Play Dough Penis

by Anonymous

I grew up on a small ranch about fifteen miles from a town. My first school was a rural school with sixteen students in my class. It was a simple life. My job was feeding chickens, gathering eggs, and taking care of slopping the hogs.

I didn't really have any playmates except at school and then for only about an hour total. We lived too far from each other to make real friendships. At 18, Dad sent me to the back pasture to drive in the milk cows, he was busy cultivating the corn.

I put a saddle on old Red. He was about eighteen years old and a pure pet. The cows were not where they were supposed to be. I rode down into the woods and headed for the back fence. It was down in one spot. Our cows had strayed onto the ranch south of us, there were tracks. I soon found them.

A big bull was mounted on the back of one of our younger cows. I stepped down out of the saddle and moved closer to see. I had a slight notion of how animals and humans were made, but had never seen the actual mating. We did not own a bull. I watched totally fascinated as the big bull humped this young cow.

The cow was standing still-her tongue was hanging out. She had a glazed look in her eyes. The bull was making strange grunting noises. He finally crawled off, white syrup stuff was leaking out of his huge cock. I didn't know it was called a cock at the time nor what the white stuff was.

As I watched I felt a strange feeling between my legs. I had not felt this before. It was as if I had to rub my crouch. I finally couldn't resist. I rubbed through my panties. It felt both strange and wonderful. The bull was mounting another cow-this cow had been making strange mooing noises. The bull was going at it again.

I rubbed my little pussy it was beginning to feel odd. A weird feeling. I couldn't stop. I was watching the bull-he couldn't stop either. I guess I reached a climax. I had no idea what I had done. A week later I was in bed trying to go to sleep. I inadvertently thought of the big bull. I rubbed between my legs. I got that same feeling again. I rubbed harder but quietly. I knew that nobody should hear me. I kept moving my hand and suddenly I got that same feeling I had in the pasture. I eased to a stop and just rested. It felt fantastic.

I continued to do this to myself over the next few months. It seemed to feel better and better. After doing it for so long, I had it down to a science. I would rub my crouch whenever I felt the urge when I was alone of course. So when I have my period, I was prepared. It was no big deal. I expected it each month. BUT my rubbing of my crouch no longer felt as good. There was a change.

I wanted to rub, but didn't because I could no longer climax. I didn't know what was wrong. That next October Nancy and I became friends. Before catching the bus, we would talk. She lived in town but would wait until the bus came.

One day in the late fall, Nancy was brave and mentioned her monthly. I said I had started that summer. She hesitated but finally said, "I used to rub myself, but since I started my period, I don't like it anymore." I gave her a surprised look. "That happened to me too." She was shocked, "Do you mean you rub yourself too." "Yes. I have been doing that too." "I have not been rubbing that long. Just last year I discovered it. But now I don't get the same feeling. I wonder what my monthly has to do with it?" "I have no idea Nancy."

The next week I spend the night in town with Nancy. We were in our pajamas and in her room. "Let's see if we can make a difference. It will be exciting with both of us rubbing our privates." We got into the double bed and pulled our pajamas down and started rubbing. We rubbed our slits for a few minutes and nothing.

"What are we going to do? I miss the feeling." I said to Nancy, "You know, I remember that old bull had a stick coming out of his belly. He put that into the cow. Maybe we should do something like that." I gingerly put my index finger in my little cunt. At first it felt odd and dry. Then as I moved my finger in and out it became moist from my juices.

I was beginning to get a brand new sensation. I liked it. "Nancy, I have discovered something I think. Use your first finger." Nancy watched me and she soon stuck her finger into her little cunt. She moved it in and out. "Wow! That's it. I have got the feeling back." She kept moving her hand and finger. I did too.

"Nancy, I am getting the feeling back too. I think I am going to finish like I did when I rubbed." I kept masturbating. Then my eyes closed. I couldn't stop moving my finger. I almost went black. Rubbing a couple of years ago had never felt like this. I wanted to do it again. I started moving my finger faster. Soon the feeling hit me again. I was climaxing for the second time and didn't realized what I had discovered.

Nancy was doing the same thing. She had her eyes closed and was moving her hand a mile a minute. She suddenly fell back on the pillow. She had almost passed out. For the next few months, I fingered myself every chance I got. It was still feeling good, became more of a habit. I tried two fingers. That was better and was good for a few months. But I knew I needed something more.

I was watching my little brother messing with his Play Dough. He had gotten it for Christmas-two big cans of it. He was on the floor and rolling the lumps into a long tube. A light bulb went on. When he went to bed, I grabbed the two cans. In my bedroom I rolled the lumps into a shape somewhat like I remembered on the bull, this is not very sanitary. What was I to do?

I quietly slipped to the kitchen, there was a roll of plastic wrap. It had just been invented. I peeled off a chunk and went back to my bedroom. I covered the fake penis with it and lay back on my pillow. I tried to insert it in my little cunt. It hurt. I took the plastic off and rolled the diameter smaller and put the plastic back on.

This time I was successful. It went in but not without a fight. I pushed a little more. It went in a couple of inches more. Suddenly there was pain and a little blood, what have I done? I was concerned that I had hurt myself. The device I had made was still inside. The pain left and it actually felt good.

Far better than a finger. I moved the Play Dough. It fell good. The first pain had gone. There was more milky liquid now. I moved the fake penis in and out, it felt better than it ever had in all these years. I went faster. I climaxed. I kept going. I finished again. Wow! Two in a row.

I peeled the plastic wrap off and slipped back into my brother's room. I put the dough back in the cans, the next time I am in town, I'll buy me a couple of cans and hide them. I used this fake cock until I went away to college at 19. In college I found out I could buy a penis that had batteries. I was in a whole new world now. The vibrations were a whole new sensation. I almost became addicted to the battery drive device. And then I discovered college boys.

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