over her pussy - the cool menthol of the shaving cream made her engorged pussy tingle that made her thighs spread as wide as possible. She moaned as my fingers placed the cool cream on her the clit and it suddenly got its life.

I urged her to keep still for the sake of getting the job done better! I took my Gillette out and started to shave her pussy, occasionally tugging on the lips when required. She bucked her back up with the help of a couple of rolled bath towels underneath her bum so that the pussy jutted out further.

I positioned myself and slowly began sliding the razor over her labia. She moaned as each stroke shaved her pussy clean, leaving nothing but gleaning smooth. The tricky part was running the razor along the edge of the lips! I gently pulled each lip to the side so that I could get the little strings of light brown fur along the inside of the outer lips and above the clit hood. By the time I was finished, she was trembling and the thong plug in her cunt was wetter than before, trying to come out.

Work was done well and I washed my hands, disposed of the razor and came back with a fresh washcloth soaked in warm water to gently wipe off any traces of shaving cream left on her cunt. I was simply amazed to see the beauty of her mature pussy so long hidden by a thick bush of her!! I massaged the shaved area with antiseptic lotion to sooth her skin there. I took couple of pics of her glistening clean shaved pussy.

She was full of juices mixed with my cum of earlier fuck but blocked by thong-plug made by me and pushed into her cunt. The slippery liquids were about to burst open! I had a hard-on since I started to shave her pussy – for more than half an hour.

Just as she thought, I took her to the bed by my hand and laid her on her back, opened her thighs wide, spread out the ‘new’ pussy lips, took out the thong-plug from her cunt – LO! glob of juices started to flow as I took my throbbing cock by my hand and drove forcefully into her warm cunt. Her pussy walls received my hard cock with a series of gentle squeeze as I began fucking her. Soon the room was filled with muffled noises of two sexy persons having the hottest incestuous sex of their lives. It wasn't long before we both came hard.

Her pussy muscles and ass clenching down hard on my cock as it trying to drive deeper and deeper to the end of her cunt until we both collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. Next morning, she rode my cock well and good!

I told my SIL to ask me when she needed to have her shave again as we drifted into a sexually satisfied sleep. Next day, before leaving I took her thong for my collection!

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