Raping My Sister Pam Again And My Daughter

by Buck Naked (SC)

It’s been years since I saw my sister Pam and our 3 daughters our oldest just turned 18.

I went to their house Pam answered the door and went white when she saw me.

I pushed her inside and immediately took her clothes off her then mine I roughly fingered her and groped her breasts.

I couldn’t wait as I pushed her on her back put my arms under her knees and entered her full force I told her it’s been too long and I'm going to be coming by a lot more often.

She said I could do anything to her just leave our daughters alone I said okay but I had other plans.

I kept raping her hard deep and fast until she had an involuntary orgasm I pushed deep and came harder than I ever have.

She kept saying please don't cum in me I don't want to be pregnant again by you but I paid her no attention as I continued to pound her hole like there was no tomorrow.

After quite a while I came inside her again I pulled out and shoved my cock into her mouth and throat.

As I just got fully hard again the door opened and in walked our oldest daughter she ran over to her mother and asked what she was doing with her own brother.

I took the opportunity to grab her and shove my hand under her skirt and to her smooth pussy.

I started fingering her and she cried for her mother to help her Pam didn't move she watched in horror as I ripped our daughter clothes off and throwing her on the couch.

As she fought desperately to get away I got between her legs and thrust forward I could only get about 3 inches in and I felt her barrier.

I kept pushing in stretching her hymen and watching her face contorting with pain so I kept doing it for quite a while.

Her hole was so tight just like her mother's I couldn't hold back any more and pushed as hard as I could her hymen ripping to shreds as I buried my cock deep into her tiny tight wet hole.

I started raping her with reckless abandon driving in and out of her with all my force after raping Pam I lasted over an hour and felt my balls slapped her tiny ass as she sobbed and I could feel my incestuous seed as it erupted.

I pushed deep and continued to pump rope after rope of fertile incestuous sperm deep inside my daughter's womb.

I got up and dragged her into the bathroom telling Pam to follow.

I made Pam suck my bloody cummy cock and lick my balls clean I washed out daughter paying close attention to her small breasts and especially her red swollen pussy.

I got hard again and entered her from behind forcefully taping her a second time spilling another huge load inside her.

I kept coming back every day for 3 months making sure they were both pregnant.

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Jul 29, 2020
by: Anonymous

Having sex or making love or rape or drugged ur sister sister is okay by me even if ur sister is married don’t matter....I always (call it what you want ie love rape forced) travel 121miles from my house to my sisters house every Monday because that’s the My sisters day of no kids no husband between 930am till 430pm .Now I did drug rape my sister the first time and recorded it on her phone.......my sister was so scared and shocked didn’t know what to do but I explained to my sister that she is mine now and after my sister saw the video I recorded and sort about it ie ( my sister can’t lose her husband and three children and have disregarded on Facebook and YouTube) so my sister agreed wearing knee length stockings black and red gstrings and pink lipgloss black nitey I’m not joking my sister rode my my 7" COCK I shot my Sperm inside my sisters Fanny straight away she felt my Sperm shooting up her pussy then my sister said she had to go trying to get dressed I grabbed my my sister and started to kissing her bending my sister over and FUKED her doggie 🐶 styel cumin inside my sister seven times by this time.....rightfully that happened two months ago the situation now is me and my sister meet halfway and have pure sex every way possible and I always cum inside my sisters Fanny or ass and now two years later bearing in mind I’m being FUKING my sister every Monday and cumin inside her pussy each time my sister is 45 years old and married to her husband and already has three kids but now my sister is pregnant again doesn’t know if the baby is is her husband or mine

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