Sex With Dolphins: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I was taken by surprise as Rexy surfaced next to me . . on his side placing his cock again my mouth! I felt a hand . . pushed my head forward as I took his cock into my mouth . . shit into my mouth and down my throat . . my God! My jaw was stretched to almost a breaking point as he was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth! Finally he must have accomplished his task because without another command from Stacy he swam away and seemed to disappear!

I turned in the water to now see Susan lying back on the swim platform with Stacy kissing and massaging her pussy.

“Bob see how relaxed Susan is dear,” Stacy mentioned, “This is just what she needed . . you know sweetie . . to be bred correct . . with the correct size cock! Now Bob, are you ready for your special ride sweetie?” I held on to the platform and began to wonder if I could possibly handle being fucked by the Dolphin . . I mean . . fucked by Robbie . . the second male.

I quickly heard Stacy say yet another command and I felt Robbie’s nose poking my butt cheeks . . then his long hard tongue probing against my asshole!

“Stacy I’m not sure I can handle this . . you know . . his cock will be so BIG!” I replied.

With my response I watched Susan turn her head as she told Stacy “let his pussy breeding begin!”

Just as Stacy had helped Susan she approached me and handed me the same strap Susan had used to hold on to Rexy. “Bob just reach over Robbie and then hold on to the strap . . but he will really do all the work love.”

I no sooner turned to face Robbie than I felt him push up out of the water and his cock pushing between my butt cheeks. It actually took him three thrusts to feel his cock hit home . . you know pushing into me . . my asshole!

“Oh my God . . he is . . ah oh!” I was shouting! I didn’t hear the next command but Robbie started swimming . . with me along for the ride . . a ride on his big cock! Stacy was correct with my back to the water I was being pushed against Robbie by the force of the water

“Watch Susan,” Stacy told Susan, “Your Bobbie is enjoying his ride so much . . I mean . . he isn’t even able to speak . . oh how Robbie’s cock is consuming his ass . . oh Susan . . oh the man gets such a great fucking . . I think sometimes even better than our pussies dear!”

I can’t begin to say how long Stacy allowed Robbie to swim with . . I mean continue to fuck me but I did finally feel his hot cum filling my bowels!

“Oh Susan . . ah shit . . oh my . !” I heard myself screaming as Robbie continued his fucking and his ejaculations! This was amazing . . I mean I have lie been fucked by several other men . . along with so many different Strap-On Cocks . . but as Stacy had said . . his was a true breeding . . my first real breeding by his monster cock . . a non-human cock!

Stacy must had given another command as I was brought back to the swim platform. Stacy was in the water there and she helped me begin my climb up the platform ladder. I say help me . . well helping me and . . shit she was pushing so many fingers into my asshole as I was actually just standing on the ladder letting her fuck me herself!

“Bob,” Susan spoke, “take you time dear and let Stacy massage your pussy . . it does help . . trust me sweetie!” Not really totally hearing her speak I did just that as I felt . . I know it was Stacy’s entire hand slip . . not push . . into my asshole . . I mean my pussy!

“That’s it Bobbie,” Stacy began whispering to me, “just relax and let me help you sweetheart . . your pussy has been to the moon and back . . so relax and enjoy this massage. Well that is unless you would like to enjoy Rexy also . . what do you say to that lover?” I was finally up the ladder and lying next to Susan.

“Bob,” Susan spoke, “Stacy shared that we are more than welcome to come back on Friday . . you know two days before we fly back home to . . well to . . enjoy another breeding session . . you’ll want to take that cock again . . right girlfriend?” That night Susan and I just lay in bed holding each other.

“Bob even if you fucked me tonight I would never feel your tiny cock inside my pussy love,” Susan told me, “I’m still so stretched out from Rexy’s massive cock I don’t think I would even feel Isaac’s big black cock either . . at least not right now . . not tonight! But we could go down on me . . you know enjoy Rexy’s sperm dear . . there must still be a massive amount inside me . . oh yes . . that’s it my sweet gurl!”

I had moved in between Susan’s legs and as I began to lick and suck on her pussy I could feel her muscles begin to tighten as a mouthful of dolphin cum pushed into my open mouth! It didn’t actually taste bad . . I mean not that I had time . . well there was so much of this strange cum it just ran down my throat!

With that Susan was asleep and . . well for me . . I just laid there remembering my breeding today and . . of course . . watching Susan all but fly through the water knowing Rexy’s cock was breeding her pussy that entire time . . I know she was in heaven feeling her pussy stretched that much!

If only Stacy had recorded our breeding's . . now that would be fond memories to watch in the future . . I guess we’ll just have to go back to Cancun!

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