Rape Stories: Big Cock Stretching Tight Pussy Without Consent

Rape stories. Big cock stretching tight pussy without consent. Here are quick teasers, “Daddy! NO, that thing isn’t going to fit inside of me! You’ll kill me with that.” I screamed… She looked down between her legs and saw CJ’s monster cock was inches away from her pussy… “You wanted this, whore, you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging to be raped…

Kidnapped And Raped (Rape Stories)   
I was walking home from school when a big black minivan came and pulled up beside me. I started to walk faster when i heard the door open and a person...Continue reading

Rape At Home (Rape Stories)   
I'm a 24 years old married my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant so now I'm on fertility drugs now I'm more fertile. My husband works a lot...Continue reading

My Aunt's Drunk Friends (Rape Stories)   
After I left home I began living with my Auntie and it was just her and me in the house. According to my folks she was the black sheep of our family because...Continue reading

Blackmail My Sister (Rape Stories)   
Hello...if you already read my true experience incest (brother & sister). I’m a 42 year old Indian guy who had been married to my wife for 15 years and...Continue reading

Raped By My Best Friend (Rape Stories)   
We talked for awhile about our lives, regular things, late into the night at his apartment. It was one of those times his girlfriend was away at her mom's...Continue reading

Hot Rape By 2 Black Women (Rape Stories)   
My first time interracial was when I was 22 y old and home alone, wife went to visit for 3 days. I was very horny and was looking at some porn videos...Continue reading

Groped And Raped By Ghost (Rape Stories)   
There are many ghosts living in many of the buildings, some ghosts stay long after some of the buildings has been demolished and no loner there...Part 1Part 2 & 3Part 4

Stopping By To Buy Beer (Rape Stories)   
Loni was at work when one of her coworkers had told her they were going to one of the local bars to celebrate a birthday of one of the other girls at work...Continue reading

Raped In The Woods (Rape Stories)   
I always go for long walks in the woods. Take a long walk in the woods at the same time everyday. This one day it happened to be extremely hot out...Part 1Part 2  

My Married Sister (Rape Stories)
Hi I’m 41 years old Indian guy been married to my wife for 15 years and happy, anyway my sister who is 42 years old and married to her husband for 18 years...Continue reading

Rape Betrayal (Rape Stories)
I felt myself going into shock. My loving son was about to rape me. He made me straddle his lap, and began to kiss me deeply. Slowly sucking my tongue and clutching my ass. He was sniffing and licking my face, before he stood up. My legs were…

Sister Betrayed (Rape Stories)
It was important to me that I master her cunt, that I learn how she likes it, how to make her cum. By our 8th session I had. Susan is a sweaty, sexy, cum soaked mess when I finish with her. But something is still missing. She refuses to relax and enjoy herself…

Raping Chay (Rape-Stories)
“Daddy please don’t. We can stop now and I won’t tell anyone” “Take it out Chay. Take daddy’s cock out of his pants.” I tugged on her hair again and watched as her hands pulled my pants down. My hard fat cock sprang out and slapped against her cheek. This time I definitely heard her moan as she wrapped one hand around…

I Wanted To Be Raped (Rape Stories)
“You wanted this, whore, you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging to be raped.” He reached between us and pulled my panties down enough for him to rub his cock between my labia, which were quite slick already from my arousal. He groaned and closed his eyes “So fucking wet…

Daddy’s Little Girl Gets Ravaged (Rape Stories)
“Daddy! NO, that thing isn’t going to fit inside of me! You’ll kill me with that.” I screamed. “Now do you see why I left you tied up baby? Don’t worry it will fit. I know when a pussy can’t take any more of my cock. I won’t put more in you than your little cunt can take. Of course, it is going to hurt when daddy pops your cherry…

Mom & I Were Raped (Rape-Stories)
I came to my senses as my antagonist shoved his dick up my pussy. He hit my hymen and lifted my butt up a little higher and jammed it up into my pussy tearing the hymen. It hurt but thank god he was not as big as the Black guy. It didn’t take very long before he pulled me to him and I felt this hot stream shoot up inside me…

Forcing Aunt Lisa (Rape Stories)
She looked down between her legs and saw CJ’s monster cock was inches away from her pussy opening and his aunt pleaded with him, “please don’t fuck me, No, don’t go that far, please don’t. I won’t tell anybody if you stop now. I’ll blow you anytime and swallow, just don’t fuck me, please. It’s too big for my pussy…

Megan And Her Mom (Rape Stories)
The sensation of eating freshly masturbated teenage pussy was fantastic. It was sopping wet from her earlier activity and tasted delicious. As I ate her, my tongue penetrating her vagina and tasting its tanginess, the girl struggled against me, but ineffectively. With each of my hands firmly holding an ass cheek, and with my mouth buried…(Link Removed)

Garage Gang Rape (Rape Stories)
I knew I was getting wetter now, and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. I was horrified to think that such rough treatment could produce such a reaction in my body. I tried to hold the orgasm back, but his fingers filled me so much there was no way, and when he felt my body contracting and shuddering he laughed and began to lick my clit…

Allysin Lets Strangers Rape & Abuse Her (Rape-Stories)
“You nasty fucking cunt, you like black dick huh?” he said. “Yes sir I do, it’s my favorite,” I replied. He lifted his cock up to my pussy and smacked it up and down a few times, and slammed it inside me. He spread my legs, pushed my feet in the air, and continued to pull his cock all the way out of me, and slam it back in…

Babysitter Rape (Rape Stories)
“Mr. Anders, this will be rape. You mustn’t do it. How could I face my friends if they find out? How could I look your wife in the eye if she knew that you’d ravished me?” “Don’t worry about it,” he told me. “I have no intention of telling anyone. You’ll just have to suffer in silence. It will be our little secret.” “But it’s rape,” I wailed…

The Rape of Mrs. Huggins (Rape Stories)
Mrs. Huggins clenched her ass against my assault but it caved easily to the sound of a long, drawn out, pained moan. I wasn’t experienced but I could tell Mrs. Huggins’ ass had accommodated a cock or two in her time. I pushed in slowly, savoring each millimeter of my fantasy, until I was buried within her…

Ravishing My Girlfriend’s Mom (Rape-Stories)
“Please, Scott... don’t fuck me... PLEASE...” she said, knowing that she was going to get just the opposite of what she asked for. I placed the head of my throbbing member at the entrance to her hot, wet sex, and looking into her eyes, I RAMMED the whole length into her. It was so different from fucking Lisa! Lynne’s whole body arched, and she screamed...

Alone In The Woods (Rape-Stories)
I feel Gage press his member against my asshole and I try to wiggle away from him. Victor laughs. “Oh yea baby, ride my cock.” He pulls my ass cheeks apart farther, while Gage puts one hand on my shoulder to keep me still and force me down. His cock starts pressing forward into my virgin ass. The head almost completely…

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