Panties Lover

by Dan (Canada)

She was my aunt’s daughter - Lisa, my cousin, I’d known her since childhood. She was almost four years older than me but 18 looked quite mature with her big boobs and butts, and she had a tendency to follow me around whenever I visited my aunt.

I was visiting from college during the winter break and had impulsively grabbed a couple of pairs of panties from my aunt’s laundry room to try on. Lisa had caught me in the act. And instead of running away in horror and telling her family, she had been drawn to it.

She jacked me off that night and again the next morning. Then she told me to keep her panties. I knew it was wrong. If anyone in our family found out they would be devastated. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I’d had one girlfriend but she never understood how much I was into it or that I constantly fantasized about wearing lingerie. The last thing Lisa said to me was, “See you at Christmas,” so maybe she didn’t want to see me sooner. And it wasn’t like I was going to go back to college without talking to her again. Lisa had seemed into it, encouraging even. It was a dream comes true to for me and to be accepted.

After that I used to lock myself in my bedroom at my house and stroke my dick with a pair of Lisa’s panties while wearing another pair. I’d think about the way she’d gotten me off. I’d try to picture her plump ass and big tits. And I’d fantasize and wonder how she would moan during sex and what it would be like to fuck her while wearing her panties.

This time I actually spent Christmas with her, but at my Grandpa’s place - she was still a chubby high school freshman instead of a buxom barely legal senior. We drove out on the 23rd with a plan to stay through Christmas and the weekend that followed. My Grandpa’s house was a huge renovated farmhouse with four bedrooms and a two bedroom mother-in-law suites in the basement. His daughters were both married and out of the house.

I always tried to grab one of the basement rooms since there was also a big screen TV down there. I was really hoping Angela would find a way to stay in the other room at the basement.It had actually been my cousin’s room before she left home. Years earlier I’d snuck in there when everyone was downstairs and taken a pair of her black panties to try on. It was the first time I’d taken them to masturbate.

That first evening I was desperate to get some alone time with Lisa and didn’t know how to do it. She was either playing it cool or just being a cruel tease for my intent with her. It was making me nervous as I was wearing her panties under my jeans and had to be conscious of my movements. I would have a lot of explaining to do if I bent over to grab something and someone saw the waistband sticking up above my belt.

At the dinner table I was sitting with couple of relatives while secretly wearing panties made it worse. At some point after dinner I saw Lisa head down the hall toward the restroom. I knew it would be stupid to follow her, but my stomach was in knots and I had to know where I stood. “I have to go to the restroom,” I announced loudly to my cousin who was sitting nearby.

I went down the hallway to the bathroom door. I heard the sink running. Lisa came out a second later. She was wearing a heavy sweater and corduroy skirt with tights. The outfit obscured all her curves and made her look like an innocent chick! She flashed a wicked smile and my heart started beating again.

“Hey” she whispered and then leaned in close. “Did you pack my panties?” “No.” I said, “Because I wore them instead.” She giggled. “I did. Want to see?” She laughed now, “We can’t. Not here. Not now. “Someone will come,” she said.

“I hope I cum,” I answered. “And I would like to make you cum, too.” She blushed and rolled her eyes at my cheesy wordplay. For the first time since she caught me in her underwear I felt like I had the upper hand.

“I want you to see,” I said. I took her arm and pulled her into the bathroom with me. I shut the door behind us. “Then hurry,” she said. “Show me.” I felt confident. I nodded as I pulled my jeans down. I was wearing black nylon panties with a floral print. The same ones Lisa had caught me in a week earlier. My cock was getting hard showing them off.

I took Lisa’s hand and guided it to my bulge. She hesitated for just a moment. Then she unzipped her skirt and dropped it just enough to pull out her tights and flash a bit of her champagne colored panties.

“I’ll bring them to you later,” she said. “They might be damp but smell should be great.”

I kissed her then for the first time. Her ass was pressed against the bathroom counter and I slid my tongue between her full lips. She kissed back. I put her hand on my crotch and she rubbed my hard dick through the panties I was wearing. Then she put a hand on my chest and pushed me back. She exhaled sharply.

“Wow,” she said. “We have to stop.” She stepped toward the door. “I hope nobody is out there.”

She opened it and stepped out and left me there with my jeans down and my cock throbbing in her panties. I contemplated jacking off, but decided against it.

I went back to the living room and nobody had missed me. Everyone who wasn’t staying at the house eventually left. The grown up stayed upstairs to catch up and I went to the basement room with my sister, my cousin, and Lisa to watch a soft-core adult movie. Within a few minutes the lights were down, the sound was up, my cousin was kicked back in a leather recliner, my sister had a sofa to herself, and Lisa and I were next to one another on love seat in the darkest side of the room. Everyone was under blankets.

Lisa’s hand found my lap beneath the covers almost immediately. My whole body started to tingle. But I had no intention of stopping her. Lisa was patient. She didn’t make any sudden or jerky movements unzipping my jeans. I helped with the belt. We both kept our eyes on the screen and occasionally glanced around the room to make sure we didn’t have a horrified audience.

She trailed her fingers up and down my shaft until I was rock hard in her nylon panties. Then she got up suddenly and went to the bathroom. I sat there under the covers with my jeans unfastened and a boner in her panties. Lisa came back a few minutes later and after everyone was settled I felt her hand on my dick again.

She gently lifted the panties and worked my cock out through the leg hole. I noticed that most in the room had fallen asleep on the couch. I felt something damp and silky against my dick. I realized that Lisa had gone to the bathroom to take off her panties. And now she was stroking my cock with them. Her hand movements were slow and gentle. She had no intention of getting me off. She just wanted to stimulate and tease. I was in agony and it was amazing. I couldn’t focus at all on the movie. I wanted to groan and cum and couldn’t do either.

Well over an hour passed before I saw everyone retired in their rooms up stair. And Lisa was still teasing my rigid cock with her wet panties, now mixed with pre-cum flowing out of my cock. I nodded towards the bedroom I was using. She smiled and got up quietly.

I was too horny by then. I wanted to close the door and I wanted to fuck Lisa, even though I knew I wouldn’t last 30 seconds after being edged for an hour. We kissed again. She unfastened my jeans and rubbed my cock. I tried to guide her to the bed, but she was resistant. Instead she dropped to her knees and pulled my panties down.

Just like a week earlier she tugged the base of my shaft with her silky panties and put her lips on the head. Her lips felt amazing. I had no chance of lasting long. I started thrusting almost immediately. I held her head and tried to fuck her pretty face. She pulled away and started jerking me faster. I started panting and then exploded into her panties. She kissed my lips again. Even then I was aching for a chance to fuck her. Instead she just left me with another pair of panties and went up to her room.

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Jan 30, 2020
Wet panties
by: Anonymous

My gf would make me wear her panties, my stiff cock drawn up towards the waist band. My precum would run down the shaft as she strokes my hard throbbing cock running her fingers underneath. Then she put her palm and press lightly and rub along the throbbing shaft till I ejaculate. When done, she would free my limp cock, takes off the panties and we sniff on its damp earthly aroma ...

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