Sex, Sex And More Sex

by Poslednji

From early childhood to adulthood one of the most important occupations you can be good at and more than just good is to be a ‘GOOD FUCKER’. You have to be the best like athlete, keeping fit, keeping your inner and outer appearance always at its utmost best. You are always ready from the word go (that is from you first seeing pussy or excuse my language seeing cock in case of woman (and man in some cases) on the stage of sex parlor.

If you are a young man, you must take care of your organ between your legs as you are going to make it or break it – if not (I feel sorry for you, you are going to be a miserable little no one in the sex game) so pay attention. Fuck whomever you can, no excuses, no feeling sorry, the smaller the pussy the better. The aim of the sex game ultimately is to fuck your niece, your cousins, your sister and your mother – wow that should be your ultimate goal.

Once you achieved fucking your mother you become professional mother fucker. And it must happen before you become adult. Almost forgot, leave fucking your mother last. That is your goal. Not doing this you have failed and you are not going to be good even for your wife, as far as your sex life is concerned.

Don’t worry if you can’t satisfy your relatives as long as you fucked them, here quality is not of the essence, number of relatives you fuck is most important. Only fucking them you learn to fuck.

Once you get married you have no time to learn. First night you fuck your wife would determine how long your marriage is going to last. If you don’t satisfy her first night on your honeymoon believe me when you fall asleep she would go out and fuck the first hotel servant she gets her hands on.

Be wise my son, never ever give pass to having sex with woman. If opportunity to fuck come just fuck even if you are caught by your mother with your pants down or even better, it would be beneficial if your wife caught you, she would never let go of you. The word of your impotency is going to spread through your neighborhood like wild fire. And you are done. You would never get to see another woman’s pussy.

So fuck anything that walks, if you can fuck, of course.

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