Sex With Dolphins: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan and I had just landed in Cancun, MX for another of our week long Time Share getaways! This trip it was just the two of us trying to do it up special . . you know for the two of us!

We decided to do a Drift Snorkel to kick off this little vacation! We ended up getting scheduled on a snorkeling boat with four other couples; so this was more crowded than we had hoped for. The Captain anchored the boat and told everyone he would let us out at this spot and the prevailing currents would move us along to the pickup point about a mile away. He handed out small Inflatable Vests to wear so everyone began removing their clothes to leave the boat for our snorkeling adventure. Susan had worn her swim suit too but only her bikini bottoms. She had everyone checking her out since she was the only woman now topless! I watched one other woman remove her top as she moved closer to Susan.

“Good move!” Stacy spoke to Susan, implying that going topless was the right thing to do today!

“I never wear a top and actually I didn’t even think about what the other woman would do . . oh well their loss!” Susan replied!

Everyone was in the water now but as we began to arrange ourselves in the water; several others . . men and women . . positioned themselves just behind Susan . . obviously so they could watch her breasts moving freely as she swam along! But Stacy was swimming right next to Susan and several times I watched her take Susan’s hand swimming as a pair! I also saw . . as all those following Susan . . as Stacy would let go of her hand and reach up to caress her breasts which put on quite the show if I must say!

Back on the boat I wasn’t able to set next to Susan because Stacy was right there like they were joined at the hip! But once back at our condo Susan shared that Stacy actually worked at the Swim with the Dolphins down the coast a short distance and had invited us to catch up with her the next day as her guests! We had already talked about Susan getting to swim with the dolphins as she thought it would be a hoot! So I knew Susan would be happy about this invitation . . but I couldn’t figure out why she was beaming from ear to ear that entire evening . . and was a hot fucking machine once we began our love making that night!

We arrived just as this park was opening and Stacy greeted us as we arrived. She told us to enjoy the park and all it had to offer but told us she had arranged a private swim for Susan; and if I would like . . for me too! We took our time taking a guided tour of all the available activities and then enjoyed a late lunch near the swim area. Stacy caught up with us and asked if it was just Susan or if I would be on this special swim too.

“Stacy,” Susan began, “I’ve encourage Bob to swim also . . I want him to enjoy this special event . . just as you promised me I would!” We continued to visit as the park began to close then Stacy brought Susan and myself over to the swim area.

“Bob the Dolphins are more comfortable when the swimmers don’t wear their suits . . you understand . . just like being another fish . . well mammal in the water!” Stacy shared. So Susan and I stripped out of our clothes . . so this is why Susan said we wouldn’t need suits today! Anyway Stacy was now nude too and joined us in the water. Stacy called out a couple of commands and two Dolphins swam up to Susan and me.

“Just reach out and pet them . . you know . . just rub their skin so they can get used to both of you!” Stacy instructed. But as we both began rubbing on them they bent their heads down to our crouches and I know I felt a large tongue flipping against my cock! I could tell by Susan’s eyes . . and by the way her head was laid back . . her Dolphin’s tongue was really working on her pussy!

“Enjoy you two,” Stacy began sharing, “Rexy and Robbie seem to like you both very much! These are two of our very special Dolphins that I have trained . . you know to give me . . and my friends . . some very special loving . . in ways . . I promise . . neither of you have even experienced before!” The Dolphins continued licking both of us and we really weren’t having to support ourselves in the water as Stacy told us both to place our hands on their backs.

“Alright are you two ready for the main event?” Stacy asked, and with another command Rexy and Robbie, the two males took off and threw themselves out of the water and then swam around to us again!

“Bob how about letting Susan take the first special ride so you can watch and see how she enjoys it!” Stacy suggested. Stacy showed Susan how to stay straight in the water and allow Rexy to swim us next to her . . then telling Susan to use the strap Stacy had given her to place over the back of Rexy and to . . hold on tight girl!

At first I wasn’t aware of everything that was happening but when Stacy handed me a pair of goggles to wear and pushed my head down into the water I was amazed as Rexy swam past the two of us . . that is Stacy and myself! The second time around I was able to see that Rexy had extended his large cock and was fucking Susan as the two of them moved through the water. Susan was holding onto Rexy like he was her new best friend and I could also see that she had wrapped her legs around the Dolphin to get even more of his cock inside of her pussy!

“My God Stacy is this really safe . . I mean just how big is Rexy’s cock?” I asked.

“Bob, trust me,” Stacy shared, “Susan is having the fuck of her life . . Rexy is so much bigger than you . . I mean let’s be honest sweetie!” As Stacy was answering me she had reached over and took my penis between her finger and her thumb!

“You’ve never really satisfied Susan in the sex department but now . . yes now . . her pussy is being filled like it was allows intended to be filled . . with the big cock she has always dreamed of!”

Susan and Rexy came around Stacy and me many more times before I heard Susan begin to scream louder than I had ever heard her cry out before! They were just coming past us again as Stacy pushed my head back into the water again and I saw the largest steam of cum flowing out from between Rexy and Susan! As I came up for air Stacy began talking again!

“Bob now that is a true breeding,” Stacy shouted, “Trust me Susan’s cunt is being flooded with the strongest sperm that she had ever experienced in her life! Even her uterus will still be full of Rexy’s sperm long after she gets out of the water!”

And just then Rexy brought Susan right back to us and he stayed there still fucking her until Stacy shouted this last command. He then sunk down in the water . . I knew that was how he was pulling his cock out of Susan’s pussy . . my God it must have been wedged inside of her never meant to leave her again!

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Dec 13, 2019
by: Anonymous

This story is amazing

Oct 26, 2019
by: Anonymous


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