Raping Pam Again

by Big Brother (Western NY, US)

It was Friday night my sister Pam myself and some of our friends were heading home, she was driving when another car coming the other way was passing another car and almost hit us head on it freaked her out, so when she dropped our first friend off she told me to drive..

I dropped 2 other friends off and had 1 more to go after we dropped her off I pulled into a field not far away I took Pam's clothes off and then got naked she was pleading for me to take her home...

I spread her legs and started licking her pussy I was rock hard now I moved up sucking her nipples as I lined up and shoved hard and deep inside her tight velvet tunnel again I bottomed out with 3 inches left outside..

I repositioned myself and her with her legs over my shoulders I rammed forward impaling her balls deep she let out a garbled shriek as I continued to fuck her mercilessly I could feel my ball tighten and the sperm traveling up my shaft as I rammed as deep as possible pumping my incestuous sperm deep inside her cervix her eyes opened wide as she felt her brother's sperm entering into her..

She called me a bastard and we got dressed she didn't say anything we got home and went inside everyone was upstairs asleep I grabbed her and dragged her into the living room and undressed her and myself again I threw her on the couch pulling her legs over my shoulders entering her battered pussy with all my force..

I continued to rape her again pulling all the way out and ramming my hard cock back in balls deep as hard as I could I continued raping her tiny pussy biting her nipples squeezing her breasts causing her pain I continued raping her over an hour before depositing another huge load of my incestuous sperm into her body..

She ran to the bathroom with me right behind her as she sat there I forced my cock into her mouth she really didn't like it but couldn't stop me when she was done I dragged her back to the living room and forced my cock back into her mouth her eyes bulged as I pushed down her throat I couldn't help but smirk as I relentlessly fucked her throat..

After a half hour I spun her around and shoved hard balls slapping her ass until I came hard deep inside for a third time...

In the morning I got up and everyone was gone I went back upstairs to find Pam asleep in her bed I carefully took her nightgown and panties off her and picked her up carrying her to my bed I fingered her gently as she slept positioning myself I again raped her tight bruised and battered pussy until i came 3 more times deep inside her..

It wasn't the last time by far she didn't know what to do when she found out she was pregnant... But again that's another story.

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