Incest Taboo Stories That Will Make You Cum Harder

Incest taboo stories that will make you cum harder. Here are quick teasers, “Ohhhh, Ohh my god. Ricky, ohh god you’re so big. Ohh you shouldn’t be putting your cock in me… I said “Daddy, I want to feel it inside me.” He sat up and said “No Baby, you’re too small and it will hurt you… “Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth…

White Pussy Black Cock (Taboo Stories)   
I am a white woman aged 36yrs I have recently returned from the US after a long vacation. While in the US I stayed at a rented flat in Ohio...Continue reading

Mom Is Huge (Incest Taboo Stories)   
I was sexual at birth, my first memories are sexual. I looked at my first female teachers and wondered what it looked like between her legs. I constantly...Continue reading

20 Babies For My Daughter (Incest Taboo Stories)
My daughter Sarah was going to turn 19 in 9 months on September 20, it was 2 weeks after her last period she came into my home office and said "Daddy...Continue reading

Mom, Meth And My First Taste Of Pussy Covered In Cum (Incest Taboo Stories)   
When I was 18, I would act sick to stay home from school alone all day and jerk off. My mom had a regular job as a waitress and frequently used meth to...Continue reading

Pegging Sister (Incest Taboo Stories)   
My sister had me come over to her house to fix a problem. The problem turned out to be she had been on the internet and decided she wanted to fuck me in...Continue reading

My Mother In Law (Incest Taboo Stories)   
My name is ROBERT, I am in my late thirties, married to a very sexy and charming lady, my story started during my first week of marriage. After the...Continue reading  

Keeping My Family Happy (Incest Taboo Stories)   
I am 25 years old male, not married, living with my parents, my two daughters and one brother, I forgot to tell you my name, they call me ANTONY, my uncle...Continue reading 

Mom Takes A Ride (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Ohhhh, Ohh my god. Ricky, ohh god you’re so big. Ohh you shouldn’t be putting your cock in me, I’m you mother.” Terri’s fall was stopped by Rick’s legs. She was firmly impaled by the hard cock. “Unhh,” she grunted. Rick immediately lifted her a little and dropped her again on his shaft. Burying it to her womb. Then again, and again…

Horny (Lusting Mom & Aunt) (Incest Taboo Stories)
She looked up at Kevin with a lusty look, and said, “Hi Kevin, would you do me like you did your mother?” Kevin felt his cock grow as he walked towards the couch, his eyes never leaving his aunts hairy pussy. “Suck me like you did your mother yesterday…

My Stepmother The Whore (Incest Taboo Stories)
I came up behind my bitchy stepmother. My prick was solid as an iron bar and made a noticeable lump in my pants. “Can’t we just kiss or something and make up?” I asked. Arlene gasped as my hands snaked under her armpits and cupped her full, soft breasts…

Little Princess (Incest Taboo Stories)
As I lowered my head to Daddies sheet covered penis Daddy said “our secret” and I immediately said “forever” I plopped Smiggles down and as I settled my head down I could see Daddies hands. It looked like he was pulling the sheet down just a little further. He must have because as I settled my cheek down onto his penis…(Link Removed)

Sister Sucks Sleeping Sibling (Incest Taboo Stories)
Suddenly I knew: this was the source of my morning mystery. Jill was coming into my room at night and playing with my prick while I slept! She must have thought I was blacked out tonight as well! Before I could think any further, she lowered her head to my groin and popped my soft dick into her warm, moist mouth…

Loving My Pappa (Incest Taboo)
He sighed and moaned as I slowly moved my hand up and down his throbbing, uncut cock. Then I said “Papa, I want to feel it inside me.” He sat up and said “No Baby, you’re too small and it will hurt you. I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.” Not to be denied, I told him that I’d been using my hairbrush for several years…

A Mother And Her Son (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned as his mother took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. His hips began to move back and forth, forcing his penis to the back of her throat. He watched as her face showed the pleasure she was getting from sucking him. Tommy was rapidly reaching the point of no return. “Mom,” he hissed...

Sister Lends A Hand (Incest Taboo-Stories)
Her eyes were totally focused on my cock. She had tightened her grip more and increased her stroking pace significantly; exactly as I had done. Up and down! Up and down! Her fingers slapped noisily against my body as she reached the base of my shaft on her downward strokes. She rubbed up higher across the head now…

Mom Fulfills Son’s Desires (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Okay, baby, do what you like to do to Mommy’s butt.” Tim stood frozen. He was in shock, unable to act. “Come on, honey, slide your cock into your favorite spot. Or don’t you want to slip your cock between my ass cheeks?” With a little cry, he lurched forward and laid his rigid hard-on against her the same as he had been…

Emily Helps Her Little Brother (Incest Taboo)
“Ok, I’m going to stroke it for you to show how to do it and then you will do it. It will come naturally once you get the hang of it,” said Emily in more gentle tone. She reached over and wrapped her hands around his small cock and gave it a couple of small, short strokes while tracing the tip of her finger at the opening…

Sister’s Home Movies (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Wider, Sis,” I told her, as her moist pussy lips came into full view. Her thighs were wide open and my cock was throbbing as I knelt between my sister’s legs and zoomed in on her succulent pussy. I’d seen lots of close-up pictures of pussies, but the real thing, with tufts of blonde hair surrounding the glistening folds of her pussy lips…

My Mother Introduces Me To Sex (Incest Taboo)
“Oh my, you are making me so wet sweetie, I didn’t think I’d ever be like this anymore. Do you like this view?” she spreads open her beautiful pussy, showing me everything. She really was wet. One of her fingers started to tickle her clitoris, the other dug inside of her. She was smiling at me and breathing loudly…(Link Removed)

Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister (Incest Taboo Stories)
“Oh yes,” I said, “Your words say one thing, but your slut cunt says another. I bet if I touch your cunt right now it will be wet, probably drenched thoroughly, maybe even leaking a bit. So baby sis, what will I find?” “Matthew,” she pleaded, knowing her pussy would betray her, “Please don’t.” “Really, baby sis? I think you want me…

Mom’s Motivational Techniques (Incest Taboo)
I knew I was horny, but I was surprised at how hot and wet my pussy was. Playing with my pussy felt really good and having Jeff watch me was an added bonus. I raised my knees and spread my legs, making sure my son could see everything I did. With two fingers I pulled my lips apart and showed him the bright pinkness…

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