Watching My Mom Fuck My Friend

by Mr NoName (US)

This story actually happened so therefore I will refer to my friend as simply "my friend" to hide everyone's identity. For some time now one of my biggest fantasies was to watch my mom being fucked by someone other than my dad. And I mean anyone. I just wanted to watch someone completely use her and just toss their cum in/on her.

A friend of mine (not really a friend but a person I talk with on a regular basis), once told me that he really wanted to have sex with someone. He is the type of guy to be desperate to fuck anyone who allows him. And maybe after a month he told me this, I've been having fantasies of him coming to my house and fucking my mom infront of me.

So one day I decided to finally let them two meet. Because after all it was the perfect match. My mom is sex deprived (or so I assume because she hasn't fucked my dad in years), I want to see her get fucked and my friend wants to fuck someone.

So one day I told my mom about how I think she's starving for sex and how there is this pretty good looking guy in my class who is looking to fuck someone. After much talking and persuading, she agreed to meet him and maybe have sex. I was getting very excited.

So I remember the very next day I was dying to ask him whether he was on board. I went up to him and slowly started a conversation which slowly lead to the topic of having sex. I then asked him to promise that he won't tell anyone about what I was literally going to ask of him. He agreed with a confused but also intrigued face. I asked, "how would you like to come over to my house and fuck my mom in front of me". He was surprised to say the least.

After more talk and convincing him about the fact that my mom was actually already on board he asked me to show him a picture of my mom. I didn't have one so I had to call her and ask her to WhatsApp me a picture of her. Which she did but it wasn't nude or anything. Just a full body picture in a tight sundress. My friend soon began to learn that this really was about to happen and I myself couldn't believe it either.

While my friend and I was on our way home I called my mom to tell her to keep the doors open and stay in her room. Once we reached our house I told my friend to sit on the couch while I went to check up on my mom to see if she's ready. After he took a seat I went to my mom's bedroom door and went in. She was dressed in her sundress and was super excited! I was afraid that she'd be nervous but after I saw a big smile on her face, I just couldn't wait.

I went out of the room and took a seat of my own, a bit far from my friend so he can have his space to do what he wants with my mom. Once everyone was ready, I called out my mom to come out and meet my friend who immediately got shy and nervous.

My mom came out the door with a big smile and with a little sway on her hips to get my friends attention. Once they met she gave him a long and wet kiss on his lips. And right after that my friend looked at me and asked three questions. First one was, "did that really just happen"? Second was, "are you sure you are ok with this"?. And, "can I really do whatever I want with her"?. I answered "yes" to all three questions and the fun began.

The first thing he did was slap her ass and kissed her right thigh. After that he started to squeeze and play with my moms ass all while he was kissing her crotch over the sundress. I decided to pull my pants down and get to work on myself. And it was at that moment my mom said something that I didn't expect her to say. "You are there jerking yourself off while your friend is about to fuck your mom's brains out". I almost came just by that.

My friend just laughed, slapped her ass again and lifted her dress then started to spit and lick her pussy. My friend then turned my mom to face me and used his right hand to fondle with her pussy while his left hand played with her left tit. These tits used to have milk in them and so they were pretty big. He repeatedly licked his fingers then out them back in her pussy. By this time my mom was moaning and well enjoying what was happening.

After a while my mom pushed my friend's back against the sofa and sat on his lap. She took her sundress completely off and placed her right tit in his mouth, which he immediately started sucking and spitting on. My friend tried to taunt me by saying, "now we both have sucked on these tits eh?". I didn't mind it, to be honest I actually enjoyed it.

Then all of a sudden my friend pulled my mom hair back and stuck his dick in her. She screamed in ecstasy and starting moaning really loud. Slow bouncing by her soon became violent and rapid. My friend had his hands on her ass and at times he'd slap her ass or tits.

After maybe 15 to 20 minutes of sex in that same position, my mom leaned over to my friend's ear and whispered something to him. I didn't hear what she said but they immediately stopped, got up and walked over to her room. I asked where they were going but no one answered. They just went to my mom's bedroom and locked the door behind them leaving me outside. I knocked and begged to watch but no reply and soon enough I heard my mom moaning and the bed springs going crazy. I guessed by that point she probably whispered to him to go to the room.

My mom's moaning were louder than they were. I could hear them kissing, the sound of my friends thigh slamming my moms thigh and even sometimes the sound of my mom choking on my friends dick. They were having the time of their lives. I managed to finish though and got myself cleaned up before they came out.

Eventually they did but at 6 pm, 30 minutes before the time my dad usually comes home. When my friend came out the door he was all naked because his clothes were in the living room and his dick was hanging. I got a glimpse of my mom just laying on her bed completely naked and covered slightly by the bed covers. She looked exhausted.

Soon after my friend got dressed and was about to leave he looked at me and thanked me for this day. I replied with no problem and accidentally out of habit said come again to which he gave a big grin and laughed his way out.

Well as for how life's been going on till now, well, he has now fucked my mom multiple times. Even slept with her over night because there was a time when my dad was out of town for a party which took place too far away from home for him to be able to come back the same night. He constantly shows me pictures and videos of my mom naked which were sent to him personally by my mom because apparently they are acting like "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". However, I truly am enjoying this but not when they fuck without me. That I don't like.

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