Piss Cum Spit Wet Wet Wet

by Tom (Illinois)

I love pee play . It’s such a turn on laying in bed playing with my cock softly running my fingers over my smooth hairless balls and taint.

Slipping one maybe two and sometimes three fingers into my butthole. It’s fun coaxing a warm stream of piss from my bladder.

Letting it shoot straight up into the air then falling splashing onto my belly cock and balls.

Getting so wet licking my fingers and getting a taste of my urine then covering my hands with saliva.

The mixture of piss and spit making my genitals slippery and so strokeably wet. A

fter so many spurts of urine I have to coax more by rubbing my piss slit with my thumb until the urge to spray becomes so strong.

I hold back as long as I can until the pressure gets uncontrollably strong and I let it go. A shower of my warm golden nectar soaks me even more.

I am so wet and my cock is so slippery. My cock pumping is getting more intense. I can feel precum oozing from my slit.

Yes it is precum so sweet I wish I could produce quarts of the yummy clear liquid to eat. The head of my cock is engorged with blood so sensitive so swollen.

My nipples are aching to be played with. I need someone to lick and suck them twist them and pull them.

It would be great to have 2 more hands right now. I bet if you were here I could get you to soak me more with your warm wet urine.

A full bladder a warm steady stream soaking me making me so wet that I start floating in piss.

Stick your cock in my ass and fill my anal cavity to maximum with your warm golden nectar.

Make my asshole feel full of your piss . Fuck me and make the piss squirt out of my rectum.

Keep pissing in me and pound my backside until your balls burst and you dump your load of creamy cum inside me.

Watch me now while I make love to my cock. I am getting close to cumming and I feel your steamy load starting to ooze from my manhole.

I take my hand and swipe some of your man cream onto my fingers. Right to my mouth 👄 sweet seed mingled with the salty bitter taste of urine.

Yummy 😋 I love it now piss on my face wet my erect nipples with your bladder dew. Fuck I am going to cum.

Watch my piss slit open as my load spews spurt after spurt of white sticky cum. It tastes so good nothing else tastes like cum.

I ❤️ it. Cock juices so much fun coaxing them from deep inside the body.

Pure pleasure nothing else feels as satisfying and gratifying as wet wet warm wonderfully stimulating raw unadulterated sex.

Whether alone or with others it’s what the body needs on a regular basis. I wish you were here right now.

You need to tell me what I can do to stimulate and satisfy your needs and desires.

I am only too happy to please you-tasting your cock drinking your urine licking your ass licking the precum from your slit and eating your cum .

👅🥄🥣On my tongue by the spoonful or bowl full fill my mouth with your seed and soak me with your piss. Wet horny covered with pee spit and cum.

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Jun 20, 2020
Pee slit stretched NEW
by: Anonymous

I can now insert my whole index finger well lubed into my pee slit. The precum makes it more slippery to take my finger in ...it often ends up with strong ejaculation. My gf now tries to stretch her pee hole using sounder ... ! The lockdown situation is a blessing in disguise for our experimentation. My gf often helps me easing pain by stroking my shaft slowly as it goes into the last knuckle of my finger. I try not to cum as I lay between her thighs, ... my cock is swollen and cock buried deep into my gf's very very wet cunt. I leave my cock there to enjoy the warmth and she enjoys my twitching throbbing cock in her pussy at the same time. Soon we cum together almost at the same time but do not disengage - rater either of us release our pees in slow streams till my cock goes limp and/or my cum and her juices are washed out by my pees ....

Jun 01, 2020
Answer to US New
by: Anonymous

Yes,I have tried pee-slit stretching. Like I said in my comment, ny play "doctor" uses urethral sounds in my hard cock. I have Van Buren sounds. They are measured in french numbers. We got up to 26fr. I don't think I want my peehole big enough to fit my finger in. If I get up to 30fr., I'd be good with that. With the 26fr.,it hurts enough to make me scream out loud, for real, not roleplaying. My screams make my "doctor's" very thick cock extremely hard. Then he rams my ass like a jackhammer with it, making me scream some more. It turns him on so much, he fucks me even harder, 'til he shoots his hot load of cum up my ass. I just love our medical bdsm "appointments."

May 31, 2020
by: Anonymous

Have you tried pee-slit stretching? It is a great fun. I am now able to insert whole of my index finger into my pee hole. Use lube to do it. While doing it, I reach a raging hard-on and then cum in gushes. I lick and lap all my cum then.

May 31, 2020
Pee fun.
by: Anonymous

Sometimes I like to stick my fingers in my urine stream, and lick them. I like the taste of my own piss. My favorite thing is, in the summer I love to go out in my yard, in my cotton bikini briefs, and just stand in the grass, and pee. Soaking my man panties. Then use them as a gag during a msdfet bdsm masturbation session. Or when the older widower from down the block comes over to play my gruff doctor. He uses my medical instruments on me. Like rectal thermometer, urethral sounding, and anal speculums. He forces me to suck his cock, then roughly fucks my ass with his very thick hard cock, until he comes inside my ass. Love to feel his hot cum in my colon. He then flips me over and edges me, by hand, to a long drawn out, and quite painful, explosive ejaculation. I get two "doctor" visits a month. I always can't wait, it's so hot, erotic, so exciting. So much fun!

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