Raping My Little Sister Again

by Buck Naked (SC)

It was Saturday night and some friends and I were camping out behind our local bar/hangout near the pond we spent the day cleaning up around there and the owner was a friend of ours brought us out a bottle of jack and some cases of beer I had gone inside for a bit and when I came back out my little sister had show up with one of her friends..

They were both drinking and her friend wasn't in any shape to drive my sister asked if I would take her home later and I agreed I hung around both of them as they continued to get wasted.

My sister was out and I got her in my tent so she could lay down and I took her clothes off her covered her up and went back outside to her friend I started making out with her and feeling her up right in front of everyone pushing her skirt up and removing her panties.

I unbuttoned her blouse and undid her front clasped bra revealing her tight little body to everyone there.

I bent her over the picnic table and burned my face between her thighs lapping up her sweet pussy she was really wet with her juices flowing she shuttered with her first orgasm I stood up and entered her surprisingly tight hole.

I used quite a bit of force to get all the way inside her and started pumping in and out getting deeper each time going faster and harder her tight hole started to quiver and she had another orgasm.

I pushed deep and she milked my sperm into her hot wet hole as I pulled out I noticed my cock was streaked with blood I had taken her virginity.

I moved away and as she was going to get up another one of my friends entered her front behind I watched as all 15 of my friends emptied themselves into her poor battered pussy and each waiting for a second turn.

I had washed up and got into my tent totally forgot my little sister was in there naked as I climbed under the covers she woke up and asked when I was talking her home.

I got instantly hard and got on top of her forcing her legs apart and fingering her pussy till she was wet enough as she fought desperately to get me off her I put my arms under her knees pulling her legs up and entering her as hard as I could.

She shrieked and I put a hand over her mouth and started raping her again her pussy was stretched around my cock and my balls slapping her tiny ass as I pounded away for about 20 minutes.

Tears streaks her cheeks she could feel my cock swell as my balls tighten and I released my fertile seed into her fertile womb knowing I was going to get her pregnant I pumped more incestuous sperm deep inside.

I played with her small breasts and nipples until I got hard again and plunged back inside her raping her repeatedly over and over throughout the night it was daylight when I emptied my 10 batch of seed deep inside her.

I went outside to piss and she followed we both saw her friend still getting fucked hard cum running out around yet another cock there were 50 guys in total that fucked and came inside her and a few waiting for another turn as she pleaded for them to stop.

I got back in my tent after taking a piss my sister was already in there trying to find her clothes I flipped her over and entered her again she said she was too tired but I needed to fill her with my seed once more.

After I called our parents and let them know she was okay and would be home on Monday I spent the rest of the weekend depositing as much sperm as I could produce making sure she got pregnant.

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