My Mother In Law

by Nader Alwan (Riyadh, SA)

My name is ROBERT, I am in my late thirties, married to a very sexy and charming lady, my story started during my first week of marriage.

After the wedding party, all our guests left, the party was in my MILF big house, I wanted to take my wife to the hotel to celebrate my first night, but my MILF said "I have prepared the room for you and my daughter, please stay with us, you can take your wife and go upstairs, no one will disturb you."

We went upstairs to the room, we undress each other to start our enjoyment, during that night I found out that my wife was expert in sex, she was still virgin, but she was really a good sucker, after few hours of love making we rested for short time.

MY cock was hard again, she looked at it saying "I want your hard in my asshole, then she turned her body to sleep on her belly, she opened her ass cheeks, I mounted her back and started to lick her hole until it was red, then I shoved my cock slowly into her hole, to my surprise it went without any effort, her hole was not tight as I expected.

When I asked her about that, she replied with a smile "I was my daddy lover, he used to fuck me in the ass, at first I refused but he was insisting, I talked to mom, my mom convinced me to let dad fuck my asshole, so as you see I have an ass for you and dad."

In the morning my MILF knocked on the door, I went to open the door, I was not wearing anything on, she came in with a tray in her hands, she smiled when she saw me naked, she said to her daughter "how was your night, did you enjoy this huge cock? I brought your breakfast" then she bent down to put the tray on the table.

When she bent down I saw all her breasts in full view, she has very nice well shaped breasts, she was 40 years old, blonde long hair, sexy body, my wife noticed my focused eyes on her mom body, she said to me "it seems that you like what you are focusing at, I mean my mom sexy body."

I replied "I cannot deny that your mom has a very attractive body" my wife said "what you have seen is only a small thing from mom body, you will be shocked when you see her totally naked" then my MILF said "thanks for your compliments, now let us eat, I am hungry."

After we took our breakfast, we all left the room, my wife suggested that we should go to swim, I told her that I have no swimming suit, she said "no need, we will all swim naked including mom."

In the pool the two women were under me playing with my balls and sucking my cock together at one time, they swallowed all my cum, then my milf sat on the edge of the pool, opening her legs wide, her daughter sat beside her.

I started to eat both pussies moving my tongue from one hole to another, then they turned on their belly, I fucked both assholes, we spent two hours in the pool, we were so tired after our threesome fun.

Having sex with a wife and her mom together is so exciting, you can try all positions and four holes so sweet and tasty.

Mother-In-Laws Delight

My future wife continued to ask me about whether I thought her mum was sexy....she was a chubby lady but had big breasts and in some way actually looked and talked in a sexy way.

Often she would come into my GF room when I stayed over and as she chatted to both of us while in bed my GF would masturbate my cock ever so gently.....

As time went on it become more obvious what was happening to the point my mother in law asked one day if she could masturbate my weird as it seems that not only started happening but my future wife wanted me to have sex with her mother.

After a few months of fucking her cunt and butt hole which she loved, my wife to be, wanted us to have a threesome.....that also started to happen to the point that I would be fucking my mother in-laws anus while my wife would eat out her pussy......she so loved her mother’s cunt juices as did the mum like licking my wife's cunt.

I thought it had happened by chance but turned out my wife to be and her mum had been doing sex together for the point they both squirted into each other’s mouths and rimmed each other’s anuses almost daily.

Total sluts who loved to be peed on and treated like hoes.

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