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Self masturbation refers to achieving sexual arousal and orgasm by stimulating one’s own genitals. Masturbating allows individuals to explore their own sexuality and sexual interest to discover techniques and erotic pleasures that are pleasing and satisfying.

Understanding one’s own sexuality allows individual to become better at relating with their partner in a sexual relationship. Partners can explore each other sexuality by stimulating one another to discover techniques and pleasures that are erotic and intimate for more fulfilling and enhancing sexual relationship.

Most male and female masturbate as this is the natural process of growing up from childhood to adulthood. When teens initially discover that self masturbation feels good and pleasurable they tend to explore the process by doing it more frequently and this is normal. Problem occurs when individual become addicted to this type of compulsive sexual behavior that lead to distress affecting his professional and social life or when individual participate in this type of behavior in public place.

For many single individuals masturbating help to relieve build up of sexual tension and it is also common for married couples to masturbate even though they have frequent sexual activity in their relationship. Men who are sexually involved with a partner also tend to masturbate more often on their own.

Women in their twenties also tend to masturbate more often than when they were teens. Self exploration of their body allows women to discover erotic pleasure and techniques from self-stimulation that lead to orgasm. Women at this age become more responsive to sexual stimulation and are less sexually inhibited with increase desire to learn and explore new sexual activity with their partner.

Individual who masturbate more frequently tend to experience greater sexual satisfaction than those who did not. Individual in sexual relationship also masturbate more frequently than those who are not. Masturbating is normal in a sexual relationship but some people consider this as cheating or something wrong with their relationship. This type of sexual behavior is normal in a sexual relationship as long as it doesn’t interfere with the couple’s sexual intimacy.

Self masturbation is helpful for men who are learning to explore their own orgasm and to have better control of their ejaculation during sexual activity. Almost all men who masturbate have no difficulty experiencing orgasm because over the years they have train their bodies to become familiar with their own touch from self-stimulation.

This also explain why some men have difficulty reaching orgasm from sexual intercourse or manual stimulation from their partner because they have not train their bodies to become familiar with other people’s touch. Women’s sex drive takes longer to develop and therefore it is common that some women do not achieve orgasm from self masturbation.

Men suffering from sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and male orgasmic disorder can practice self-stimulation technique to help prolong sexual activity and to achieve orgasm. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation tend to ejaculate too quickly than normal during sexual stimulation and he can prolong his sexual activity by masturbating first because after initial orgasm it takes more time for men to recover before he can have another orgasm.

Men with orgasmic disorder have difficulty achieving orgasm during sexual stimulation. He can masturbate before hand to the point where he is about to climax and then engage in sexual intercourse with his partner until he achieves his orgasm.

Most of the time masturbating involved sexual fantasy to enhance pleasure and sexual arousal. The fantasy can be just about anything from having sex with strangers to group sex and everything in between. Sexual fantasy is normal as long as it is not acted out and hurting others along the process. Men get arouse from visuals and are more likely to masturbate while looking at porn movies or porn magazines. Women get arouse by focusing on the emotion that are involved and are more likely to masturbate to romance novel.

Some men who are more sensitive prefer to rub their penis over the foreskin and others prefer to rub their penis directly with the foreskin pull back to enhance pleasure and sexual arousal. Most men enjoy stroking the shaft with one hand in up-and-down motions, some men enjoy stroking their glans and frenulum and others enjoy pulling on their scrotum while masturbating.

Some women who are more sensitive prefer to stimulate the clitoris indirectly over the hood and others prefer to stimulate the clitoris directly with the hood pull back to enhance pleasure and sexual arousal. Women enjoy stroking their clitoris with one or two fingers either in circular motion, up-and-down motion, or back-and-forth motion. Even though most women prefer clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm some prefer vaginal penetration with the use of fingers, sex toys and vibrators to reach orgasm.

Some women get sexually arouse watching men masturbating in front of her and vice versa. Some men get sexually arouse masturbating in front of women and vice versa. Some couples participate in this type of sexual behavior to enhance pleasure and to achieve a more fulfilling sexual relationship.

Masturbating help to reduce stress and anxiety and also help individual to feel more relax and allow them to sleep better at night. Masturbating is not for everyone as some do it for self exploration and other chose not to do it for religious or cultural beliefs. Some people with strict upbringing tend to associate self masturbation with feelings of shame and guilt rather than pleasure.

Self masturbation allow individuals to discover erotic pleasure and techniques that are pleasing and satisfying which can also be shared with partner to enhance pleasure and to achieve more satisfying relationship. Research indicates that masturbating is not harmful in the sexuality of young adulthood.

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