Watching Mother Double Stacked

by Poslednji


I was a young boy living with my mother in a very small and narrow room that could fit only two single beds on each side of the walls. In between two beds was a narrow passage not more than about meter wide if that. I was sleeping on one while mother would sleep on the other single bed.

My stepsister Sonia would come to visit often as married and living not far in the same village. Once every weekend mother’s boyfriend would come and spend night with her. I took all that for granted, never have any “dirty” thoughts crossed my mind, never aware what they do and what is going on in the next bed almost next to mine.

When the boyfriend usually comes late at night I was asleep and in the morning he would leave. I have been telling about my stepsister’s insatiable sex urge, one early summer evening knowing that mother was not home. Sonia walked in with a younger boy from the neighborhood. I was in my bed but not sleeping. As if I do not exist she laid on her back on mother’s bed, boy without taking his pants off just unzipping his trousers took out his already fully erect cock jumped on her, with one hand guided his cock into her pussy.

He pushed his cock into her and I could see expression on her face of little pain and excitement at the same time. He could fuck. I could see his bottom going up and down very fast pausing each time inside her for a second or two. Without stopping in about 10 minutes it was all over. He got up zipped his trousers saying nothing bolted out of the house.

Sonia knew absolutely that I am watching, she turned her head steamy red cheeks towards me and ask me to come over. I did as my cock was erected and all in sticky glue. She said, “Did you enjoy what you saw?” I nodded. She said, “Would you like to continue?” “Of course,” I said. “Do it,” she said.

She lifted up her legs by folding them and spreading them as far as she could and I almost jumped into her wet cunt. Her pussy was soaked wet and wide I could feel her vagina walls. Then she said something that really surprised me, “Would you like to fuck my ass?” she said. “No” I said, I just can’t do it. I am not ready for that. Obviously as I got older my conscience started playing…it is wrong don’t do it.

Of course there was no way I could satisfy her but somebody else took care of that I thought. We laid in the bed for few minutes and my stepsister Sonia said, “Have you ever watched our mother fucking?” I was in shock blushing. “Yes,” she said, “I tell you a secret this is the reason why I did what you have seen with that boy. Our mother is fucking anybody that would ask her for fuck.” I could not believe what I am hearing while at the same time my little penis started jumping.

“Are you sure,” I asked, “Of course I am sure I have secretly watch her fucking many times, old man and young man, even fucking her brother-in-law and at one time having sex with two men at once.” What? How is that possible? She said, “Just pay attention during the nights, usually during the winter times as it is cold outside so she has to bring them in. Go and watch my brother you are going to be a great fucker…” she laughed got up and left.

For couple of months nothing has happened either I would fall asleep or the man would come late at night probably sneaking out from the house so wife would not catch them coming to my mother. The thought of mother being fucked by two men at the same time was driving me crazy. Just thinking of that would make me spill little sperm I just started having.

Summer was over; obviously I have been missing a lot of action in bed next to mine. Autumn has come and gone, winter started. I have started a new grade and was bit stronger and my penis grew a bit. First snow started falling down. And it was good because now I could hear steps if anybody are coming because of the squeaking snow outside the room.

Our little room has one small window straight opposite mother’s bed. So even in the dark I could clearly see her bed. Even if she was covered with a blanket I could see outline of her body. That night I waited. Almost missed it, I fell asleep but suddenly woken up by mother’s bed noisy and squeaking, under the heavy loads of human bodies. I jumped under my blanket silently turning over facing mother’s bed. I saw on mother’s bed one body under her little body and another huge man on top of her.

All were naked and I could see mother’s legs high up in the air while man on top was fucking her vigorously. I could hear every breath they took, I could hear my mother asking for more and more and harder and harder. The man under was squeezing her breasts with both hands. The man on top was kissing her with his tongue stuck in her mouth while his cock was as deep as it could get in her pussy. The man under mother said I am going to cum, mother asked him to come in her ass, man on top said just hold a minute I am cumming too. Mother would not care if I am standing next to them even if I joined the sex I think she would not object.

The man on top pulled his humongous cock out of mother’s pussy and jammed up towards mother’s face emptying his load in mother’s throat. I thought there was one liter of sperm as it started flowing down mother’s mouth and throat unto man’s face under her. Both man had cum at the same time.

Both man got up, my mother took some towel wiped her face and body and her pussy and both man exchanged positions. I could see the face of the man under my mother he was much younger in his twenties while the other man on top was in his forties. My mother did not look towards me at all. I have seen her face like never before. Her hair was glued in sweat red in face her naked body slightly shaking from excitement. Just swapping positions, the sex started all over again.

The older man was on his back while his cock was straight up in the air. My mother come standing up on top of him with her legs spread over his body facing the small window, she kneeled down with one hand holding his huge cock guiding into her anus. Slowly and gently she got his cock into her ass and slowly starting to move up and down the thick big rod. I could see from the side that she would sit on his balls.

The other young man was standing on the bed waiting for mother’s pussy. With the cock firmly in her ass, she nodded to the young man lowering her upper body backwards spreading her legs wide open. The young man come in between with his cock in mom’s vagina and rammed in. Oh God, what a scene. My heart was pumping so hard, both man were fucking my mother so hard that for a minute I thought the bed is going to collapse under them. I could smell in the air sperm, sweat, excitement, sex, mother’s pussy and ass stretched to the limit.

Suddenly, when I thought that this is the limit of sex and fucking I heard my mother whispered, I want both cocks in my ass. Oh God mother!!! The young man pulled out his cock stop for a couple of minutes when my mother turned around facing the guy under her, she slowly put his cock back in her ass lined up toward his head while her bottom was slightly up. The other man slowly guided his cock next to the other cock in my mother’s asshole.

With two cocks in her bottom she let out a scream not sure was it pain but a scream that I have never heard before. They fucked her and fucked her, both man cum in her ass at least three times from what I could see. They were fucking my mother like animals.

I apologized to the readers for spelling and grammar errors as English is not my first language.

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Jul 29, 2017
my mom
by: Anonymous

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