The Learning Years For Erotic Pleasures

by GeorgeMast703 (Northern Florida)

I was very hard on a lot and would talk to the cousin I had that lived down the road. He was my age also and he was hard on a lot also. We would read his dads porn and be hard together but as we read we did not get together.

I would go home and think about it and not do much erotic daydreaming. However one evening I heard noises in my parents room across the hall from my bedroom. Sure enough after two nights of hearing the same sounds I knew it was them screwing.

I listened and got very hard on hearing the moaning and grunts and especially the heavy breathing of both of them.

Then hearing "I'm cuming, I'm cummmming, here it cums, Oh,Ahhhhhhhhhh". That was so hot to know they were fucking so close and I jerked off with a wonderful release I was so excited hearing it all.

I did that for month and then got up the courage to peek one evening late like 12 midnight. So from the hall I peeked into the crack in the door way, as the door was not totally closed. What I saw had me hard on, purple hard on really. They were both on top of the covers totally nude and joined and moving to facilitate the fucking.

Then I heard "Here I cum, I'm cuming, I'm cummmmming, Oh, Ah, Ahhhhhhhhhh", then giggles and the bed stopped creaking and it was over. I went back to bed quickly after they seemed to be completed and did my own release.

This went on for like 2 months and peeking was fun so I would ejaculate in a tissue in the hall way. This was often like twice a week or more.

One evening I inadvertently left my used tissue on the hall way floor. The next morning after my father left for work I was having breakfast and my Mom said to me. You left a tissue in the hall way last evening. I could feel my face turn red.

She said you should not be a peeper, it is not called for. You are a part of this family and your welcome to see your dad and me as we are and as we enjoy.

Next time your welcomed to cum into the room to see up close, what excites you. It is better for us all that way in place of being a peeper.

That night they were at it again and It was wonderful to be nude in the room for close up viewing and self pleasure. This happened often and a progression was wonderful. There is more we would love to share with you.

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