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Sex stories that will make you really hard and horny.  Here are quick teasers, I felt in between the engorged lips of her very excited cunt. She was dripping like a waterfall… I grinned as I watched him spit some saliva into his hand and grasped his hardening cock… My cock quickly stiffened, and I throat-fucked her for a several minutes. The gagging sounds she made were quite erotic...

VIXEN: Candy The Snow Bunny (Sex Stories)
I watched as mummy rode Willard’s cock and the force of her riding shook the bed and I knew from past viewing of my mother fucking my step-daddy that the...Continue reading

VIXEN: Candy's Conquest (Sex Stories)
Daddy was driving me into town one Saturday morning so I could go shopping. I was on my mobile phone speaking to my jogger friend Madison. I told her of...Continue reading

Her Soft Cotton Dress (Sex Stories)
We'd been dating for a month or so. We were both 18, just after high school and out on a warm Sunday afternoon. We saw some friends, then drove around...Continue reading

Home Alone (Sex Stories)
I met her while walking in the wood, as I do in summer days. And there I met her, a blond, may be aged 18 or so! This afternoon, we got walking and when...Continue reading

A Day In The Life Of A Hooker (Sex Stories)
The elevator became stationary on the sixth floor of the Council estate. I stepped out in my four inch heels and oversized dark coat, before walking...Part 1Part 2Part 3

Susie (Sex Stories)
As I turned the corner to get ice cream, there stood Susie in the kitchen. Her back was toward me. She was wearing a T-shirt and panties. I grabbed the...Day OneDay Two

Vixen: Candy Gets New Toys (Sex Stories)
Mummy took me out for a treat and we went to a sex shop which sent my heart racing and my sex drive into top gear. There was nothing I loved more than...Continue reading

Vixen: Man Eaters In Paradise (Sex Stories)
My mother’s private plane, an Airbus A380, landed on Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays off Australia conveying my sexy mummy and myself for a weekend...Part 1Part 2

My Landlady (Sex Stories)
It was during early 1970's - those permissive period for young men and rock music. I was studying in the UK on scholarship. My university fixed me with...Continue reading

Redwood Rehab (Sex Stories)
In my early twenties I began to get into trouble rather quickly with alcohol. Mostly combined with operating a motor vehicle After several arrests I... Continue reading

Left Holding The Baby (Sex Stories)
I used to baby sit for a family with two children then the mother got pregnant again and at about three months began having lots of health problems...Continue reading

Her Next Door (Sex Stories)
I never would have suspected that my neighbour was anything other than an extremely respectable lady, widowed, retired, fairly well off, comfortable in...Part 1Part 2Part 3

Vixen: Daddy Goes To Therapy (Sex Stories)
Under protest Daddy took me out to ‘Man Hunt’, a high class male for hire club. He waited outside in the car as I went into the building in what was a...Continue reading

Vixen: Sex For Dinner (Sex Stories)
It was just after midnight when my mother was woken from her sleep. My step-father had been away on business and now he returned early and burst into the...Continue reading

Vixen: A Guest For Dinner (Sex Stories)
My name is Candy Von Krupp and I am the daughter of the world’s richest woman Wanda Von Krupp. I am 18 years old with blonde hair, 5 foot 7 inches high...Continue reading

The Surprise Between Linda's Legs (Sex Stories)
Shooting baskets on the driveway, I heard a car tires screech and a small collision. A half block away I see the car. When I went after the ball...Part 1Part 2

My Daughters Teammate (Sex Stories)
My daughter played water polo during her years attending high school. As a single parent I went to as many games as possible. Now as a single dad it is...Continue reading

Sex Family (Sex Stories)
Mike and I had been friends since we were 3 since our parents knew each other. During Primary School, Mike would always move classes to be in the same...Continue reading

Getting Caught (Sex Stories)
I was just about to go to school when I saw through the crack of the fence, Cedrick sucking this one girls ass off, I sat on the ground trying to be silent...Continue reading 

Finally (Sex Stories)
There is this guy i've been crushing on since 6th grade. his name is Wyatt. Sooo, a couple of days ago, we fucked. My friend, Alana, has this huge...Continue reading

Watched My Wife Being Fucked
This all happened many years ago. We lived in a small house at the time not having been married that long. My friend came to visit and it was agreed he...Continue reading

Beggar's Big Cock (Sex Stories)
I used to live in small town, my age is 45 years, I have strong sexual desired, I need daily fuck but my husband fucks me only once in a month...Continue reading    

Julie's Pregnancy (Sex Stories)
Julie is the mother of my best friend, Luke. When Luke and I were thirteen he told me that his parents sleep nude. My thought was the two must have sex...Continue reading

Sister Or No Sister Is The Question (Sex Stories)
Like every others story this one has a background. I had a sister named Payal who was 4 years older then me. She got married when she was 22 and settled...Part 1Part 2

Finding A Huge Cock (Sex Stories)
Together with 2 other couples we rented out a luxury villa in Greece for 2 weeks. One couple could only stay for one week and for the first week we all...Continue reading

Quickies In The Car (Sex Stories)
I had a date with my boyfriend. So I got ready had a shower shaved my pussy completely so it was absolutely bare put on a thong and a balcony bra...Continue reading

20 Babies For My Daughter (Incest Sex Stories)
My daughter Sarah was going to turn 19 in 9 months on September 20, it was 2 weeks after her last period she came into my home office and said "Daddy...Continue reading

My One Night Stand Or Is It (Sex Stories)
I am 30, married to a lovely husband with 2 young children, in order to earn some pocket money I work in a local pub 3 sessions per week. One of the sessions...Continue reading 

Wifes Work Friend (Sex Stories)
My ex wife worked at a hospital and through the hospital I got to know a few of her friends, one day when she got home from work she had one of her friends...Continue reading

My Old Mother In Law (Sex Stories)
I was 45 years old and considered myself to be a randy sort of guy, I was married to a woman who thought sex was something you organized on a calendar...Continue reading

Fucking My Hot Neighbor (Sex Stories)
I walked outside one hot summer day. I figured I would do some yard work since it was the weekend. I was about an hour into my work when Jasmine, an absolute...Continue reading

My New Mother-in-Law Part 1 (Sex Stories)
I met Nancy when I was in my second year at the local college in town and living at home. I was 19 years old and was the possessor of a very thick 11 inch...Continue reading

My New Mother-in-Law Part 2
I woke up that first morning after Nancy had left for school. My cock was rock hard and I needed my morning fuck. I jacked off to try to get things under...Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Slut (Incest Sex Stories)
I developed the habit of sniffing my daughter’s panty when I masturbated. I will explain more as to why I enjoyed sniffing her soiled panty other than...Continue reading   

When Mom Is Gone (Step-Father And Step-Daughter) (Incest Sex Stories)
It was a hot summer night, the only sound in the air was cicadas and repetitive sound of squelching as I penetrated myself with my fingers. Tonight was…Continue reading

Big Sister Seduces Brother (Incest Sex Stories)
I was enjoying my moment of downtime on Friday night watching my favorite TV show Star Trek when my big sister came into the TV room and sat on the couch...
Continue reading  

Second Time Fucking Cousin (Incest Sex Stories)
First time I really fucked her was at the age of 16. We where both same age, started school same year and very close possibly too close. From the very...Continue reading   
What Little Sister's Pussy Feels Like? (Incest Sex Stories)
When I was much younger relatives came to visit and were staying at our house, so to have beds for everyone my little sister was sharing my bed with me...Continue reading 

Top Vibrator Toys That Will Make You Soaking Wet
Top vibrator toys that will make you soaking wet. Here are some of the top vibrating sex toys for women, Max vibrating dong and balls, My first Jack rabbit...Continue reading  

My Cousin Has His Girlfriend Teach Me About Sex
When I was eighteen I went to my Aunt's ranch to work for the summer. My cousin was twenty-one and he and I stayed at the farmhouse working in the hay...Continue reading    

Family Fun In The Sun (Incest Sex Stories)
I used to feel off with my family when my dad passed and his side of the family was estranged so it was my gorgeous mom Tina and my 3 sexy as fuck sisters...Continue reading  

The Aunt's Seductive Game (Incest Sex-Stories)
So I'm lean clean and horny all the time. The only constant women I see is my mom and her sister. Both are beautiful and mom is 41 and her sister Lucy...Continue reading  

Can I Join In? (Incest Sex Stories)
My wife and I were living with my mother for about six months, we used to sleep in a bedroom with just a single bed, I have always had the reputation of...Continue reading   

Sharing With A Mate
As the early 1960s rock and roll was in full swing and so was my cock, in between girlfriends a mate and myself used to go out in my car looking for a...Continue reading  

Teaching My Sister The In's And Out's (Incest Sex Stories)
At the age of nineteen, I joined the army and was sent overseas for two years. I was hurt in a roadside bombing. I lost part of my right hand and lost…Continue reading

Our Little Encounter (Incest Sex-Stories)
I’m Tangey and this is my story... I was taking a hot shower and I started thinking of the boy I have a crush on, it was my brothers friend and his name…Continue reading

Watching My Future Wife Being Fucked By Her Brother-In-Law
I am now 70 years old man, and this is a true story. It all begin in 1966 in a small village. I was an 18 years old boy, already employed and at every…Continue reading

Two Friends Fucking My Mother In Front Of Me (Incest Sex-Stories)
Two friends, me and my teacher having sex parties happened few more times, each time better than the previous. In my little perverted mind the idea was…Continue reading

Two Friends Fucking My Mother And My Teacher Part 2 (Incest Sex Stories)
We all forgot who we are having sex with; that lady was my mother. Even she could not care less that I was her son. There are no limits what she would...Continue reading 

Fucking My Cousin
(Incest Sex Stories)
I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by...Continue reading 

My Sex Affair With My Friend’s Mother
I come from a small village, in a small country during 1965-66 which was prosperous due to the two companies mainly agricultural one producing by products...
Continue reading   

Fucked Mother, Half-Brother And I
(Incest Sex Stories)  
Just starting in my puberty with few hairs sticking out of my face, few pubic and arm pit hairs when you masturbate at any thought of woman let alone sex...
Continue reading 

My Brother’s Best Friend
My name is Lilly Johnson, me and my brother’s best friend James have been having sex since we were very young. I am now 21and he is 21. It started when...
Continue reading 

My Mother’s A Slut (Sex-Stories)
My mother took all the guys at the party up her cunt one after the other. They all fucked her pussy unprotected and came inside of her. They fucked every hole on her body, her mouth ass and pussy. She even took two of the younger boys at once in her red gaping cum filled pussy…

Horny Aunt Margaret (Incest Sex Stories)
“A wet cunt has a natural aroma that most men find very arousing.  I’d like to see if you like licking cunt too, baby.  Then I’ll let you fuck me.” The expression on Henry’s face told Margaret that he was going to be well suited to a long career as a pussy licker…

Comforting Big Sister (Incest Sex Stories)
“I should not have touched your bottom, you are my Sister.” “I know, but I need comforting right now and it felt really good to be touched.” “Really, you don’t mind?” Brad replied his mouth dry with excitement and lustful feelings filled his head. “It will be our little secret if you like…

Mom’s Date (Incest Sex Stories)
I stopped wearing panties altogether, so that it was easier to spread my legs and expose my pussy to my son. I started to sit on his lap, sometimes leaving a big spot of cunt juice on his shorts, or I would straddle one leg, so that my pussy was right on the bare flesh of his thigh, and my cunt juices were running down his leg…

Patricia And Her Son (Incest Sex Stories)
He pulled his Mother’s thighs apart slightly and moved his head up over her cunt, he took in the musky smell of her arousal as he pushed his tongue between her moist pussy lips. “Uuunnnhhgg!” Patricia threw her head back and moaned loudly as her son started to...

A Mother’s Temptation (Incest Sex Stories)
“Ohhhhh! Kim Arghhhhh! It feels so good!” She cried out making the young girl lick harder and deeper. Dana cried out as she began to cum hard. She felt her hot juices flow and splash onto the girls face. “Yummmm baby, that’s so good. I’d love to see you fuck two cocks at once…

Drive In Discovery (Incest Sex Stories)
Kathy cleared her throat and moved a bit more, burying me deeper into her tight cunt. I could only move my hips forward about two inches without making the car rock and making it obvious to Mom and Dad that something was going on…

Saving Mother’s Life (Incest Sex Stories)
She moaned and moaned and I felt her cum again. I backed off just enough to see her fluid coming out of her. I began again delicately licking her pussy, giving full attention to each component, the lips, the clit, the space between her pussy and her asshole…

Caught By My Son (Incest Sex Stories)
I love black cock! Most of the ones I have fucked have huge cocks and know how to use them to please a woman. To me, there is nothing quite like a huge black cock sinking in and out of my pussy. I love to see that black meat as it goes in and out of my smooth, white pussy…

Mother’s Seduction (Incest Sex Stories)
I sucked and slurped her tight, young, succulent pussy for all I was worth. Nikki pressed my head harder to her, “Mmmmmm, you’re certainly not out of practice.” I sucked her clit hard and nibbled it for the compliment, which made her knees go weak, “Oh god yes, baby…

Blackmailed Sister (Incest Sex Stories)
I dropped to my knees and forced my tongue between her cunt lips. She tasted better than my fantasies and her wetness allowed my tongue to easily glide along her. I took as much of her cunt into my mouth and I started to suck her roughly. I looked up and watched her twitch…

Mom And Her Son (Incest Sex Stories)
“Mmmm. Mom! That feels so good! Don’t stop sucking on it!” he whispered to me as he woke up with his cock in my mouth, “You have such a hot mouth. Oh, Mom! Suck my cock! Oh, YES!” I slowly made love to his hard young cock as I slipped it deeper into my mouth…

Aunt Lou’s Lust (Incest Sex Stories)
I lifted her legs now, pushing her back slightly as I held open her pussy, looking at it, the features, and the texture of it. My first lick was to her clitoris. She stared down at me, smiling, breathing heavy and giving her approval. I gave a long lick across her entire pussy…

Brother And Sister On Holiday (Incest Sex Stories)
Ryan felt her take hold of his throbbing prick and hold it at her cunt hole, and very, very gently he thrust up, just a little as she lowered her body on his cock, and she felt the tip, slowly insert itself in her cunt, stretching her wet hole. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ryyyannn, mmm you are so big…

Mother’s Day Surprise (Incest Sex Stories)
One thing was sure though, he was hard and ready to fuck mommy. He was getting close to his pussy, but he wasn’t going to get any. I was having too much fun. I rolled over on my left side, pulled up my right leg toward my chest then sighed as if going deep in sleep…

Broken In By Brother (Incest Sex Stories)
“Your hair is soft,” he murmured in my ear. I spread my legs. He rubbed some more and I felt that strange heat inside me again. I told him about it and he gasped. “You’re getting wet down there,” he said. “Are you peeing?” he asked incredulously. “Of course not,” I said…

Taking My Mother-In-law (Incest Sex Stories)
There was a strong pissy smell and it mixed with the smell of cum, I just had to taste this. So I got down between her thighs and licked at my cum, I then put my tongue into her slit and licked away as I was pulling the fat of her arse cheeks out of the way, I saw her arse hole so I…

Anthony’s Mother (Incest Sex Stories)
I got the Vaseline and coated the head of my dick with it. I got on top again and this time grabbed mom’s hips and I eased forward. I could only get my dick head into this tight asshole. I was trying to get more inside of her, but I couldn’t for fear I’d hurt her. She was so tight…

Two Forbidden (Incest Sex Stories)
My pussy felt totally full of him, and his body felt hot. I whispered, “Is it... are you all the way in?” “Put your hand down and feel.” When I did I was astonished to feel at least half of his penis still outside, and the outer lips of my pussy were stretched tightly around the hardness…

Lessons From A Mature Woman (Incest Sex Stories)
His cock had wanted to remain buried deep in the confines of her warm loving vagina--so what if this was the pussy that so many men, including his father, had used for their pleasure; at least, now, Ben understood the lure and the joy of it. Yeah, some folks might think this is wrong…

All The Unspoken Taboos (Incest)
“Holy shit,” he muttered. Holy shit! He was fucking his own Mom! “Holy shit!” But the thing was, all of a sudden, he felt so damn good! Benjamin Dryor’s dick craved that feeling! His dick wanted, demanded to be buried deep within the confines of a wet, warm pussy…

Awesome Pussy (Incest Sex Stories)
“Shit! Dammit! Motherfucker! Fuck me!” she would scream. As the orgasm raced through her body she howled, “Oooooh dammmit! Ooooh shit baby. Get this pussy. Get the pussy baby. Get your pussy baby!” She went limp and I continued pumping into her, finally letting loose…

Brother, Busted (Incest Sex Stories)
Kim spread her knees apart, and Kyle’s jaw dropped when he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties under her miniskirt. As she spread her legs, he could see the sparse blonde pubic hair, the golden curls that covered her virgin slit. “You want some of this…

Aunt On The Hotline (Incest Sex Stories)
My dad would have shit if he’d seen me eating out his younger half-sister, but my lips were coated with the juices oozing out of Aunt Noelle, and her clit was as hard and as big as a pecan, and she pumped her cunt into my face with a passion. I sucked Aunt Noelle to a wet...

Mother’s Story (Incest)
For the first time, I could see his erect penis in all its glory. It was at least 7 or 8 inches long and very wide, with a tuft of hair at the base. His balls were drawn up tight. I lay back on the couch and told him to stand over me. I lifted my legs so he could see my spread pussy…

Big Brother (Incest Sex Stories)
I felt his finger gently enter me, not in my virgin pussy, but my tiny asshole. He had some kind of cream on his finger and it slid easily into my hole. He fingered me like that with one hand as the other probed my pussy and I was in ecstasy. Being fingered in both holes was…

Best Mom In The World (Incest)
Mom asked me to suck her nipples, and as I did that she led one of my hands back down between her legs and showed me how to rub her pussy so that it made her feel good. Within another five minutes she had an orgasm, her body growing rigid and trembling as her pussy got warm…

Brother/Sister Incorporated (Incest Sex Stories)
“I need some loving,” I groaned. I spread my cunt lips wide and showed him how wet I was. “See how ready I am for a nice, hard dick? Ooh, wouldn’t you like to fuck me, Mike? Nobody’ll know. Wouldn’t you like to suck on my tits?” I grabbed my pink-tipped 34s and squeezed…

Best Father’s Day Ever (Incest)
“Please, please daddy... make love to me... this is what I want... need... like you do mom.” Then she came with the cheap shots. “I’ve moved and twisted on your lap, on purpose. I knew when you were hard. It felt good to me, too – that’s why I wiggled and opened my legs…

Wonderful Sex Because of this Site (Sex Stories)
Her fingers were dripping wet with her womanly lube. I felt in between the engorged lips of her very excited cunt. She was dripping like a waterfall. Mutual and self masturbation has been...

Extremely Wet Quivering Pussy (Real Sex Video)
He finger her tight pink pussy hole rapidly making slurping sound, and making her squirt all over causing her wet pussy hole expand and contract rapidly quivering…

Teen Playing With Pussy At McDonalds (Real Sex Video)
She traces fingers along her hot slit few times before slipping two fingers inside her soft flesh sliding in and out parting her hole, she teases flashing her perky creamy tits few moments and went back to teasing her clit rubbing small circle with fingers pressing gently against her very hot nub…

BIG COCK Stretching Tight Teen Pussy (Real Sex Video)
Lying on her back legs spread wide open he stretches her tight pussy with his big cock thrusting in and out plundering into her horny flesh making her moan for more. He continued pumping into her very hot flesh that wrapped tightly around his massive length forcing hot juices out of him as he spurts huge load all over her slim body…

Walmart (MILF Sex Stories)
I was so wet juices were running down my inner thigh. With a quick couple up and down motions he realized I was ready and now he was plenty lubed from my mouth and my...

Almost Caught In Office Sex (Real Sex Video)
She bends over the desk exposing her bare pussy and without wasting anytime he pressed his cock inside her and began thrusting urgently enjoying her sex. They were so caught up in the heat of passion until someone knock on the door…

Sexy Husband – Hubby’s Passion, Keeps Wife’s Pussy Purring! (Sex Stories)
I grinned as I watched him spit some saliva into his hand and grasped his hardening cock. Slowly and teasingly he began to pump it. ”Oh Ben!” I said softly, my eyes never leaving his…

She Teases Daddy’s Cock (Real Sex Video)
She teases as she wants Daddy’s cock harder than it’s ever being and encourages Daddy to build up huge load for her hungry mouth. She teases more by licking the underside of his tip and kisses his tip softly before engulfing the entire head and releases with a loud smack…

Fucking A Tinder Date Slut In The Parking Lot (Real Sex Video)
She’s on her knees engulfing his entire length sliding her mouth up and down his swollen member making him so wet with her juicy spit. She bends over the hood of the car exposing her pink flesh, he presses his cock inside her very hot cunt thrusting in and out making her feel so dirty…

Fucking RECEPTIONIST In Staff Bathroom (Real Sex Video)
She’s standing bending over with two hands bracing against the wall, her dress is all the way up to her waist exposing her naked flesh, his pant is already down on the floor and he’s thrusting in and out of her urgently but quietly with heavy breathing…

Knocking on Mister Shaw's Door (Mature/Young Sex Stories)
“If you want me to do that,” I’m squeak. “I’ll do it for you. I’ll suck and fuck their cocks if you want me to. I’ll take them all on. They can gangbang my cunt. They can cover me in cum. I’ll let them pump spunk into my body if you tell me to…

Best Orgasm Ever Recorded (Real Sex Video)
Sexy babe bends over the edge of the bed with her arms and belly resting on the bed as the dude pound her hard from behind making her scream and her ass bounce violently from each hard thrust makes her cum so sexy as she move her ass up and down along with the wave motions of her very excited body… 

My Erotic Top 5 (Number 1)
Then, I start to pull out slowly – feeling every fiber of her glorious pussy lips. She doesn’t want me to leave – and I assure her I’m going nowhere as I push back in…

Real College Slut Fucking In Front Of Her Friends (Real Sex Video)
She has done this before as she’s fucking him in front of her friends like nobody’s business. She’s bending over doggy style and he’s standing over her between his legs knees bend as he smashes into her slutty hole again and again while pinning her shoulders down with both hands burying her face in the pillow and all you hear is slutty muffle cry…

The Lake (Sex Stories)
Our tongues quickly met and I could feel my hardness pressing against her. I felt her hand reach down and take my penis. She began to massage but quickly moved the head toward her wet…

A quiet evening in turns dirty with my fuck buddy
Working my shaft with her hand and sucking and licking around the head of my cock, she repeatedly deep throats me, then jerks my cock with her hand, leaving trails of saliva…

An Intensely Erotic Evening A Bdsm Sex Slave (Sex Stories)
My cock quickly stiffened, and I throat-fucked her for a several minutes. The gagging sounds she made were quite erotic as she pressed her face onto my cock…

An Uninvited Visitor
Merrilyn was drenched with sweat. So slick and shiney and sexy. Her hair was plastered to her face. Never once did she pull away from Linda’s pussy. All of a sudden she raised up and…

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