My First Fuck

by Sunny Thakur (Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indis)

This happened about 10 years ago I was just 18 year old My father had died when I was a kid and My mom bought me up We are a conservative family and were staying in one room in the city Mom works as a teacher in a girl's school and was very strict. Mom was 32 year old then and was very quiet and private type of person.

My mom Rita is 32 year old at that time with a figure that would make any man crazy, fair complexion quite thin but with big boobs and quite a sizable ass She is 50 Kg 5 ft 6"tall with a figure 36-28-36 and I am Sunny 6 ft tall with a 6 pack 62 Kg and 10"cock.

We had a common toilet outside but used to take bath in the corner of our room Normally, we used to do it when the other is out One day, when I was about 16, I was not well and after a couple of days, mom gave me a sponge bath after the upper body, she lowered my underwear and cleaned she was wearing a Maxi and I could see her boobs from 8 inch away and I could see shock on her face when she saw my fully erect 10 inch long and 4 inch thick cock. I pretended to be half asleep and Quickly she cleaned and dressed me and went on to cook.

First time ever, that night she told me to sleep and with the night lamp on went to take bath and for the first time, in that dim light, I saw mom taking bath almost nude and over next few nights it continued Even during the day time, now I got to see mom's boobs a few times A couple of times, I realized mom's boobs, ass accidentally rubbed on me and I loved the sensation.

Before this, I saw her as mother and I was her kid But, now I started seeing her as a sex goddess and I started thinking that, she is slowly seducing me which was very welcome for me I din't know what I was supposed to do.

Then one day, her sister Gita, who was in Canada called her and told that she is in City and likes to visit She came with a lot of gifts etc and also with a couple of wine bottles and few beers In the evening she forced mom to have some wine and offered a beer to me I said no but mom said it is OK So they had wine and I had beer and we were eating chicken etc while drinking.

Mom was clearing dishes and she put on music and asked me to dance I said I don't know how to dance and she said that is ok and under the dim light held me in her arms and dances She was a sexy lady and I could see her tits. She hugged me tight and while dancing touched my cock a few times and then took my hand and put it on her boobs and asked me to squeeze it.

For the first time in my life I had a ripe pair of tits at my disposal. From the corner of my eyes, I saw, mom was busy with dishes and started playing with her juicy melons after a few minutes she took my right hand put it on her pussy and rubbed it and started playing with my cock, by then mom finished the dishes and said 1t is already 11 pm and let us sleep.

She asked me to sleep on the bed and they both slept on the mattress on the ground. With the beers, I fell asleep fast but after some time, I woke up hearing some noise I saw both the ladies were stark naked and were in 69 position and licking each other's cunts while mom was trying to be quiet Gita was ahhoooing and making ssshhhhhh mmmmmmmm noise lick karo bite it aaaaaammmmmm my cock was fully erect and I din't know what to do and after some time, probably both of them came and Gita climbed on to my bed put her hand on my cock and started playing with it.

She was completely naked and she removed my clothes and made me completely nude and whispered in my year, I want you to fuck me and now I said mm is there and she said mom is asleep don't worry I said I don't know how to fuck she said she will teach me. she pulled me on top of her spread her legs wide took my cock in her hand and guided it into her wet and slippery pussy and told me to move my cock in and out.

It came out a couple of times but I learnt fast and after about 5 minutes she screamed in my ears I am cominggggggggg ooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm cccooommmmmiiiiinnnngggggg sunneeeee and she came and then asked me did you come I said no. She said OK you can continue with my ass hole and turned on her stomach raised her ass spreading her legs wide offered me her ass hole.

It was very tight but I forced my self inside and she started whispering, meree cchhooth tho lee thune ab meree gaaand maaro I kept on fucking her ass and after 7 or 8 minutes she again started mmmmmm ooooooo yyyyeeee ssssshhhhh ooooiiiii ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am coming I am coming and she came. Then she again asked me sunny, did you come? I said not yet. She said very goo you are a very strong kid do one thing. you rest for some time, I will take a wash and come back. you sleep on your back and go to sleep, I will come back from after washing and then I will FUCK you even if you are in sleep no issues.

I will male you come and make it enjoyable to you I said ok watched her naked body walking to the corner and washing and then fell asleep. After sometime in my sleep, I realized she is on top of me riding me like a horse rider with my cock inside her cunt and jumping up and down after 10 minutes or so, something was happening to me and I started returning every push with an upper cut and finally when I was about to come I heard her scream quite loudly mmmmmm oooooohhhh iiiiissssshhhhhhmmmmmmmm sunnnneeee I ammmmm commmingggggg commmmingggggg commmmminggggg oh god I am coming then I thought something is very odd this was not Gita It was my mom.

I said Mom, is that you? she said yes sunny, you mother fucker, I am fucking you for last half an hour or so and you don't even know that your mother is fucking you? Have you finally come? I said not yet mom Then, Gita came and started squeezing my balls Now, I din't have to worry and no need to whisper so loudly I said, something is happening inside me, it is paining I want release from this pain. Mom sad no problems, she asked Gita to push her tits in my mouth and mom went down on me and started sucking my cock.

In between mom started spanking my ass with her hand and Gita started badmouthing me. You mother fucker, last 2 months, your mother is trying to fuck you and you have made her suffer. You have this 10"long dong as big as a donkey's but din't use it to quench the thirst of your mom's pussy. Rita, bite the mother fucker's balls and cock, spank him and suck the aunt and mother fucker dry.

Mom was deep throating me and was able to take almost all the 10"into her throat and I could feel, like coming. Gita was screaming, madarcchhod chal tera poora haath mere cchhooth me ghusssa, Faad de teree maassee kee cchhooth fuck your masee's fuddi with your hand that would help you to come. First she sat on my face made me smell her fuddi and then asked me to lick and bite her pussy and taste it.

She said the Fuddee's smell and taste would make you coummm. She spread her legs wide and first inserted my 2 fingers into her cunt then 3 and then she pushed my whole hand in her wet and slippery cunt and made me fuck her with my hand. That feeling of nice wet cunt on my hand, her tits in my mouth and moms sucking and pumping my cock, mom's big balls were hitting my ass while she was sucking my cock.

I screamed, oooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmooommmmmmmm maaassssiiiii, you bitch geeeeettttaaaaa thu merrreeee rrraaaand hai my maaaddderccchhhhoooddd hhhoooonnnn Geeeettttaaaaa my thumhe aaur RReeetaaaa ko rrrroooooojjjj ccchhhhodddduuuuunnnggaaaaa mmmmmmmaaaaaaaa this is first time and mmmmmmmaaaaaa mujhe there cccchhhhoooth mein mere maaaa ke ccchhhooottthhh mein mere mmummmyy ke fuddeee mein aaannnaaa hai then I laid mom on all fours and fucked her fuddeee like a dog.

In between I licked and fingered and pinched her pussy that hurt her and she screamed with pleasure and pain and I screamed, maaa you are a bitch in the heat thu mereee kutthhiiiyyyaaaa hai aur my thera kutta tereee fuddddeeee maaaa tereeee fudddeeeee, maaaa tereeee fudddeeee and then, first time in my life, I exploded and next few minutes kept coming inside mom's fuddee. Once I stopped, Gita pushed me from top of mom and started eating my cumm from mom's fudddeee.

Mom told Gita Eat as much as you wish but one final mouthful of my son's cummm you feed me with your mouth. Till then I will lick his as well as my cumm from his cock and balls by licking it. Next day morning when I woke up it was 11 am and I could see in the day light both the hot bitches were biting my nipples and chewing my balls. I was wide awake with my cock fully erect.

They told me you are not only blessed with a gadhe jaisa lowda, you also are blessed with uncommon stamina. Gita said that, She has already asked for transfer to our city and not going back. and for last nearly 10 years all 3 of us are fucking each other 4 to 5 times a day. We have moved into a bigger house and keep all our sound proof and air tight doors and windows always closed most of the time we roam naked in the house.

Even now, mom and maasee touch my cock many times a day and once I told them, for a change, once in a while, I want a different fudeee and mom bought home with her, the new teacher who was 21 year old virgin spinster with big boobs and a tight ass and fuddee and that night they kept making love to each other while I broke the 20 year old smita's fuddee's seal and fucked her 6 times. Then Smita said she wants to move in with us and stay with us. Now whenever I am bored they get me some new Fuddee and I love the change.

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