Semen Tips – How To Increase Cum Volume & Make It Taste Delicious

Semen tips. Get all the tips on How to increase cum volume, How to increase sperm volume, How to make your cum taste delicious, What does normal cum smell and taste like, What you need to know about healthy sperm, What you don’t know about sperm.  Whether you desire more offspring or desire to pleasure your partner who crave your cum, explore on your own and learn everything you need to know about cum.  You’ll also discover everything you need to know about healthy sperm including the truth and the rumors.

How To Increase Semen Volume
Most guys don’t sit around thinking how to increase his load when he ejaculates.  He may have the desire or want to ejaculate more when he wants more offspring.  However ejaculating more doesn’t mean you’re more fertile (which is both true and not true)… 

How To Increase Sperm Volume
Earlier we mentioned some guys may want to ejaculate more because he wants to be more fertile and have more offspring.  Some guys may also want to ejaculate more for sexual pleasure and in this case pleasing his partner.  When your partner desires your ejaculation all over her, you don’t want to be shooting blank.  Here’s how to increase your sperm volume…Continue reading

How To Make Your Cum Taste Delicious
This is a good practice to keep in mind when you think about the person on the receiving end.  If you think that person is going to be tasting or swallowing your cum anytime soon, it’s a good idea to make it a sweet moment they’ll remember and to crave your cum even more.  Here are great tips on how to make your cum taste delicious…

What Does Normal Semen Smell And Taste Like
It’s a good healthy practice to know what normal cum looks like, how healthy cum smell and taste.  You can also learn to recognize unhealthy cum volume and texture, unhealthy smell and the changes in the color of your cum.  This is how normal semen smells and taste like…

What You Need To Know About Healthy Sperm
Sometime it’s good to know a little about your own sperm and it’s not something we think about all the time, but when that moment comes and you start to wonder how long can sperm live? What is the normal sperm count? How much sperm does a man produce in his lifetime? Here’s everything you need to know about sperm…

What You Don't Know About Sperm
Earlier we showed you everything you need to know about healthy sperm, but then again there are certain rumors you may have heard about sperm and this article may help clarify the rumors once and for all.  Some of the rumors involve hot tubs can reduce sperm count and some women can be allergic to sperm.  Are these just rumors or are there some truths in this…

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