My Sex Affair With My Friend’s Mother

by Poslednji

I come from a small village, in a small country during 1965-66 which was prosperous due to the two companies mainly agricultural one producing by products of industrial hemp not the one you smoke but it has wide usages in industry making ropes, bags and other materials.

I was a 17 year old boy, healthy well build with my first job and earning good money. I was well dressed taking care of my physical looks always neat and in my best appearance. The company I worked for was in another state so every long weekend I would come home. On one visit I stayed with my oldest stepsister. The house she lived in was small with not much room to spare.

My sister’s lady friend lived just across the road comes over for coffee. The night before I was out until late, and I was lying on the couch having rest. The lady across the street was my friend’s mother and he was couple of years younger than me.

I have caught her few times looking at me with sparkle in her eyes that were saying, ‘I like you and I would like to fuck you.’ Pay attention when woman looks at you, you too would catch that sparkle.

While having coffee, the lady Seka (that’s what I am going to call her for reference) started asking questions about our sleeping arrangements. Seka said to my stepsister, “I have a spare bed and he would be welcomed to sleep in my room if he wants.” ‘Yes…I got you!’ I thought, ‘you are going to get pussy tonight,’ I told myself. “Yes, of course, why not?” as I agreed to stay with Seka.

That evening I went out with my friends, coming to Seka’s house around midnight. She was waiting for me, opening the door after hearing my footsteps. I walked into the room which was quite small, common for rental places in the village. Not many furniture, two beds opposite on each side of the wall with a window in the middle.

My younger friend was fast asleep and as far as I am concerned, Seka was in his bed giving me her bed to sleep. At the time I was not thinking much of that, but later I understood what she did. In a dark room I took my shirt off and my trousers, neatly folding them over the chair and laid down on the bed. The distance between two beds was at hand reach, she whispered to me asking, “Did you have a good time? Do you have a girl?” I know where this is going.

I said, “No, I don’t.” She replied, “I am sorry you do not have one, you are good looking and many girls would love to go out with you.”

I was surprised by the next question that I didn’t expect from her but in slightly ‘polished way’ “when was the last time you being in bed with one?” …gosh I swallowed saying, “not recently.” “Would you mind if I come to your bed so we don’t have to whisper...”

‘Here we go pussy is coming to you, hold on.’ I thought to myself. She got out of her bed and come under my blanket. I moved my body towards the wall to make room for her in a single bed. My heart and my cock jumped as I felt the lady’s body next to mine. The feeling was incredible.

She wrapped her hands around my neck whispering in my ear, “I want you to fuck me. Just before you came home I had a shower freshened up for you.” I could smell the perfumed soap on her warm body. We started kissing. I found her breast which were well rounded and firm. She lifted up her nighty not totally taking it off out of fear if her son wakes up.

My hand went down and found her pubic hair, her body was trembling from excitement. Lying on her back she spread her legs for me to come in between. My cock was fully erected. She took my cock with one hand guiding inside her pussy.

For her age I must say she had a very small tight pussy, I fully penetrated her passionately kissing her with my tongue in her mouth. She was hot. She started rolling her bottom at every thrust of my cock.

The bed started to squeak, she noticed that I have paused for a sec, and whispered, “Don’t worry he would hear nothing just go on.” The squeaking of the bed was turning me on, the fact that her son, my friend is at hand reach while I am fucking his mother was turning me on.

I fucked her and I fucked her, until we both were sweating, there were sweat on her breasts and her tummy. She lifted up her legs on my shoulders, while I had a full penetration. She reached orgasms after orgasms. Without stopping and pulling my cock out of her pussy I cum inside her 4 times.

We stayed in the bed for a while. She whispered, “I want you to come over every time you are home.” Unfortunately I have never seen the lady after that night. Today I have returned from another country after living there for over 40 years, now her son is my first neighbor.

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Mar 05, 2019
did the affair produce a child NEW
by: Anonymous

after he got back from 40 years, was his new neighbor is his and Seka's child? That would be so hot.

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