Raping Pam Again Knocking Her Up

by Buck Naked (SC)

My sister Pam was asked to watch our neighbors house she jumped at the chance knowing she could call her boyfriend without anyone bugging her..

I got the keys from her room and unlocked the cellar door she got home from college and went and changed then off to the neighbors I followed her and listened as she locked the door..

I quietly went through the cellar and up the stairs she was sitting with her back to me doing homework I crept in right behind her and grabbed her arm she looked at me with terror in her eyes knowing why I was there I wasted no time pulling her one piece romper off along with her bra and panties I stripped and pulled her into the neighbor's bedroom..

I started roughly squeezing her breasts and sucking her nipples..

I pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock into her face I got my cock into her mouth and made her sick it she wasn't any good at it so I pulled out and threw her on the bed I pulled her head off the bed and pinched her nose so she couldn't breathe..

As she opened her mouth I shoved my cock halfway into it hitting her throat opening she coughed and gagged a little bit I took the opportunity to shove my cock down her throat and my balls rested on her nose she fought to get me off and out of her throat I continued raping her throat until I was almost ready to cum but I had a better idea where my fertile incestuous sperm belonged..

I spun her around and shoved my cock into her tiny pussy getting all but 3 inches in with the first thrust..

I readjusted her position underneath me and shoved forward pushing into her cervix it as always was like a vice I relentlessly raped her brutally as hard fast and deep as I could surprisingly she was sopping wet I raped her with renewed fury I could feel my balls slapping her ass and staring to tighten as my climax was imminent.

All of a sudden she started to orgasm her voice like pussy milking every drop of sperm balls deep inside her eyes widened as she felt her own brothers incestuous sperm deep inside, as she tried to get up but I stayed firmly embedded in her tight vagina.

I started sucking and biting her bruises breasts and nipples drawing a little blood my cock hardened and I raped her with reckless abandon not caring about anything but impregnating her I deposited 3 more hugs loads of seed deep inside her.

As I pulled out her cervix snapped shut trapping my sperm deep inside she went into the bathroom and followed as she sat trying to push my seed out I again shoved my cock down her throat after another 10 minutes I dragged her into the livingroom and made her call her boyfriend.

Once he answered I thrust back into her battered vagina and raped her repeatedly while she tried to talk to him emptying my seed deep inside her 3 more times..

I repeatedly raped her for the rest of the week...

2 months later I came home to find her alone and started raping her again as I thrust into her she said aren't you satisfied you already got me pregnant..

She married her boyfriend and he thinks our daughter is his I knocked her up twice more and have 2 beautiful daughters by her that everyone thinks are her husband’s I've been watching our girls grow up and as soon as they are able their daddy will become their daughters daddy..

To be continued…

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