Public Masturbation

By Prudence (Australia)

I read an article on masturbating at work and it got me thinking of all the places I have pleasured my pussy. I think the first ever time I masturbated in public was in high school. I had this sudden wave of tingling down there and my clit began to throb to the point it hurt. I tried desperately to wait till I was home in my bedroom but couldn't so at lunchtime went to the toilet, pulled up my skirt and put my hands down inside my panties and did my thing.

The thrill I got from cumming in public was something else and made me feel so dirty which I loved. The second time I did it in class while surrounded by 20 classmates. I crossed my legs and started discreetly pumping and squeezing them together until I orgasmed. I could barely cum without letting out a huge moan so had to cough to relieve the urge as I was surrounded by a room full of people.

After that I gave up public masturbation for a while however a month or so ago I again got this huge surge of horniness on my way home from shopping. Before I knew it I was grunting and moaning incredibly loud while driving and knew I'd have to stop for a little pussy time. I pulled over on the side of the road in a quiet isolated area and slid my hand down inside my panties.

I found it hard sitting in the driver’s seat and not having enough room to spread my legs so put them up on the dashboard while I thrust my fingers in and out of my soaking wet puss. I don't think I have ever experienced such an intense orgasm in my life, so powerful that my legs began to shake as I came. I do wonder if anyone else like myself gets off by masturbating outside the home. It is a kinky experience that everyone should try!

Masturbating And Porn (My Big Sis Finds Out)
By Lillith (Australia)

So my name is Lillith I am 18 years old. Almost every day (since I was very young) I have masturbated whether it's while I'm watching porn or I'm reading sex stories and the truth is I really love it. One day I asked my big sister if she could download an app on my phone (because my phone has her password on it) she looked at my search history and she said "Lil do you watch Porn?" and I said "ummm...well yes." "It's ok if u do,” "yeah" and that night I masturbated so hard to my crush that every time I touched my pussy it hurt really bad and I couldn't masturbate for almost a week but anyway that's just me btw I'm masturbating while writing this. If u want go to warped and check out my story "I fell in love with my best friend." I have one chapter so far but I'm writing the 2nd one and in the second one there will be some sex so yeah "PEACE."

Caught Masturbating
By Anonymous

I had stayed at a friend's house after a couple of drinks I slept in his sisters bed as she was at a friend's house and was not dew back till 10am the next day when I woke up I had a hard on witch wouldn't go away so I decided to masturbate the problem was that I had no tissues to clean up so I looked through her dirty washing basket and found an ankle sock so I laid back on her bed and put the ankle sock on my erection and started rubbing and got faster and faster I was in my own world staring at a picture of her then at the point of no return I said her name I can't remember the last time I cummed so much when I finished I took the sock off and stood up to put the sock in the laundry basket she stood there smiling so I thought what the hell so I let her have a touch as she had not yet seen one.

By Dean (England)

When I started puberty I shortly found myself fantasizing over my step sister and I started to steal her dirty panties and socks from her room whilst she was in the bath and go back to my room and masturbate with them after a while I wanted a bit more fun so I would strip naked and wait till she went for a bath and snuck into her room and grabbed her dirty socks and laid on her bed and masturbated the first time I was really nervous one day she brought a friend back from school for a sleep over they took turns to have a shower then went down stairs so I snuck into her room and her friends socks and panties were on the floor I could not resist so I laid on the bed and masturbated I'd just ejaculated when I heard them coming up the stairs and I had to get back to my room.

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